1. I had a friend who did only 2 phenibuts, got a tattoo and guess what? His fuckin dick flew off. So… you decide what you wanna risk cowboy 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Unfortunately color means it's cut with some blue shit and is not pure. MDMA should be a slightly tan cristal.

  3. No, mdma can be a plethora of colors based on synthesis/precursors or even something as simple as food coloring as a marketing ploy. If we’re speaking “should” then molly should be white. When you acetone wash your mdma and clean out all impurities, that is the color you’re left with. But I do love myself some tan mdma crystals too. And my experience with blue/purple molly was always low quality. So i agree it easily is not pure but it absolutely still can be high quality regardless of color. And tan can have just as many impurities.

  4. Blue and purple have been spreading like crazy. Not really weird. I prefer the white stuff though these days, my options are always open thankfully.

  5. Neither dehydrates you, Creatine pulls water into muscles, but not even remotely close to the level where it makes any difference for a person that's properly hydrated to begin with.

  6. You are right about the creatine but kratom is a diuretic. It dehydrates you a lot and long term users can become chronically dehydrated if not maintained. At your dosage though I would say it’s very much not a concern for you even if you didn’t drink lots of water. But I take about 10 grams twice a day so it really takes it’s toll on me if I don’t have water.

  7. Ya, Gatorade doesn't even remotely have enough in it to actually hydrate somebody, more sugar than anything, had to look up Electrolit, but seems it's the same different. Look at the totals in LMNT, I use True Nutritions copy of it, which is half the price and same amount of everything.,

  8. This is surely something deeper than kratom. Kratom for sure has taken its toll on my mental but deeply repressed issues are an entire different thing. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

  9. Setting and company matter more than any supplement. Also a good long break from MDMA and all other drugs acting on dopamine and serotonin. That’s really all you need.

  10. I feel like this is why my rolls aren’t that great these days. I take kratom and the longer I’m on it, I swear it just abuses my dopamine and the molly doesn’t release much of it. Still feels great tho just not how it was before kratom. Maybe it’s a placebo tho idk I never mix them together

  11. Supposedly wd isn’t that bad w amphetamines. You just sleep a lot. Doesn’t hurt to try it though. Best of luck

  12. Oh man you heard wrong. Long term amphetamine abuse will cause some of the most horrible mental withdrawals. Could be months and months until you begin to feel happy and not empty again. But kratom sure can help with that for a bit.

  13. Caffeine is the most garbage high I’ve ever had when it does something. But 90% of the time it does nothing. I just enjoy my morning red Bull with a donut lol. This is MY experience though. My brain chemistry. People around me say it gives them a nice mood boost. But for me? Nah. I despise it’s psychoactive effects. Of course the one LEGAL stimulant sucks ass.

  14. Good point and we don't prioritize it. But it just happens naturally. We start by listening to songs, chatting, hugging, kissing, etc. But it's just so much time and eventually we end up fucking. And she also loves giving a BJ 😂

  15. If you really want to have sex, many take Cialis or viagra to get it up. But like others said, it’s not rlly needed. The main thing is you 100% will not be able to cum. Don’t waste your time on that. The orgasm itself is the sex. It is so sacred and special. I’ll never forget it. You will love it, so if you truly want to, do it. Just don’t spend TOO much time on it. Some people waste their rolls tryna bust lmfao

  16. Why 100%? I didn't say I CAN'T cum. I can, I just wanna cum faster. But I get your point and yes, the process itself is like orgasm 🥴

  17. Lol and you will not be able to cum faster. You’ll spend 2 hours trying and waste your roll. Good luck cumming on something like molly. It’s rare. I’m speaking from experience to give some advice 🥴🥴

  18. If you’ve been on greens for years, don’t bother with reds. You won’t feel anything. I stopped feeling reds like the first 3 months of taking kratom. It feels more like that classic opioid feeling.

  19. More or less, all kratom will be sedating in higher doses.

  20. Yup that’s what ive come to learn. I feel absolutely no difference in strains/colors. It’s either good kratom or weak kratom. Gotta get my tolerance down, I miss stimulating doses

  21. Benzedrex is hexahydro-methamphetamine it’s a power stimulant and euphoriant. But is also cardiotoxic and neurotoxic. Honestly most over the counter highs will have a lot worse side effects than illegals substances. If you want a stimulant get some coke or adderall, or if you want a sedative try and find some xanax. Over the counter meds abused tend to cause waaaaaaay waaaaaaay more bodily harm than they are worth

  22. That is true. But interesting! I’m in us, I don’t think we have that as an over the counter med. the best legal substances we have are phenibut, alcohol, and kratom. But yeah honestly I’ve tried many stims, i prefer molly. So I just do that twice a year. I don’t miss being up on adderall or vyvanse all night. Thanks for explaining

  23. bro i’m gonna be honest with you. FUCKING STOP. i had an overdose and was in the hospital for 4 days in 2020 because i took some bars and tried to kill myself with 50 bennies, a 12 pack of twisted teas and 3 bottles of cough syrup. you won’t die but i promise you will regret it in the future. this stuff WILL fuck you up.

  24. How does a benzedrex vapor inhaler feel better? Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve never heard of it. I’ve heard of doxylamine succinate & other little anti histamines but what exactly is benzedrex?

  25. Good to hear man. I’m 19 and thankfully my company taught me right. But we hired a new 28 year old guy with 5 years experience. (Fired from his last job) after being told not to bleed r22 into the atmosphere 3 times by a really nice tech, I, a 19 year old kid, had to flip shit on a grown man for being selfish and careless. He now uses the recovery machine though.

  26. Everyone’s different but it should start coming back within a month or two with a mf vengeance. Sometimes earlier.

  27. You contradicted yourself terribly. Unless I am reading this wrong. First paragraph says I need to combine food and kratom. The last one says to avoid combining food and kratom.

  28. Lmfao right. Weird post. Literally any fatty food will “top off” a kratom dose (after the kratom has kicked in). But ngl I don’t enjoy it unless I’m in bed at night bc I take higher doses and all it does it make me extra sleepy and not wanna move too much. Doesn’t make it more euphoric or anything for me. I can see with lower doses maybe. Posts like this are so odd. And bullshit.

  29. Yeah, been getting off them. It’s nothing insane but nothing will be until my tolerance is lowered. It is good quality and hits as good as other vendors I’ve tried. Sadly they don’t do kilos so I’m definitely done after this last order for now. But give ‘em a try!

  30. I fall into the category of needing a tolerance break. BUT....for people with a higher tolerance what powder do you suggest? Extracts are cost-prohibitive for me.

  31. Yeah I’d never recommend extracts to anyone. That is a deep rabbit hole. But what I recommend if you have a high tolerance is the freshest green you can find. Usually i will go to benni botanicals and get the newest freshest green they have and it always hits very nicely.

  32. Get some electrolytes. In a pinch you can use salt, or you can get some liquid electrolyte additives, but runners salts (in pill form) are the most convenient. They’ll help you retain more water.

  33. Would you say this would help me to need to consume less water? It’s looking like I’ll need like 8 bottles a day here now lol

  34. Retain more water = less need to replenish water if it’s not being all pissed away. Get a 64oz refillable, easy to add a bunch of salt, I also add lite salt (potassium chloride) and some lime juice and I add some matcha and cinnamon. I also take a magnesium supplement because it’s another electrolytes. My ADHD meds are also a diuretic so hydration is key for me but not wanting to piss every 45 minutes.

  35. A lot of the weight gained from creatine is water retention and you definitely have to up your fluid intake while on creatine for it to work properly. Kratom has a diuretic effect which is going to want to flush excess fluid out of your system. They are pretty much on opposite sides of the spectrum but if you drink enough water you should be able to keep the creatine functional without getting the typical creatine puffiness. Finding that sweet spot is going to be trial and error. Be sure to supplement with electrolytes given the amount of water you are going to need to consume while using both and working out.

  36. Thank you this was exactly the explanation I was looking for. Can you elaborate on creatine puffiness? Is that from taking too much? I was honestly jus gonna follow the bottles directions and ONLY take creatine before or after a work ouy

  37. I have combined Kratom and creatine almost daily since starting Kratom, and have experienced zero negative effects. As others have mentioned, drink plenty of water and you will be just fine.

  38. It’s bc it’s the only drug they’ve ever tried. Nah im kidding. Eh most stoners I’ve met are pretty chill but I am usually the only one on molly at parties tbf. 😂 but I never really get judged. And if I do, I simply explain the truth of something like mdma and all the stigma.

  39. LSD users tend to act like this too I've noticed.

  40. I’ve never seen bigger egos than those who “kill their ego” every damn weekend lmao

  41. One thing that is bad with using kratom while doing labor intensive jobs in the heat is that you get dehydrated very quickly. No matter how much water I drink I'm always dehydrated at the end of every hot day when working in the sun. Also kratom makes you sweat more than normal. It's good for the winter though

  42. Sheesh I forgot abt this. Installing shit everyday and just got into the gym, and I was considering taking creatine to help bulk. That’s a mf triple threat man smh I need to quit.

  43. Sheesh I forgot abt this. Installing shit everyday and just got into the gym, and I was considering taking creatine to help bulk. That’s a mf triple threat man smh I need to quit.

  44. If anything MDMA makes me realize to be more faithful

  45. When did he say he blacked out? He said he was in a dream like state, a high dose of MDMA can definitely put you in a dream like state. Mix that with massive boost in libido, and lowered inhibitions while you’re rolling with someone that you both are attracted to each-other, it’s going to be very hard to not hook up. At least the guy told her about it and apologized, which says it’s not something he would normally do, if he hid it from her that would be a bigger issue, so I don’t think she should break up with him over it.

  46. I’ve done molly many times and high doses. You don’t just cheat because of the molly. You don’t lose who you are and your morals. “Hard to not hook up” no it’s not… like at all. He knew what he was doing. He remembers it quite well too. So… he was consciously making that decision. Period. And why is he even putting himself in a position to cheat? Doing molly with other girls? Seriously? Get a grip. Sure you can get into a dream state and hallucinate on high doses but you don’t just cheat lmfao and on regular doses you remain extremely lucid. He “said” dream state. Doesn’t mean he really took a 300mg dose. The fact you’re recommending she stay with him is unreal.

  47. Honestly from what I can tell, it’s an alternative to saying bitches. I know how offensive that sounds but that’s seriously what 90% of my generation says. Not just from my state either. Everywhere. Social media, music, etc. Females is more appropriate so that’s why I figured it’s such a huge thing. I prefer to say females but usually that’s talking of girls around my age. Older women just get called women. I don’t see this happen to anyone who’s older though, like 25+ years old. Almost like it’s unheard of to them.

  48. Have no idea what you mean. If it’s a molly rock, it’s a molly rock. If you mean, how many drugs can appear to look like mdma? MANY. Hundreds, maybe more. New research chems to mimic more popular drugs are always and will always be made. People love the loopholes. Can’t be illegal yet if no one even knows what the new substance is. And usually dirt cheap. Just use a test kit if you are unsure or worried.

  49. Of course! I was in the same boat as you. Still learning but I really am glad I bit the bullet on this. You’ll do fine! Just take pride in your work and you’ll go far

  50. My company has hired many people with absolutely 0 experience. Most went horribly wrong but some were okay. Apply to companies around you.

  51. Yeah bro had this fire ass molly, just looking at it you could tell it was the best. Turns out it was just a piece of rock my dog shit out and you can’t actually tell if a chemical is the right chemical without a test kit.🔥🔥🔥🔥 so stop 🔥🔥🔥

  52. This varies drastically. Could be a few weeks, could be literal months before physical dependence. That’s why you get the “kratom doesn’t give me withdrawal” people.

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