1. See the date.... that was Kujira on Luna Chain. They are 3 months old in Cosmos, they recreated the chain and started from scratch. Not even the same system.

  2. Because how it works. They dont use inflation model as most DEXes. APR is made by fees of all the chain + revenue of all proyects that want to share it. The bigger the chain is, the more fees the more APR. Chain is really new so dont have enough volume to have a big APR, but once they get bigger, APR will only go up.

  3. Personally I consider online seeds pretty safe is you you simply give it a tweak.

  4. Really different assets. One goes up due utility, and the other due Marketing thanks one of the most influential person of the world. I wouldn't even care to compare peas with apples.

  5. And this post is relevant because....

  6. You compare apples with apples. DOT and Atom achieve to do the same with a different perspective, Atom dont want to be BTC.

  7. Really solid if you remove Neta

  8. In my opinion the era of people staking only for airdrops has come to an end. Because of last year's flashy airdrops throughout this bear market there is a huge amount of new airdrop hunters and people have learned that it is better to sell as soon as they receive them in most cases throughout 2021.

  9. Do you own DD, but IMO it deserve to be a high % of my portfolio right now that is on baby stage.

  10. I see that there is a generalized unfounded fear transferring Terra's situation to all stablecoins. What killed terra was simply its design. Burning Lunas to maintain PEG created an infinite loop and wrecked the value of both. USK works similarly to DAI, the same thing that happened to terra cannot happen.

  11. Hmm, let's see. BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, with more then $10 trillion in assets under management, just launched a private trust offering direct Bitcoin exposure to its institutional clients. Demand for BTC on Wall Street continues to grow despite the broad downturn in crypto markets.

  12. BlackRock offer litterally every single asset that exist in the world. They just want to make money on comissions. Just because they offer BTC, dont mean they believe it has future.

  13. That's not true, and no, they would not be pushing something on their institutional clients that they believed was a pyramid scheme. As the CEO of rewards app Lolli put it when the news broke:

  14. And you really believe in that phrase?

  15. It is without a doubt my favorite current project. I share the vision of its creators. They want to manage it as a self-sustainable company and focus on creating projects with real utility. No excessive incentives to attract people for a year, escape with the money and kill the project quickly. They aim for a perfectly sustainable APR derived solely from internal revenues. The more I listen to their developers, the more I like the project.

  16. I agree it's the most interesting thing going right now. I had hoped CMDX could do interesting things too, but its been slow AF to implement and create. I'm really curious to see how a 'soft peg' stable operates.

  17. CMDX is simply too risky. They operate in a really obscure territory for potential regulations.

  18. Would have to be Osmosis. One of the most user-friendly DEXs I’ve ever seen. Most traffic and tons being built thanks to the grants program.

  19. Unpopular opinion. UI is good, but osmosis is slow as fuck. Takes age to fetch data on refresh and you need to refresh quite often. That makes UX not to be that good. And IMO is the most important.

  20. Try hard mode if you want more challenge. It's actually pretty hard in a fun way. Plus you can always revert back if you don't like it.

  21. Hard mode dont make the game harder. Just make it tedious increasing combat time.

  22. ATOM got kinda shit on with this one. You'd think the most expensive cosmos asset would've been hooked up more.

  23. Rewards are based on the number of holders. Everyone has atom, so atom is the one that give the less.

  24. Not everyone has a LOT of ATOM, though.

  25. Jesus dude take a class on UX. That site is an eye sore.

  26. Maybe add SCRT, STARS and AKT.

  27. STARS? Really, im curious to why? It has basically crashed hard, why do you see this rebounding in the future?

  28. I didn't say it will rebound in the future. Simply is a potential airdrops token.

  29. Stocks dont perform well during inflationary timer. Read Buffets article from 70’ where he describes why there are no winners during inflation.

  30. Actually Buffet words are that the only way to combat inflation is buy companies that have pricing power. He even said it again last conference few days ago.

  31. I get your point but I’m struggling to understand pricing power? As in a company that can set the price of its products? Or say a company that sells services?

  32. Pricing power means that a company has the power to increase the price of their services/products AND almost the same people will still buy it. That apply to everything.

  33. I would not listen to the words of a person who wants to use ATOM as a tool to bribe people and create his own token.

  34. My plan Is just DCA. in any project I want to be invested in. Is impossible to predict the future. Just DCA and don't dream about timing the bottom, since nobody can.

  35. Just a Jackal 2.0. They are going to incentivate if you stake with them, so they will pump their validator from 0 to hero and the token itself just another useless low supply one. Instant dump. And if wasn't enought, date announced before snapshot to make it easier to game.

  36. Just for your info I mean is a jackal 2.0 in term os using the airdrop to promo their validator. Never said a thing about jackal project itself, so either understand any of your comments.

  37. Another airdrop that want to pump their validator from zero to hero and telling the snapshot date... they really never learn.

  38. If you think amber will be huge clearly you didnt read their telegram. They have no clue about what they ar doing and admins just know to spam memes and wen_amber_then_lambo.

  39. It's neta on Secret Network which you'll be able to stake fir incentives. A lot of info not revealed yet but they seem to learn from Neta's mistakes.

  40. Stake is not a usecase. Literally every meme on cosmos is stakeable. The mistake is just create a token with low supply thinking it will be able to store value when nobody want it.

  41. Tbh looks really promising. ETFs is one of the best ways to invest if not the best on stocks. transfer them to crypto is a really good project. One of the few I wont dump.

  42. Just an advise. Reading your answers is clear that you have no clue about where you put your money.

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