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  1. I was at the TD branch myself this evening. My TD mortgage specialist recommended option 2. He also told me to start increasing monthly payments right away to hedge against the trigger rate. If you start paying smaller additional payments monthly, you would probably reach the trigger a little late and also get used to the additional payments. I am planning on doing this.

  2. Could you explain how increasing monthly payments would delay reaching the trigger rate? The additional payments go towards principal and not the interest. Technically if you reduce the principal, you pay less interest but I would think that works more for a lump sum and not monthly payments? At least that’s what HSBC told me.

  3. Reducing the principal happens with monthly increased payments or with a lump sum payment.

  4. AKC never mentions that the white German Shepherd is a “serious fault”. If you goto AKC website, they have recognized white(registration code 199) as one of the color for German Shepherd.

  5. Congratulations on a multi-generational mortgage. Mine got increased to 39 years yesterday. Original amortization was 25 and had increased to 28 years before the 1% rate increase kicked in

  6. Our Bruno will arrive in 4 weeks.Brutus is looking exactly like Bruno. I am unable to focus on anything either. Will upload some pics when we get him.

  7. I know Hunter for sure will protect me as he’s shown before when I was threatened in the street, but Lady I’m not so sure about, she has a lot of anxiety because she got mistreated in her past, before she came to live with us 3.5 years ago and a few months after we got her some idiot found it necessary to throw some fireworks behind us while we were in a small alley way, ever since she’s scared of a lot of noises like fireworks, thunder, wind, rain against the windows…so sad, she gets drops to calm her down which do work inside but not when we’re out and about

  8. Well. Lady doesn’t need to do anything at all. I would just run looking at her if I were a stranger. Lol.

  9. We were in a similar situation. My partner and I purchased a condo (2 Bed condo,~ 550 sq ft) near Yorkdale mall around Jun-2019. The project was advertised to be complete by Oct-2020. We were so naive and excited to believe that it would be indeed ready by Oct-2020. Dates kept postponing to April-2021, October-2022 and now once again ( yet to communicate the postponed date).

  10. I think they are doing this to promote their Cineclub subscription/membership which has the benefit of no additional booking fee. Also, the scene+ members have a discounted rate of 1$ instead of 1.50$.

  11. Considering the demand for used cars currently in the market, I would rather sell it to an established auto dealer and then have a beer and sleep well at night rather then risking my car and money when my mind already has the doubt if the private party is legit. When you are involved with huge sum of money, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!!

  12. Why would you want popcorn though? I thought you were in the same boat. Well , probably you are not on the same boat or you are probably in the upper deck? Regardless, hundreds and thousands of your fellow citizens(assuming you are Canadian) are going to get turbofucked . End of the day, these are all hardworking common middle class people . So, hopefully, you have the heart to sympathize with them.

  13. I just started a new mortgage with TD, put 15% down and I'm paying my own property taxes. Got my mortgage through a broker though.

  14. I seriously envy you . I am being brutally honest. My monthly property tax comes to around $350 if I pay it myself. TD charges me double the amount because of the offset calculation which they do which is explained in the link below. I mean, I would rather invest $350 than have TD put it in an escrow account and return it to me later with 0 interest. You know what I mean. If you have any pointers on getting this removed from my mortgage, please help me. As I said, I spoke to customer care, branch and TD mortgage advisor already. So, please do let me know how to approach this.

  15. I asked my broker and she said they usually want to make the property tax payments on insured mortgages, but made an exception on my account. Would they be willing to change the setup if you mentioned other competitive lenders?

  16. The thing that bothers me the most is that the % tip suggestion is always on top of HST. I don’t understand why do I have to pay 20% of HST to the server as his tip?

  17. Interest rates is definitely one of the primary thing. However, look at other clauses like additional pre-payment clause(if you are someone who would pre-pay your loans rather than investing), mortgage breaking costs and Home equity borrowing options.

  18. All lenders provide commissions to the mortgage brokers, that’s how they make a living. My argument here is .. a broker will always try to maximize their commission, not what’s best for you.

  19. After working with an independent mortgage broker I exactly felt like the broker was trying to maximize their commission by skillfully selling us the product which benefits them. I also felt they were unnecessarily asking lot of documents and it was a completely different experience(a lot easier and quicker ) at the bank.

  20. I wouldn’t be concerned. Builder’s lawyers have as much interest in closing as you do. No doubt your lawyer is as anxious to receive the docs as well so they can complete your file. Very unlikely builder wouldn’t close barring any major circumstance. In my experience builder’s lawyers are often difficult to communicate with because their operation is so gigantic and they do things in a specific way. Bratty’s won’t even answer the phone.

  21. Thanks for the response. This makes sense . Yeah they are really difficult to reach out to. They don’t pick calls . They don’t respond to emails ( from my lawyer) . I will wait to hear back from them.

  22. Have your lawyer reached out. Usually you would receive a notice from the builder on the closing day. I know alot of builders are behind or reduced hours nowadays.

  23. My lawyer reached out to the builder’s lawyer. The builder’s lawyer is unresponsive. It’s been frustrating to deal with them in the past as well during APS reviews. Do I have enough time left? Typically how many days prior to closing does the builder’s lawyer send across these instructions/documents?

  24. At this hour, instilling confidence and transparency to the SM family was the foremost agenda for Ryan(hound).

  25. Right like I said I understand that but there’s a chance you are sacrificing in the long term for short term reward.

  26. I get your point mate. I always thought of apple as innovators and tech gurus. I am hoping they live up to the expectation rather than turning into bullies and misusing power. 🤞🏼. Have faith mate .

  27. Bridges could solve this issue of higher gas fee and increase transactional volume, create arbitrage opportunities. However, I have been downvoted for this comment previously in an other thread.

  28. Until Shibarium is built. This bridge thing could help us in the near future for at least 2-5 months.

  29. Too much to switch from Eth to another and then change back to Shibarium. You guys ask for way too much. It's an ecosystem, it takes time. Time that makes a token grow.

  30. No no. No switching over business. Google about “bridges”. It’s just that you are making SHIB available for purchase on BSC. You are nor moving over or creating new tokens.

  31. I heard somewhere that the SETH and SUSD cannot be exploited similar to SBNB. Apparently, this is because the BNB which you send to the contract for purchase of SETH or SUSD is then exchanged in an exchange like pcs to wETH and BUSD and a similar attack will not work since the exchange is going to reject it. I am not a solidity developer or a financial advisor. I just heard this from other devs and the same method cannot be apparently exploited. However, please don’t take my word for granted. I am hoping CERTIK audit is ongoing and it can hopefully affirm the same. 🤞🏼

  32. It’s there in discord guys. After reading that , I sensed that there could potentially be some sort of attack on your wallet if you continued to have the surgebnb tokens. I don’t know. It’s not clearly mentioned that your wallet is already compromised or will be compromised if you don’t sell or if someone went home with over 4 million $. There isn’t a straight answer

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