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  1. Republicans overwhelmingly voted against

  2. In the old days they used to just drown puppies and kittens when pets had unwanted litters

  3. I have a relative who was born in the 1940s who still remembers seeing kittens in a bag being thrown off a bridge into the water as a girl.

  4. Get this Andrew Tate bullshit out of public freakouts.

  5. Seriously... This is some incel level relationship advice.

  6. Women are not allowed to wear heels while visiting him because of the optics. Seriously.

  7. No just no she shouldn't have been allowed to play it. It's a historic piece and she was acting like it wasn't by twerking and fucking around on stage with it. It should have been played by a professional musician in a orchestra or a member of the U.S army's band.

  8. Top comment on this theead: Conservatives aren't outraged over this! The left is just exaggerating evetything to make us look like triggered assholes!

  9. You say 95% don't care about it, but I disagree completely. When I say every right wing talking head is discussing it, I'm not exaggerating. Matt Walsh, Crowder, Shapiro, all of Fox News (as well as the much further right propaganda farms like OANN, etc.), they're all severely "outraged" by this.

  10. So the entire Republican party then?

  11. He had an earpiece in with Jimmy Kimmel telling him what to say.

  12. Shit. For what one? I’m pretty sure the most current one who doesn’t know they are my ex yet, is cheating on me right now. And we have a child together.

  13. So she doesn't know she's your ex? Sounds like an excuse to cheat on the mother of your child...

  14. Your only post on your profile literally says you had an affair and she got pregnant... Glad you are going to talk with her though.

  15. Shepard Smith was one of the only real ones on Fox News.

  16. She actually said this "Right now, the best thing that we can do for our economy is to have comprehensive immigration reform," Pelosi said while discussing the national imperatives of both securing the border and welcoming newcomers. "We have a shortage of workers in our country, and you see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers saying 'Why are you shipping these immigrants up North? We need them to pick the crops down here.'" But op is too lazy to post the full video

  17. Thank you. This clip is disengenous right-wing garbage.

  18. How bad does he think the average person's eyesight is?

  19. Everybody: "hey my feet are getting cut by the glass on the sidewalk. Can we get shoes?"

  20. Sums up the entire platform of the Republican party.

  21. Are you kidding? This lady is fucking hilarious.

  22. It really doesn't help that Trump is posting

  23. Oh my god who gives a fuck. Call yourself whatever the fuck you want and either keep your cum as a pet or don’t if you want. why does this even have to be such a huge argument. Motherfuckers worry too much about what the shitfucker living next door is doing.

  24. You can't even answer the question because Coca-Cola did have a designer: John Stith Pemberton.

  25. Laugh and then weep for humanity?

  26. Still trying to figure out why I’m supposed to be outraged by this.

  27. Because right-wing media told you that you should be.

  28. Her base is going to be super pissed when they realize she transitioned. Texas is going to be especially pissed because Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

  29. It was supposedly described as a nude art show beforehand so the kids just shouldn't be there

  30. I am against kids seeing anything pornographic, but if kids can't view "nude art" you are ruling out kids ever being able to go to art museums or visiting places like Rome or Greece.

  31. No, she is pretty explicitly far-right. Like, they're not really trying to hide it. Fratelli d'Italia has roots going back to the literal fascist party of Mussolini - Benito's grandson is a party member, even - and Meloni herself has repeatedly expressed admiration for Il Duce.

  32. Meloni's hero, Mussolini was the leader of the Republican Fascist Party...

  33. The right can't meme.... which is why they steal memes from the Trump presidency and switch the name from Trump to Biden.

  34. Im 50 and prefer young women age is just a number...? Literally within (kind of) the same sentence lol

  35. I would pay an old granny to hit on this guy and tell him "age is just a number" when he declines.

  36. How about Latinos? When did people start associating Latinos straight up as drug dealers and rapists?

  37. When Trump started his presidential career making this speech:

  38. No, he didn't have to. Unlike Trump who regularly held up aid for "blue states", Biden was already ready to sign off on disater relief for Florida.

  39. Tweet just said he was begging. That's why I asked. I also fail to see how trump is relevant to this conversation. But right on.

  40. It's relevant because Trump tried to delay or block aid from going to "blue states" and would complain endlessly about helping them.

  41. Because back in the 90s there was no such thing as bi men, only bi women. If a man did gay porn he was gay, even if he also did straight porn. Only ladies got to play the bi card.

  42. You're right that bi men weren't much of a recognized thing back then, but although the show never labels them as that, it makes it pretty clear that both Keller and Beecher are bisexual. (Even Sister Pete questions Keller's sexuality and he simply tells her that he enjoys sex with both genders.)

  43. Beecher hooked up with 3 guys other than Keller, though...

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