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  1. yeah either the other kid is a complete psychopath or this is not the extent of the story. that explanation makes no sense.

  2. If I understand correctly, she's saying he was the object of the attack because he had been holding them off on the 5-3 PP.

  3. that’s what i took away from it too… but if that’s literally the size of it then holy fuck. i’ve played a lot of hockey and never seen anyone get that mad, let alone at something so benign.

  4. On the other hand, I've seen people violently overreact in vehicles enough to know they're out there. Insanity.

  5. Yes, their powder is great. Mid-high grade quality.

  6. IMHO, and I don't think it's only my opinion, Schuetzen is notably better to the point that you may not want to go back to GOEX once you've used it. :)

  7. I like GT but him doing a flintlock video doesn’t bode well for short term powder availability, Lol.

  8. How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

  9. Thanks for the response. I held that one today in the store and really liked it. Anything negative to say about it?

  10. The biggest negative I hear is that it’s not a Benelli. It’s a great gun and you’ll love it.

  11. Are pronghorn a lottery tag? I’ve always wanted to hunt one but know next to nothing about it as I am from the East. I’d love to do a muzzleloader hunt. Also would love to hear about how your hunt went.

  12. Yah. They’re a lottery tag. Depending on the unit it can take 0-10 years to draw. We drew first year. As for muzzleloader, I’d leave that at home. I shot this guy at 400 yards, 200 is seen as a close shot for Pronghorn. Their eyesight is amazing.

  13. Got it, fair enough! Congrats, thanks for the info.

  14. Suzuki VStrom 650 23.5k Miles - located in Massachusetts on NH border. The following is from my Facebook ad:

  15. Congrats. Welcome to the CPA and Omega club. Mine was a gift from my wife too, an AT, but not for passing my exams (that was more than a couple years ago…). Enjoy!

  16. My experience isn’t directly applicable, but I went a little over 3.5 years in audit to $100k as a Senior Accountant in MedTech. I’m VP level now elsewhere, but the jobs are out there. Best option is always going to be your professional network.

  17. Don’t know what a lingonberry is, but I am motherfucking down to party with you.

  18. Lingonberries are amazing. They are available here in the US too (only imported from what I’ve seen). Put them on Swedish meatballs for a transcendent experience.

  19. I know that some Ukrainian soldiers are using American donated M4 carbines (not related to this video, I can't see any). Will they work properly in such cold temperatures? Obviously AK-47/74's are very hardy weapons. You can drag them through the mud and they will still work. What about M4's? I imagine they may seize up and not work as well in these conditions?

  20. They work great in arctic conditions. The temperatures just dictate the type of lubrication you use.

  21. They absolutely do at least here in SoCal lmao

  22. I got mine when I was a teenager in probably 2007 or 2006. It was purchased and setup by a close family friend who was a sniper in Vietnam, and although a business person after the war always had a gunsmithing business on the side. He was the real-deal kind of guy, hardly ever spoke of his service, but was one of the sniper pioneers who were building and perfecting this stuff in-theater.

  23. Just Google it. It was a huge story. They didn’t hold zero.

  24. The delivery notice woke me up so I didn’t even get dressed before racing outside in the snow and grabbing my new NVGs lol. I’m only wearing boxers, my dog tags on 550 cord that I haven’t taken off since my first deployment (superstitious) and a $4300 helmet. Should I mark as NSFW lol?

  25. Be honest, how long did it take you to come up with that last sentence? Pure poetry.

  26. One of my favorite paragraphs: “The Debtors did not have the type of disbursement controls that I believe are appropriate for a business enterprise. For example, employees of the FTX Group submitted payment requests through an on-line ‘chat’ platform where a disparate group of supervisors approved disbursements by responding with personalized emojis.”

  27. Meanwhile actual pipe hitters have been putting people underground with half the tech since the 90s. People are nerds.

  28. I'm in central NC, so coyotes are the biggest predator around here, but still...sometimes i swear i hear something tracking alongside me, step for step, maybe 20 yards away in the woods, as I'm walking in. Not a fan.

  29. After my first 3 weeks into pheasant season with my Affinity, I'm sold. I picked it over a Montefeltro. Don't feel bad about it.

  30. Good to know. I’m so close to just grabbing one.

  31. Most have flash hiders. Breaks are not uncommon, but they aren’t exactly the norm either. Kind of a dated technology.

  32. Brakes are for reducing recoil, not that effective for small calibre rifles but critical for artillery as the recoil it produces would break everything the cannon is attached to. Modern tanks have a compensator which does the same thing but it's ported in a direction to reduce muzzle flip.

  33. Yeah, but what I was referring too was OP specifically referencing small arms.

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