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  1. The City of Lost Children by Jean-Pierre Juenet. Amazing when it was released, still amazing today.

  2. “The Great God Pan & Other Horror Stories” by Arthur Machen & “The Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies” by Clark Ashton Smith are both great places to continue.

  3. Really, really disagree with you about them not standing out. Yes, most of them blend pretty well with the other houses from the era, and he wasn't the only Prairie Style architect even though he's the only one most people know... but almost all his Oak Park houses, even the ones that were remodels, have something that sets them apart.

  4. Most of those houses are beautiful, some are insane in the best possible way. Lived there for 5 years and regret I never toured the Unity Temple.

  5. Try peanut butter and honey too. Different texture than jelly but man is it good.

  6. For a spicy and slightly savory take, add Sriracha🌶️

  7. During orientation when I worked for USPS in 2008, they told us making a joke about this will cost us our jobs. This is also when I learned the origin of the phrase.

  8. Damn! My parents send me packages from a place near them called Going Postal. Pretty dark name, but it cracks me up every time I get something from them.

  9. Okayy, so a little more digging and I got to

  10. The Burzum font is just a blackletter, the rest are custom.

  11. That’s my favorite of his so far. Really added some depth to his vocal range and writing. Love the throw back 50s/60s vibe too and the Big Iron cover.

  12. Damn, never seen anyone like me who enjoys old country and black metal. What did you get into first?

  13. I love hearing people’s musical journeys. I’m not familiar with half of the folks you mentioned, so I’ll definitely check them out.

  14. I'd put money on the barrelhead that John on Patmos, if he was writing what he was seeing, like literally, then for sure hallucinogenic substances were surely involved.

  15. He was most likely starving to death, if that story is even real. I seriously doubt he had the strength to write it down as his body was eating itself after a few days on a barren, windswept island. And, what, the Romans gave him a scroll and ink (or whatever) and it wasn’t destroyed by the elements? People are stupid af to believe that shit. Although, it is the only mildly interesting chapter of the bible.

  16. How do I add textured/jittery lines to my illustrations in illustrator?

  17. A good way to get the ink trap effect in corners is to follow the tutorial that

  18. I think it was too weird for me to take it seriously as a child. Either that or I blocked out the fear. 😳

  19. Thanks for the info! As an employee, I bet these events are fun and a nice day out of the "office" and good way to meet folks in this community.

  20. Nice idea, but give-aways are generally against state regulations. The most you can get is swag.

  21. Oh...they (gop) with to make being trans illegal. They want a Christian nationalist ethnostate......it's really crazy.

  22. All because boys dressed up as girls make them feel funny down there. How are they supposed to know if they’re rubbing one out to the right gender?

  23. I'm so happy I'm not the only person doing this. Look into NY, NH, or MA whiskeys and bourbons, far superior to the sugary bourbon shit from Tennessee or Kentucky.

  24. Been doing this as well. New England and New York have some excellent alternatives, no doubt. I’m partial to a Taconic and Hudson so far. Any recommendations?

  25. There’s a coffee table book collection of the art from Omni. Highly recommend.

  26. First thing I thought of was early-mid 90s Rolling Stone covers trying to softly emulate Ray Gun.

  27. Be there for your cat, it needs your love now more than ever. Horrible shit happens to people and animals all the time, your cat is fortunate to have your love and protection. Be happy that you can provide comfort to another being, know that it needs and appreciates your love. If anything, it will probably grow more affectionate. Cherish the bond you have with your cat and this experience the universe is giving you.

  28. There are tons of amazing trails on Mount Greylock and the surrounding area. Just depends on how intense of a hike you want. Download the AllTrails app and check them out.

  29. Is this a reference to The Wicker Man? Regardless, work on the R some more. The angled bowl vs the curved tail is too dissonant, but I like where you’re going.

  30. To believe in a fairy tale that has zero facts that back it up is the true delusion.

  31. Was driving home last week at dusk and saw lids of deer by the road (rural Albany, NY to western MA). I was driving slowly and keeping a look out and still, a deer stepped out right in front of my car from behind a hedge. I somehow managed to stop without hitting it, but I’m not sure it cleared the oncoming truck that was speeding.

  32. This is my friend’s band, can’t wait for a copy, what I’ve heard is sick

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