1. So you paid more for the same thing, possibly worse

  2. Stick em in a 308 case with 43 grains of Varget or 42 grains of IMr 4064, then find a nice 10 point buck. I think you know the rest.

  3. If you're going NOBO, you can get at least into northern VA before the winter gets too rough, but going any farther north than Harpers Ferry will be dangerous. If you're starting that late, SOBO will be the better method, though a Flip Flop might work as well.

  4. If you are sticking cases or constantly breaking decapping pins, then you're doing something wrong.

  5. No, AR mags are double stack. A 20 round AR mag, which is huge for a bolt action, wouldn't even be close to being in the way for prone use

  6. About the only reason I can think of is because you already have AR mags and want to use them in a varmint gun.

  7. You can already use AR mags in a ruger american bolt action, but in the normal manner

  8. For muzzle energy, the only way to know 100% is to get some and run it in your gun with a chronograph to check muzzle velocity. You can determine the muzzle energy based on velocity and bullet weight. As far as precision, same thing. Get some and run it in your gun. Every gun is different, no two guns will like the exact same stuff in the same way

  9. Excuse my ignorance. What is the benefit of swappable bolt heads? I imagine changing calibers if I want in the future to save money?

  10. Swappable bolt heads have two advantages. The number 1 advantage is that it means it's a floating bolt head, which means that the action and bolt lugs don't have to be 100% perfectly trued up(though bighorn actions are usually trued up pretty well), so the floating bolt head will lock up the same every time, whereas a 1 piece bolt like the remington may or may not be trued up, and it will require truing to get the same accuracy potential.

  11. The Savage barrel nut doesn't work like an AR barrel nut. The barrel not on a savage sets the headspace, whereas an AR barrel nut just secures the barrel to the receiver. There isn't really an advantage to the Savage system compared to a shouldered pre fit. I mainly prefer the Savage system because I use Savage actions instead of aftermarket actions. Savage actions have the distinction of having basically the same accuracy potential as the aftermarket actions, with the main downside being that they require a little bit of gunsmithing to make 100% reliable.

  12. This is what happens when hillbillies discover technology

  13. Luckily this IS one of those things you can kill with fire. It wouldn't take much heat to destroy the parts of the gun that hurt my feelings. The other parts will probably be fine.

  14. This is currently my only 3d printed rifle, so this sub is safe from my shenanigans. The colors are this way in order to piss off the fudds at my local range. They already don't like me "rapid firing", so they were even less enthused when i started "rapid firing" with this thing.

  15. Typically you can get through level 4 armor with tungsten carbide core 30 cal rounds (M993)

  16. Well, level 4 armor is rated for the original 3006 AP round, though I forget the designation for that round.

  17. Didn't someone do a video with safari cartridges to see how they would hurt if they hit lvl 4 plates, only to find out that brass solids go straight through lvl 4 plates?

  18. Not 375 h&h. The more powerful cartridges like 50p nitro and 700 nitro made it through

  19. That was rugers attempt to enter the premium AR market, but since they only produced an OK piston rifle at a steep price, it was pretty quickly forgotten. Ruger soon realized that there was potential in the budget AR market, so they went back to DI and gave birth to the AR556, which is priced about the same as a S&W M&P-15(who also happens to be there biggest competitor in revolvers).

  20. Any recommendations on a good bcg? Preferably nickel boron

  21. A standard Aero BCG will work fine, nickel boron is useless. Carpenter 158 is king.

  22. If you want a semi auto 308, get an AR10 if you don't already have one. Much better value for the money compared to any AK pattern 308

  23. Me when no one else shows up for heavy metal class in 3 gun. People can't handle the 308/45 combo

  24. For a personal rights group…you all kinda don’t believe in them…

  25. Look at my post history, I have a 3d printer and use it regularly. I'm not trying to keep you from exercising your right to manufacture gun parts. I'm just suggesting a more reasonable course of action.

  26. I’m not going to look at your history but I’m going to take you at your word. I just had a lot of the same comment. I like the stock. I like shooting with a higher mount, And there are creative people who can make it. I think it’s cool we can make things that don’t exist as a community.

  27. I understand the frustration, but unless you have a viable CAD design already, asking someone to 3d print it for you won't get you anywhere. Most 3d printing enthusiasts don't actually do their own designs. We pull designs from sites like ctrlpew. Also, get your own 3d printer, they are $225 on Amazon. They are plenty cheap enough to warrant having one around these days.

  28. AR10s do not have a standard spec for many of their parts. There is no milspec for AR10s. You need to get a lower from PSA to ensure proper compatibility.

  29. Actually, would a 20” and a 14.5 be able to use the same buffer?

  30. Yes, at least I would use the same buffer. But that's because I don't believe in changing buffers. I prefer to use adjustable gas blocks to tune the rifle. Some people here on this sub will say the exact opposite.

  31. Do adjustable gas blocks effect reliability? If I had a 14.5 and a 20, should the adjustable gas block go on the 20?

  32. Put an adjustable gas block on both. And they don't effect reliability if you tune it properly.

  33. Within reason, yes. There are two different lengths for hornady seating dies, though they arent really labeled as such. There is magnum/long action length, and short action/AR15 length. It's not advisable to use the same seating die for 300 blk that you use for 300 win mag. It's a pain in the ass to use the same seating die for 6.5 creed and 6.5-06

  34. This has been circulating FB and reddit since 2013. It's not new.

  35. I'd rather have a properly sized gas port and be able to run it normally. I just use an AGB so I can turn down the gas for suppressor work.

  36. Standard MIL reticle, like the one found on my Bushnell Elite DMR-2 seems to work well on my 31" 6.5-06. Paired with a 40MOA rail, holdovers are pretty easy and very necessary at 2165 yards(longest shots I've landed reliably)

  37. The circuits running PCs in the US are 110-120v. We only use 220-240v on larger appliances like washers and dryers and ovens.

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