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  1. Let's see, I had a driver practically throttle me because I miscalculated the change. I've had to walk 10 blocks to an October fest event because the shop Steward didn't want to complete his route -- and no one I could get on the phone cared. I've stood at stops and watched as the busses went by because they were overfilled. I was assaulted on the trolley once. I missed a connection because a trolley took 30 minutes to load someone on a lay-down wheel chair. And when I've ridden the trolley, even though I paid full fare, it was clear there were many who weren't paying at all.

  2. Let's not forget MTS has zero public restrooms, which is extremely unusual.

  3. Big fan 😍 you know he mysteriously disappeared one day. Maybe he's still out there, being beautiful.

  4. With VERY few exceptions, paralegals should be paid overtime. Why were you considered exempt?

  5. I'm currently in an admin role doing regulatory compliance. So not functioning as a paralegal but still in the legal field. This will be my first salaried position.

  6. I had a renter ask about changing light bulbs. Was convinced I was taking advantage when I told her she had to go the store , buy them and change them herself.

  7. What is she paying for then? The privilege of paying YOUR mortgage while being treated like an idiot.

  8. It wasn't my mortgage she was paying, I didn't own the bldg.

  9. Why would she look YOU are taking advantage of her if you're not the landlord. Also, if you're renting then why didn't you change the lightbulbs?

  10. Also you'll sometimes have people trying to survive in the wilderness die from

  11. Yeah, I learned about this in that wilderness show Alone. This guy caught a giant moose and was eating everyday but nearly starved.

  12. Right? I want one. Looks like chi/pom/something spotted mix.

  13. I had a finance professor very clearly lay out the expenses of havjng a child. To summarize his lecture: if you can’t afford to go out and buy a brand new sports car (like an $80k corvette, bmw M3, or Porsche Cayman), then you don’t have the money for a child.

  14. That's fucking stupid. So poor people shouldn't have any children? All poor people should just grind then die? Your professor sounds like a privileged racist. I'm a child-free lower income person, but that's my choice because I find children overwhelming.

  15. No it’s not stupid, it’s factual and reality. Just because you “want” kids doesn’t mean you can “afford” kids and saying that isn’t wrong even if it seems insensitive.

  16. So your saying having children is a privilege based on income? I think that would make it a white privilege since a disproportionate amount of poor people are non-white.

  17. CHS is the worst. I think the public needs way more education on the subject, especially doctors.

  18. My good buddy is an ER Dr in Boston. He said he sees at least 1 case every shift…..

  19. Omg, that's wild but I believe it. I know at least 4 people diagnosed with CHS. This could potentially be an epidemic.

  20. Hello! I'm in San Diego and can take him. My boy Jimbo passed away on Monday so my last boy Bobby is alone. If you can drive him down he has a home with me. Please PM me if you want to make arrangements.

  21. To me the bat handy tells me this is staged… In the midst of typing this I realize how hard it would be to stage this with a live squirrel but I am too far commited into my comment.

  22. Or this isn't his first squirrel attack.

  23. This abstract doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t this suggest that taking the refugees away from the countries that gave them cost their economy the money were losing? Wouldn’t this mean that we can help developing countries by sending them asylum seekers?

  24. It is an economic loss for the original country. Ever heard of brain drain? The problem with their country is more than their economy though. Many refugees are fleeing violence or natural disasters, including climate change.

  25. What seems to be missing is the cost to the resident workforce who are displaced by cheaper alternatives. Immigration is what sets America apart from all other developed countries. It is key to growth given low reproduction rates. However, the segment most hurt financially is the previous immigrants whose jobs are taken or wages decline.

  26. Employers are the ones responsible for this problem and should be held accountable. If they're caught paying less than the legal wage and benefits then that business should be shut down.

  27. Just a reminder to consider any environmental factors that could be aggravating their myco. Things like cooking smoke, scented candles, vaping, perfume, or incense could cause a flare up.

  28. I don’t even use aftershave in that room and my door is closed to stop any smells, guess tonight I’ll hoover the carpet again to make sure there’s no dust

  29. Ok, sounds like you know what you're doing. Good luck! I think your new ratties are going to be ok.

  30. He's still a young rat and could keep going for another year or two. I'm in the same situation though. Since you plan to leave for school then you should find someone who has rats to adopt him.

  31. Sad update. Early this morning Jimbo passed away. He fought hard these past few weeks. But last night, I could tell he didn't have any more fight left. The mass made it very difficult for him to move and breathe. I tried my best to make him as comfortable as possible during his twilight.

  32. The lil guy's going to be in shock, wrap him up and keep him warm while you organise a vet.

  33. Great advice for any animal in shock. They need to be kept warm, but not hot. Right away! I once saved a hummingbird that my cat caught by giving it quiet time with a heating pad.

  34. I’m in the minority when I say I like the client contact. It’s one of the most difficult times in their life and I get to walk with them through it.

  35. Very interesting. Thanks for your reply. I'm a really friendly and compassionate person, so maybe this could be for me. I always wanted to be a paramedic because I can handle crises well but have ADHD so I don't want to be responsible for life and death.

  36. I never go to the courthouse, even prepandemic, in my jurisdiction there is no reason for a paralegal to go to the courthouse.

  37. Ok, that's very encouraging! Thank you very much :)

  38. I was just bragging about this at a friend's wedding. Another of my friends said she never got sick either. She has young kids and I take the city bus regularly, so we should have been exposed many times. My Dad & brother on the other hand caught it several times and even went to the hospital. Maybe I will participate.

  39. Im just gunna rant here. He was left in an abysmally small cage that had clearly not had bedding changed for some time (if ever). His fur was yellow and greasy and full of urine. He was left in direct sunlight OUT OF VIEW from the office, so who knows how long he was out in the heat - his water in his bottle was hot by the time we found him. He was skin and bones and clearly fearful of handling. I don’t think he even knew what another rat was, never socialized or anything. In the weeks I knew and cared for him he made such an astounding change. Little man put on weight and began to actually enjoy his time out of the cage! He would run around on our x-ray table and take snacks and sprint back to me or a little cardboard box for a safe place to snack (and see who was his next victim to poop near). He even started to give me kisses. I feel so bad that he had such a shit life leading up to this and I was only able to give him such a short period of good times :( He most likely passed of mycoplasma pneumonia, I had him in an oxygen tank all morning trying to help at all. Gave him antibiotics and lung meds to no avail. So so so sorry buddy. I’m scared to touch my own rats until I’ve showered 10 times over. This sucks. RIP lil dude :(

  40. My heart breaks for poor old Ratticus. He's a very handsome boy, too bad he wasn't cherished until his twilight. Thank you, as much as it hurts. Know that he died the happiest he's ever been.

  41. Thanks for replying.. actually trauma can alter the brain and is linked to the development of ADHD, and ADHD and PTSD can present with similar symptoms.

  42. You are right, people with ADHD are more likely to have experienced abuse as a child. Now, we don't know if the ADHD causes the abuse or vice versa for sure but there is a lot of evidence to support the latter.

  43. I just tried posting a vent and it said those types of posts aren't allowed here. Wtf?

  44. I had a good experience with Cigna when I had them a few years ago, but think it depends entirely on the laws in your state. My state changed its laws last month, making it much harder for me to get my script - now i have to go in-person every month (my md just switched to a telehealth-only practice, so I'd have to find a new provider). Rather than find a new MD, we decided it makes more sense for me to refill my script one state over. It's a huge pain in the ass... Last month i drove over an hour to get it, and my insurance gave me a hard time cuz i was trying to fill it one day early. No idea what will happen this coming month.

  45. Thank you for acknowledging me. I'm glad we have a community to lean on here, that really does help. Good luck next month, I hope it gets easier for you

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