1. I just know Brooklyn will be pregnant within the next year. 1. Dakota was a 28 year old unmarried mormon, he’s gotta catch up since he should be on baby #6 already. 2. Gives b&b content 3. Since Bailey got married first and Brooklyn felt like she needed to hurry up and get married, she’ll have a baby first to kind of “ one up” Bailey. Its always a competition between them.

  2. they’ve already said that brooklyn will be pregnant first; brooklyn wants to be pregnant within a year from the wedding and bailey said 3-5 years; so unless bailey and asa somehow have an oops baby (which is entirely possible given their BC methods that bailey has talked about) brooklyn and dakota will be parents first

  3. Which is why I said what I said😂

  4. I think it looks cute but I do ride horses ( not competitively) but idk i think she looks cute for once

  5. The pants and boots are super cute i just think the top throws it off

  6. Guess I look like I ride horses competitively then, I have pretty much that exact pair of jeans. Horse riders have really nice butts though, so I’m taking this as a compliment

  7. The items are cute just not together 😭 If she had in a different shirt it would’ve looked better

  8. I just know that cake tasted like chemicals from the food coloring 😭

  9. They did not match the theme at all. I feel like Bailey got to choose/forces what she wanted on the bridesmaids

  10. That would make a lot of sense. I was wondering why tf they recycled Bailey’s wedding dress thats so weird😭

  11. The way everyone remembers a different story in the comments because she constantly lies😭

  12. Barb hid her crazy, Carol was upfront about it😃 id much rather KNOW what type of person someone is

  13. Ok but why do I remember a totally different story that she told

  14. Because she changed it😭 she “found out new information “

  15. Personally id be a shitty MOH too if my sis was marrying Dakota💀

  16. Sex doesn’t keep him bestie 😭

  17. “Im moody” no you’re just a bitch.

  18. Dakota being accepted was my eye opener 😃

  19. If you think that episode is bad just wait😩 every rewatch I always dread chapters 14, 32, and 47

  20. Became a fan around 2017/18 Started looking into their controversies/snark this year. I thought to myself “there’s no way the family is THIS perfect. There’s gotta be tea”😭

  21. if it was really just trash, there would be no point in removing the video

  22. The way she’s lying as if there aren’t ss with proof😭

  23. This is 100% a pregnancy test ive used the same brand😭💀

  24. Abuse of this kind completely messes up a person’s judgement. It’s a result of the trauma. SO many people continue to have relationships with relatives who abused them. When someone violates those extremely hard boundaries, all other boundaries fall apart too. After all, he’s already done the worst. The abuser may also reason that ‘I stopped abusing you, so that’s a sign I’m a changed man’ tactic, when the actual reason they stopped abusing you is because you got too old for them. It’s very, very hard for most people who have never been through it to get, but it’s sadly reflective in the statistics on generational abuse. In some cases it’s also a dissociation thing. The trauma causes the victim to dissociate from the abuser to a degree and is therefore not fully present in their decision making, if that makes sense. THERAPY is necessary after CSA. It just is, for so many reasons.

  25. My parents already started saving for mine😭 im not even engaged yet but they’re ready

  26. If you don't get married do you still get the money? 🤔🤣

  27. They got hyped as soon as my boyfriend got their blessing this past month😭 so unless fate fucks with me I’m getting married just waiting for him to ask lmao. It’s paired with a graduation fund for when I graduate college next year so I’d def still see it💁🏽‍♀️

  28. Let me start my comment off by saying pls don't cereal shame me 😭🤣 I'm currently in the only one of my friends who prefers to eat their cereal with warm milk instead of cold. I decided to take this to

  29. Only cold milk for me. If I want a warm breakfast I'll have porridge or a fry up.

  30. Exactly, if you want warm milk you might as well eat oatmeal or something similar 😩

  31. I eat mine the normal way. Of course I put the cereal before the milk too :)

  32. Him coming back was the worst part of the show. I was absolutely broken when he did but He should’ve just stayed dead

  33. I feel Cam’s on a personal level. His is the saddest but my favorite

  34. “Never say sorry. Always play to win”

  35. can you explain what happened in those? i haven't rewatched in a long time

  36. They’re essentially the same episode. Hachi moves to Tokyo and meets Nana then they become roommates after meeting again at the same apartment

  37. She’s a bitch. That’s literally not okay

  38. As soon as I saw this i came straight to reddit😭

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