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  1. According to the Bible planned mass famine is around the corner....but take that with a grain of salt

  2. Once the Narcassist is exposed there is no going back. She will soon lash out very aggressively and possibly threaten people. That's how Narcassists usually react. She's mad that her beauty is no longer working. She's hit the wall and doesn't know it yet.

  3. "You're gonna need more than a AR-15 to take over the government" -Biden

  4. The World Economic Forum really out here trying to make us feel bad for not wanting to eat Bugs 😂

  5. Personally this is just another reason for me to boycott Starbucks and its overpriced sludge... but it's evident the transition to a cashless society is already underway.

  6. Great breakdown of the filthy trash Cuntlhyla really is

  7. What kind of logic is this? California never ceases to surprise

  8. Juicy is cool...been following her since she was on KillTony...shes pretty quick on her feet with the jokes

  9. This has nothing to do with conspiracy. Feel like perhaps you have bad role models

  10. I don't know....all Social Media Conglomerates banding together to simultaneously censor one person is pretty interesting and odd. I think it does qualify as conspiracy

  11. Almost like a ....... marketing stunt!!! He was TOO POPULAR!!!!! hehe

  12. You saying FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok are helping Andrew Tate rise to bigger heights of fame? Interesting

  13. "Throw a dog a bone" comes to mind....Keep the masses as docile as possible, distract them from the buffonery our elected officials and Big Corp are doing behind the scenes.... If Timmy is high he won't care that his freedoms are being infringed and won't cause a revolution being too busy talking to extraterrestrials in another dimension on lsd

  14. This is an absolutely absurd "fact check" by Reuters, which is just an arm of Pfizer...

  15. SS: Trump's a disgusting sexual deviant, a predator and a pedophile. He's no better than his friend Clinton, both sides have been had by false dialectics. It's hilarious how so called conservative people and Christians would support that pig.

  16. Your last sentence really exposes your main target with this post. Nonetheless I agree, everyone that is indeed proven to have visited the infamous island should pay heavily.

  17. Simple: The vaccine was never sold as a silver bullet. Anti-vaxxed a just try to misrepresent the original claims of the vaccine

  18. Are you joking?? The whole initial selling point for the jabbs was 'get vaccinated to protect grandma from getting covid'

  19. And this is a very good example of why you should read what the pharma studies actually say, and not what cable news talking heads say.

  20. You referring to the same ones Pfizer wanted to release 75 years from now?

  21. We don't, this is a prime example... admitting what most conspiracy theorists knew 2 and half years ago

  22. It's appears the rest of the asleep masses are just now waking up to what most of us have been saying for the past 2+ years. We always knew Fauci was full of sh#t. The sheep went so far as to worship this man mid-pandemic.

  23. For those that still trust you government. When evil apologizes for their evil and continues to do evil is that really apologizing? Soon they will apologize for this pandemic. HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF

  24. What's not to like? Inserting a chip inside my body and connect it to my brain. All my instincts tell me it's the right thing to do. I can't think of a single reason for someone not wanting to do this

  25. I hope your RickRolling like your profile pic

  26. Wow what a sad life that must be, to become an Information Warrior for Schwab hahahaha

  27. Don't get discouraged friends..the agenda at play is censorship by Globalists and their pawns. Truth endures, truth prevails

  28. Serious question does Fauci along with his $350,00 a year pension come with built in Immunity from Prosecution ?

  29. Who brought the bots out? You did sir, you did

  30. Liberty Counsel has successfully reached an agreement with healthcare providers over the country’s first class-action settlement against the vaccine mandates.

  31. This explains the 20,000+ currently online in this r /sub in recent days

  32. Bill Gates can do as he pleases and suffers no consequences. Why? How is this man able to have complete impunity and much influence worldwide? Many conspiracies seem to have his enterprise's fingertips all over. The man has more power and say-so than most presidents.

  33. Did gates host a calendar competition exclusively with Eppstein? Did Eppstein recruit towel girls from gates's resort? Does gates he have fourteen entries for himself in Eppstein's black book, circled by someone who got suicided? Did Eppstein say he wanted his modeling agency to be just like Gate's when he started it? Did Gates ever borrow the lolita express? Maybe that's why.

  34. They're both compromised...Stop defending either of them

  35. It's almost as if...there's a reasonable middle ground somewhere between "up until birth" and "never, ever under any circumstances!" where we can arrive at...we just need a biiiit of civility.

  36. You can't...only extremism is allowed... 'Under no Circumstances' or 'up until the baby is coming out'

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