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  1. It's great! Though, I do miss hearing the guitar noodling at the very beginning.

  2. "The City" will always be the boogie man to most suburbanites.

  3. It's my favorite Silverchair album... There, I said it.

  4. If it's a 1/10 of what he did for X-Files, I'll be extremely happy!

  5. Or they could go the Weird Fishes/Arpeggi route for the album version and make it a single song with 2 distinct parts.

  6. I know. "Arpeggi" was a placeholder title based on the arpeggios Jonny was playing. What's your point?

  7. I mean, I would’ve added an asterisk saying “if they’re on the next record” but I’d be surprised if they’d debuted six songs and played them semi-frequently at concerts only to do something completely different on their next album.

  8. What are the 6 new songs? I've been trying to tally them and only come up w/ 5:

  9. Under The Pillow was debuted live a few days ago.

  10. TY!! It's hard to keep up. Keep them coming, boys!!

  11. I’m starting a graphic design program in Sept - should I purchase this book?

  12. It's been my layout bible for 10+ years

  13. Same thing happened to me last year. Ended up moving to Tacoma where things are much more affordable and there's actually stuff to do. Downtown, The Proctor District, and Ruston have a lot to offer in terms of shopping, bars, food, and events. Still miss Seattle though.

  14. Genuinely curious to know how one becomes an art director without ever designing and/or learning these fundamentals? I can see being a designer and then getting promoted over the years to the point where you don't do design anymore and thus have fallen out of practice, but these are rudimentary skills that I would assume anyone practicing graphic design would know.

  15. Don't know what the technique is technically called, but Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead achieves the same effect using a coin in the song, House of Cards. You can see it in action,

  16. I think the artwork is beautiful, however, I wish they would have made the typography more minimal to allow the work to shine

  17. Totally agree. The large, distressed type takes away from the beautiful artwork. It feels so foreign to the feeling of the music and artwork. I would have loved to see them embrace the sans-title album cover trend.

  18. Gotcha. Then I'd just chop it off, manually. Doesn't need to be a font. It will probably look like 2 "L"s to most people...which would still work with the brand name.

  19. Mmmh not sure I like that. If I add the company name next to the logo it will look weird, don’t you think? Unless I manually change the T as well I’m the name

  20. Car made impact just as Eddie sings "turned my world to black"!!

  21. Great instrumental but the lyrics kinda ruin it for me. They come off a bit cliché and that "I talk to the face in the mirror" bit always makes me think of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" and pulls me out of the song.

  22. take a b&w version to Kinkos and have them print it on neon paper.

  23. I’m not trying to be a downer but That’s not even enough time to cover normal maintenance of a new boat

  24. No, I appreciate the reality check. For a boat this small and simple, how much time spent doing regular maintenance should I expect, on average?

  25. That depends a lot on how and where you use it.

  26. Yes, this would be my first time owning a boat. I've had friends with larger ski boats, so I've had some experience launching/driving/loading. Thanks for all the insight!

  27. Thom playing the EOB signature strat is a strange sight.

  28. “We can't stop here, this is bat country!”

  29. Literally 3/5 members aren’t… aren’t we on the Radiohead subreddit

  30. Well then it would be 3/6 wouldn’t it

  31. yes. yes, it would. Apologies, I misread your message.

  32. Seems the band was most impressed with his voice during the Hail sessions.

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