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  1. It’s funny how Australia, Israel and UK SF guys all run AR pattern rifles where the standard troops run bullpups. Kind of answers the debate doesn’t it?

  2. Here my bet, when it hits the first hard freeze, ukraine will have had time to resupply, rest troops on the front, and mass them for another blitz, the land, waters, and holes will all freeze over, time to use it as a natural road hit hard hit fast hit every where pour into the cracks when they open encircle rusty again. Thats just my thought

  3. Ukraine doesn’t have the reserve strength in terms of manpower that Russia does. They’re at a disadvantage.. and the west isn’t interested in sending them the right equipment to deal with Russian aggression

  4. I’d plug that in as 100$. If they call, which no one has ever done in my experience with this kinda thing, it’s a very simple question:

  5. Fireable offense for sure and also extremely illegal lmao.

  6. Of course you run it by the manager. If they don’t have your back on that, quit.

  7. Like I said, maybe it’s doable, but idk if that makes it any less of fraud

  8. Yeah, that infamous picture of the destroyed trees:

  9. They don’t last forever. If anything I think they rip and tear faster then regular denim.

  10. He hasn’t proposed a bill to repeal the NFA. If I was in Congress it would be one of my first bills.

  11. No politician ever is gonna be the guy on record to deregulate machine guns when there’s school shootings happening every other month. It literally will never happen i

  12. It literally happened. H.R.8399 to repeal the NFA was introduced four months ago. Massie isn’t the sponsor or a co-sponsor.

  13. For real? Okay I take back what I said. Won’t pass but wow that is cool to see at least


  15. Lol I thought this was a completely different store.

  16. I’m liking the WC during thanksgiving, we should just give the host country to the Middle East every year

  17. Probably no different then the PSA freedom upper. As long as you aren’t planning on hanging $3k laser aiming devices on the end of this or expecting to have sub moa accuracy you’ll be fine.

  18. Seems irresponsible to have $100k+ worth of cars in your mid 20s. Those are prime saving years if you have the income to afford such cars.

  19. not your business what's in OPs pockets nor your place to say things like this. People have different priorities in life. Spare the "should"s

  20. What’s a sando like this cost? That much cheddar in a grocery store would be at least $6

  21. This is not even manga specific. A lot of japanese porn is centered around the theme of rape. It's pretty fucking weird how fixated they are on the theme. I know it's not a Japanese specific infatuation but the amount of porn content that is rape specific from Japan is really disturbing.

  22. Asa Akira said there’s probably no Japanese girl out there who hasn’t been sexually harassed / groped on the metro

  23. Im gonna be downvoted to hell with this take but I stand by it regardless.

  24. I can’t fathom typing out a three paragraph Reddit comment defending pedohilia

  25. I have no problem eating local food or not having booze. That's what the whole "respect different opinions"-stuff is all about.

  26. This is an extremely religious country and culture to them is a bit more then traditional foods and no alcohol.

  27. Then FIFA, an organisation for everyone, should not have gotten into bed with them. It's as much a protest of FIFA as it is Qatar.

  28. Every single thread of the WC in Qatar is full of people like you who just want to shout at the sky lmao. It’s a done deal. Why are we complaining

  29. Not exactly, like I said I like the colors of the tees but not into the frat boy aesthetic so I’ll wear it more ironically with streetwear stuff. Kinda like how normcore is purposefully bad sometimes

  30. Nah man this comment stresses me out way too much. Im glad I wasn’t born after 2000

  31. Lol sorry man nuance is important. I’m glad I wasn’t born then either, being an iPad baby sounds rough

  32. Yeah a whole generation dictated by the TikTok algorithm lol. But dude. Wearing clothes ironically is not a thing

  33. Supporting our defense industry is a happy synergy.

  34. Maybe, maybe not, hard to specualate on the future. I agree about supporting Ukraine and yes supporting our defense industry is good, however, I have a problem with "if you only support the building of hammers then every problem is going to look like a nail" mindset in our FP

  35. Yeah, there’s loads of state level issues all over the nation that no one has the money to deal with for whatever reason

  36. Show me on the doll where the small-talking boomer hurt you

  37. Yup this is the best deal I've ever seen on these.

  38. tbac ultra5 only meets the length and weight requirements.

  39. Closest I can imagine is Dead Air Sierra 5 if they offered it in direct thread.

  40. I think it’s because designing something like that is physically impossible

  41. And how do you know I don't help people?

  42. I have a sneaking suspicion you're not out about throwing $100k donations to causes of your choice tho lol

  43. it's hard to comprehend how advanced we are as a nation yet somehow we can't get a photo ID in a digital wallet. Lmao.

  44. They dgaf about their reputation 😂 like everything else in that part of the world it’s all about flexing and having the biggest, baddest, and most lavish everything.

  45. Nah, season ticket holder at Man City here, and we have beer, Asahi available at every domestic fixture, and Heineken available at champions league fixtures (at least I'm 70% sure, but I only went to the one so far, and I didn't drink so cant remember the specifics). Like the guy above said, you aren't supposed to take it to your seat, but I'm sure away fans, and the fans in the sections either side of that away end will do anyway, you also cant get alcohol in the "Family stand" (North stand, bottom tier), but that is a city specific thing.

  46. Then I’m assuming it must be different for games outside of the UK for whatever reason

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