1. I bought one of these for my work. It’s 4’ 4”. It serves me well.

  2. I mean, it depends on the use-case. A gun that fits in a backpack or other inconspicuous bag so that you can easily transport it from A to B discreetly can be quite useful. If I'm going on a weekend road trip it's extremely convenient to grab a regular backpack and go.

  3. Mostly messing but yeah 99% of the time it’s overkill and just another thing you have to worry about lugging that shit around for no reason. Only time I’ve done that is checking out land I wanted to acquire but then ended up spending it on NODs so

  4. Wait you guys just don't take it off with the silencer shop mitt and throw it in your assault pack to melt shit?

  5. Oh I know man, figured I would just add some humor. Like others said a good cover helps. I might try coletac for my next one

  6. I know haha, I was just being impatient. I usually just leave the suppressor part out of the bag so it cools down. I just need a better wrap or stop taking mine in and out all the time

  7. No BUIS, m-lok handguard, straight timney trigger, are iirc the furniture/components that the newest gen have/don't have, if buy new. 16in barrel version is alittle different don't remember what other then barrel length and it has a big muzzle brake.

  8. They also don’t have the big “MPX” sign milled on the left side of the upper receiver.

  9. Yeah but the center reticle of the Eotech had a good half an inch covered and was splintering quite a bit, probably my eyes though

  10. Sounds like you have astigmatism. Welcome to the club. My EOTechs splinter bad with my eyes. I run trijicon MROs on almost everything. Doesn’t seem to splinter as bad.

  11. I tried to like the MRO a couple years ago but the fish eye was too distracting unfortunately

  12. Man I really wish I could be a first timer again and do a soup to nuts build. After a few of them, the magic has disappeared. It was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done.

  13. Please tell me what chest rig is that? I’ve been looking for forever since I got my mpx

  14. The .300 AAC cartridge was designed for shorter barrels in conjunction with a suppressor. You suppress a 16” and you’ll be toting around a 24-26” gun. Which would suck not only for length, but for weight. Imho you want a 30 cal hunting round there are better choices (308, 30-06, 300 WinMag, etc..)

  15. I am considering bolt guns too but in that case I have the same question regarding length.

  16. Depends on the range you’re looking at. A suppressed short bolt gun in 300BLK is a good choice.

  17. I don't normally have false memories, but I for some reason remember Minerva playing at the last scene in the first Matrix. I was amazed when I rewatched the movie and discovered that it was in fact a Rage Against the Machine song. Still, I think Minerva would fit better.

  18. My Own Summer... that's right. Evidently, the song was considered but never placed in the movie or something like that. My Own Summer would fit well in the same scene, too. The Matrix kind of has a Deftones-y feel in a lot of ways, really. Or maybe it's vice versa.

  19. No I mean they literally have a song called “Lucky You” in the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack list.

  20. Stribog looks the coolest in my opinion. AR-9 has the best manual of arms. AKV is fun as hell to shoot with the ALG trigger.

  21. Tbh, I feel it’s maybe middle of the road? I wanna stay under at most 1500 overall, and I’m not looking to go super budget but I think I can get away with not getting all top gear. What I’m really willing to put money into is the barrel, bcg, trigger.

  22. You can get an MCX upper straight from Sig to that much with a standard AR compatibility kit included

  23. Check mahindra-arms.com. They get them in pretty often.

  24. Do they come up to about the same length if you used a foldable brace on the MPX instead?

  25. Wonder how many design decision were strictly or at least heavily dependent on aesthetics in this era. They looked so elegant.

  26. 1299 with scope isnt bad if you needed a hunting gun to shoot at long-ish range, but for a dedicated gun, you want the extra weight you didnt like on your 6.5.

  27. I think it being long and bulky to transport discouraged me in some way from going out to shoot it all the time. I didn’t mind the weight while shooting at all. This was also peak Covid time so ammo was also non existent for it.

  28. Cross is 100% a hunting rifle, you're shitting a lot of money for a rifle that really isn't great at what you want it to do.

  29. Surefire because it’s tested a lot I’d say. Plus super easy to mount on and off. Just need a couple muzzle devices

  30. Agreed. The closed time flash hider works too. Three is best though because it has gas seals built into it. I think the break does too if im not mistaken

  31. I’ve been meaning to go for years, finally got out there. This is my third time since this year since May. Hopefully can get a few more in before the weather turns.

  32. Had it to myself one day, it was a blast. Maybe we’ll run into each other soon!

  33. Hopefully! I posted this in hopes of finding more people to meet down there.

  34. Haha I know right? I bought a box a couple years ago just to see what it was like. Even though it turned the semi auto into a bolt action, all you can hear was the ricochet. It was honestly cartoonish.

  35. This gun can shot moa I dunno if a suppressor does anything I’ve never shot with one. Damn accurate gun

  36. It’ll change your point of impact a little. But once you zero with it on or know how much it shifts, it’s dead on. Super accurate gun indeed.

  37. Damn. Really? Which location? I’m in Northern KY. Sounds like I’ll be making a trip north soon

  38. It’s in Newtown, so it’s not too far from you. (Here)[rangeusa.com/location-cincy-east] you go.

  39. It’s for the sidearm. Not a fan of SD holsters. The rifle has its own always mounted.

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