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  1. So there's no organization in the US that looks out for consumers to prevent things like this?

  2. Having dealt with Eufy support, I image the response will be an overly polite, extra wordy, poorly translated statement that apologies multiple times yet offers no resolution to the problem and sort of puts the blame on the customer...

  3. I would recommend using a streaming device with these TV's, the built in smarts are so-so... Its a budget brand, they have to cut cost somewhere... As long as you are happy wit the picture quality.

  4. I've come across a few comments regarding Hisense TV's and memory failure/errors, etc... The suggestion was to not use the TV's built in smarts and use streaming device (take the load off the TV I guess?). Try a factory reset as much as it sucks...

  5. Is there a way to donate money to Anonymous and request that they prevent her from posting anymore tacky nonsense?

  6. So what is the reply from Apple or Tim Cook? Are they going to set him straight or just ignore it?

  7. I've read in a few posts something with these Hisense TV's referred to as an "onboard memory issue", you may be a casualty ...

  8. Sounds like their customer service unsurprisingly sucks... " firmware updates, were done strictly as a courtesy." LOL, so them fixing and improving shit they missed is only a courtesy...

  9. Well, I can tell you that my 75U7H does not do this or I would have sent that shit back quick...

  10. Appreciate that! Can you give me a little more context on the Nvidia Shield? Is it a device that outputs higher quality content? I'm not familiar.

  11. Well, Its supposed to be one of the best streaming hardware devices out but that's questionable, I feel its over priced (I have the Pro version, $199). It does Upscale and has way more features than the Roku Ultra. "SHIELD delivers AI powered upscaling, capable of intelligently scaling lower resolution video to your TV’s native resolution. With this new feature, HD movies on Netflix or Prime Video will look sharper on your 4K display."

  12. Would be nice if someone from Hisense actually chimed in on these conversations, maybe provided some details, etc...

  13. Why are morons still jacking up the price on eBay? Literally the same shit, over and over...WTF is wrong with them?

  14. Second Question: Does Hisense ever update the software on their tv's and not break them? (looking @ Vizio)...

  15. This does happen. Last year's models had firmware updates that fixed one thing and broke something else. It was crazy. But it took a couple of months to get it straightened out.

  16. I'm wondering now if I turned off "auto update" off when I was setting things up... Not sure I remember seeing that setting though, ill have to go back and check.

  17. Nothing better than doing an update (from the manufacturer) to improve things and it fails completely...

  18. These really are garbage for those wondering.... Support is typical, poorly translated and never really understanding the problem but they respond (2/3 days later) with multiple apologies and confirmations that they are sorry, blah, blah , blah....

  19. I have a Sony STR-DN1080. I needed to enable "Enhanced" HDMI settings in the Sony AVR, TV is connected to AVR using eARC, Shield is connected to AVR.

  20. I hate to sound like an idiot but I don't know what AVR is. The eArc is the third HDMI going down on the 65U8G, am I correct? What is the Shield? You were getting resolution issues on what. Are you saying the audio goes through the receiver from cable and or fire stick and or DVD player or Xbox? What is the CEC? I feel like an idiot. Do I need a special HDMI cable. I have one that I got from Comcast it's brand new and it's gold but I'm not sure if that's high speed and is there a high-speed HDMI that I would need? Sorry for all these questions I just don't have any idea about what to do.

  21. Not an idiot👍 , AVR = Audio Video Receiver you said you are getting, If the receiver support's it, it will say eARC on the correct HDMI port. Then connect everything else to the receiver. If you want to avoid issues get a new, quality HDMI cable that supports all the latest specs. Make sure "Enhanced HDMI" is selected on the Sony settings, unless that model handles it differently but I doubt it. (probably ,

  22. Unfortunately, motion is not good on these TV's if you are into the "Soap Opera" effect. I tried to give it a chance, played around with the settings but noticed weird image anomalies like you describe.

  23. Disturbing that religion can wiggle its way in to appliances... Maybe next they'll have witch burning mode.

  24. Just a heads up, that bill_money post basically shows up whenever Hisense is mentioned, so take that with a grain of salt. But from what I gathered, if you buy a hisense in the states, then they have high tech tvs with stats way above their price base.. but I’ve heard some people mention motion blurring, but most of the comments in the hisense forum and from YouTube reviews have positive reviews. The U8G has a 8.4 rating on, which competes with top models like the Sony aj80 (my current tv) and the lg C1.. it’s not as good as those models, but for the price you won’t find those specs anywhere else.

  25. I agree, It's like the guy was ass raped prison style by a malfunctioning Hisense TV and now he's on a mission do endlessly disparage the brand... A true hero... (joking, all in good fun)

  26. Well he purchased a lower end model within a lower end brand without a warranty so WTF did he expect? I would have never have purchased my Hisense without the longest warranty offered (4 years from Amazon), if it last's past that great, if not I have an excuse to upgrade...

  27. Yeah 99 percent of problems can be eliminated with a dedicated streaming device and not using eArc . I use a shield connected to av receiver connected to TV. (Well shield pro connected to a audio extractor that output's sound to av receiver And video And sound to TV. Work's flawless for HDR 4k and dts ma / dd+ / Dolby true HD

  28. I'm starting to think that eARC is causing issues also.... Over the last few days while scrolling around the menu (Shield) the TV has glitched out and switched over the the AVR's menu for no apparent reason. When this happen it sort of gets stuck, then I have to get the TV's remote and fiddle around to switch back to the correct input.

  29. Ours just started doing this, adding a small amount of different things to his food (fruits/veggies/rice/pumpkin puree) has made it more interesting for him and the problem has gone away so far.

  30. Have you confirmed that you have the latest version of the app?

  31. Yup, uninstalled, re-installed, checked for updates... I had this happen once with a Amazon open box but sent it back, got a new one and it was fine. This one was brand new so they must do something to the registration number or something else is screwed up... I really don't like this brand anymore.

  32. I think this problem only bothers those of us who are trying to turn it off, lol...

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