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  1. I’ll likely end up picking one up just as a courtesy to fellow range users. I hear the concussion from this thing is pretty rank

  2. I had a warcomp on my 11.5" and shot it indoors. Pretty sure everyone hated me.

  3. Pilla is great but very expensive

  4. An even better way is to just shoot straight up for infinite range. Save yourself the walk down range since the bullet comes back to you!

  5. Manitoba.. Half hour outside of Winnipeg

  6. I don't think 6.5 CM is considered a barrel burner.

  7. When compared to other some of the pissing hot cartridges maybe not but when compared to 308 for prs I would say it's a barrel burner. Having to rebarrel every 2 years with 308 compared to every single year with 6.5 makes a difference for me.

  8. Okay you do have a point. I guess I got my math wrong but replacing a barrel every 4-6 years is better than replacing a barrel every 2-3 years in my mind.

  9. PhoneSkope just doesn’t work for my setup. The weight of the phone turns my diopter setting. Everything works well if you have three sets of hands.

  10. Sounds like you need some JB weld for your diopter.

  11. Thanks for the info everyone! Since it's either wasps or hornets the next logical step would be to sell the house.

  12. Found today underneath my deck. We used to have bumblebees that drill into the wood and now we have this hive. Is it a bee hive or wasps?

  13. So I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth for christianson but I thought I was alone. Will somebody please enlighten me on why everyone else hates them?

  14. Very very nice board, just a heads up ... GMK Thinkcaps Novelties are actually in stock at this german website called

  15. Thanks for letting me know! Just placed my order with them, can't wait for them to arrive!

  16. You see, I'm going the opposite direction. I'm required to to back into the office a couple of days a week and now I'm trying to find the loudest switch combo.

  17. I see you woke up and chose violence

  18. I also choose this guy's dead wife

  19. Willing to just buy the four R1 media keys of you don't want to part with the full set. Willing to pay.

  20. happy to do a write up for daytona if anyone wants/needs one. I was able to finish this in two tries. I farm sr3 so much I almost forgot it was the challenge until the plant mob spawned

  21. What mechanics do you need to cover for this title challenge?

  22. Removed, timestamps and information are required in the body of your post and not as a comment. Please edit it in the appropriate information and comment back once you've done so, do not delete or repost.

  23. Zero Compromise will have something for you.

  24. How is the build quality? I heard the GSG-16 ( I am assuming this is a modded GSG-16) Has a lot of plastic parts.

  25. The build quality is not the best, mostly plastic. I have the conversion kit so the most important part (handle for slapping) is now metal.

  26. Where cab I get one of those mag convertions?

  27. HiCal but currently out of stock. You'll have to look for a private sale

  28. Took two new shooters last month. Need to resupply ammo lol

  29. I used to take a bunch of guns in different calibers for new shooters to try but now it's mainly just 22s and a few mags for the SKS. Even non corrosive 7.62x39 is too expensive and getting harder to find.

  30. Vudoo 360, it's a fucking laser

  31. I really hate how it has no onboard storage for profiles. Seems like a huge oversight, considering so many gaming mice have this.

  32. Especially for a mouse meant for productivity. I'm not always working on the same computer so installing software every single time is unfeasible. Hopefully onboard storage is added to the next generation.

  33. Ask IT. Honestly, if they don't allow that, I don't know what to say.

  34. Way too many approvals needed, they'll never allow it.

  35. I run a ZCO527 on both my Vudoo and custom 10/22. I swap it back and forth. My zero shifts 5 mil when I move it to the 10/22 so I don't even bother re zeroing the turret, just crank it to 5 and go from there.

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