1. Lapsed member of one well-known fundamentalist/puritanical religion. Raised in it and believed because I really respected the spiritual community, and the above-average dexterity they had with the Bible. Left because they kept incredibly detailed records of thousands of cases of child abuse but used millions in donated funds to fight for the right in court not to cooperate with law enforcement about it. Also, it became a high-control religion and gradually the institutional gaslighting got real.

  2. I'm pretty sure I know what you're referring to, and I'm so glad you were able to set boundaries and leave! A friend of mine is falling deeper into the fundamentalism of that particular religion right now and I'm a little scared for her because of how extreme it's starting to become. Thank you for sharing with me!

  3. Why are you both still talking to her? Stop interacting with her and move on with your lives.

  4. Unfortunately my husband works for the same company, though he is actively applying for different jobs and once I get a job, he plans to quit. He has to interact with her, if only on a professional basis for the time being, but she likes to make it personal, even when he ignores it. I don't talk to her anymore.

  5. Well I hope you both can get away from her as soon as possible. I recommend you not let her into your lives again, she’s proven that she’ll only cause trouble for your family.

  6. We don't plan to. Per the recommendations of many of the redditors that have responded to this post, I'm looking into a restraining order as well.

  7. Aha! But they can be sued for firing you iver a legally protected class. For instance, retaliation firing in at will states is still illegal. Which, by the sounds of it, this was 100% retaliation.

  8. I don't have any proof of it being retaliation though 😕

  9. My husband and I (married for a year, dating for about 8), have taken on a lot of each other's noises and silly voices. For example, there's a phrase I've been saying in a silly voice since we met and now we both say it all the time, or he has a noise he makes to show his discontent for things so now I make the same noise at random things, etc. We often make the same noises/say the same phrases in unison by accident. It's my favorite thing about our relationship.

  10. Congrats and that’s funny my wife and I do that too. She told me my working in a kitchen and coming home with unexplained burnishes from the job speaks to her when we were dating in college haha

  11. So you left your religion and went back later?

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