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  1. You really don't understand how any of this works do you?

  2. I have never voted conservative I’m my whole life. The stain on our democracy is that no politician or media has done their job listening to the people that had legitimate concerns about the draconian COVID measures, about a pm that has become a salesman for Pfizer…

  3. I don’t really consider Trudeau to be a moderate. I also didn’t vote Liberal. I don’t intend to with him at the helm. Most of the LPC underlings also seem incapable of the top job imo. I find all of our current political options to be weak and it’s more a question of who is going to do the least damage.

  4. Yeah I think Trudeau has done enough damage. Can’t wait to see him out.

  5. Disagree on this front bud. I don’t want to see him gone because of who is likely to replace him

  6. I think anyone would do a better job than Trudeau. He has shown his colours and they are ugly. He has a scary autocratic streak, a wolf in sheep clothing with his selfies smile and hairdo. He is ruthless and dictatorial and a stain on our democracy.

  7. Yes, I would like actual, tangible proof. This is a huge claim, about a foreign organization essentially having seized control of our entire system of government. It requires very compelling evidence that precludes simpler, less sinister explanations.

  8. Trudeau is parroting WEF great reset talking points and pushing the agenda through policy. Power is in the PMO. MPs are wiped to vote based on party lines and parliament has very little oversight. Divergent views and questions are ignored or stamped with the word ‘conspiracies’.

  9. Trudeau clearly agrees with the WEF on these issues, what would the point be of attending those conferences if you weren't absording anything?

  10. I suppose when you have zero qualifications to be PM you need to attend conference of zillionaires to get your cues about how to make their world better.

  11. Now, if you're good little peasants, and prove your compliance once again by offering yourself up as test subjects for the newest, never-tested-on-humans concoction, I just MIGHT stop torturing those who survive!! What a tyrant.

  12. He is not the PM of Canada, he is a pharma salesman? Wonder how much he earns?

  13. He is manufacturing consent for the planned destruction that will see the elites he is part of getting special privileges while the rest of us suffer then starve. They have a plan to save the planet, but for themselves…

  14. Well written. I expect tptb to attempt a controlled demolition, there are signs they’ve already started. They are congregating in the caboose and plan to isolate themselves and let the rest of the train go down the ravine with most of human life and build a small bridge only they can cross and continue to prosper on the other side. The bridge is too small and few will cross it… and you know what, I don’t want to join them… they are sick bastards.


  16. The CBC and the BBC are the sources I look at first. Mostly to see what government talking point they are trying to peddle or what event they are trying to overhype. I chose the Sun article from Google search for a quick summary of the key points. I became aware of the dangers of C11 in one of many podcasts. Why are there no mainstream media article about C11? Because mainstream media journalists are not permitted to do their job. CBC never criticized the government because no one wants to bite the hand that feeds it.

  17. You see, for all I dislike Trudeau over I never understand this criticism. Leadership might be the only thing he does reasonably well. He's a fine figurehead, which is about where I place the end of his skillset.

  18. A figurehead role by a drama teacher. Exactly. So who is writing the act?

  19. People who are willing to do things like this have empty, meaningless, medicore lives and hope that their anger will make them feel important and hurting others will make them feel relevant. It's part of victim mentality.

  20. You go to a pub to relax after a hard week of work and you see Turdy’s smug face on the wall…

  21. The great reset isn't anything unique or new. Lobbyists have been in control for decades. Billionaires have always had megalomaniacal tendencies. Since the people are to distractec / misinformed to start a revolution, the people in charge will use problems and crisis' to their own advantage. What WEF is suggesting, is something they call "stakeholder capitalism" it's just the latest version of a system that has always been oppresive and never has served the people. All you people who think one man (Klaus Schwab) or one lobby group (world economic forum) is the problem are not seeing the big picture, and are being used by conservatives who preffer the current form of capitalism because it serves them best.

  22. The difference is the current level of coordination by controlling entities — they own the banking system, the largest corporations, manipulate the stock market, control the media, international organisations (NATO, IMF, WHO) and the governments… (we have penetrated ze cabinets) they have all the levers of power to enforce their agenda. They can create pandemics, famines and war. And they only love themselves.

  23. What kills me is the money paid for administration. The place I was at, half of our condo fees went to administration that collected 50-60$ per units from hundreds of condos just for ´administration which involved paying the gas bill, giving one garbage collection, one snow removal, and one landscaping contract (to their own subsidiaries), and inspect the exterior and doing some random fixes. Lots of money for little payperwork. When you own your home, you don’t have to pay those leeches.

  24. Someone behind you trips or slip and fall on you and all those ahead go out flying! Nope!

  25. I’m not the one who “rejected” science. The “experts” did.

  26. Is this an issue unique to YYZ or is it happening across other airports throughout the country and the rest of the world as well?

  27. I always avoid opting for flights connecting at Pearson. That airport was a shit show, even prepandemic. Right now, since it is Air Canada’s biggest hub, flights throughout Canada are impacted because of delays to flights arriving from Pearson are postponing departures or resulting in cancellations because of flight staff end up in overtime, because of delays.

  28. You know if you count % of total pop vs % of ridings QC is actually slightly under represented and ab is slightly over right?

  29. In fact neither are represented as MPs have no voices and have to toe party lines or being expelled. All the decisions are made in the PMO. That is what we now call democracy.

  30. You think you know more than medical professionals. Go suck a bulls dick you redneck ass backwards hick!

  31. Well with your fine language I suppose you feel a mighty representative of the city elites!?

  32. All politicians lie. And this will continue as long as we as voters punish candidates and parties for making mistakes (which we all do) and changing their position (which we all should do because it means we are learning and growing) the lying will continue.

  33. I appreciate your comments. I was also a NDP donor. Not anymore. The current de facto coalition of NDP/lib is atrociously divisive… they shroud themselves in wokeness and dismiss real issues faced by actual people. History will not be nice to them.

  34. His dismissal of the freedom convoy makes him another propagandist for the Trudeau government, like the CBC. The comments of a few protesters are overblown to discredit the legitimacy of an entire group with real issues. The Chief Justice has a serious failure of judgement. He is contributing to the problem of trust in institutions.

  35. They took money from groups on the same terror watch list as ISIS.

  36. How could they control who donated? Fake talking point to discredit legitimate grievances. That is what the government and their CBC propagandist offered because they had nothing else.

  37. I cannot read an article about what ´experts’ have to say. They are just propaganda pieces that no one wants to put their name on.

  38. They have the economics they want. Neoliberal global capitalism. Now they gathered so much wealth (and more importantly) controlling the flow of wealth, they want more. They want to build a better(tm) future for all of us. We will be so happy.

  39. "so what if all the worlds business, media, scientific, military and political minds all meet up in secrecy and make plans to undermine our freedom ! Stop being paranoid and believing conspiracies! They meet to probably give us a utopia and help us, like bill gates !"

  40. That is not how it’s sold. Most probably believe it’s the only way to ‘save the world’.

  41. You mean they were planted by Trudeau and his click to get sympathy?

  42. Some people need a reality check. They have been spoiled their whole life.

  43. This article got you to react exactly how it meant to. Now you defend Trudeau and if you don’t you’ll be tagged along with the dispicables. How do you know these were not planted there for this very purpose?

  44. Well I live in the autocratic sanitary republic of Quebec so I fear no virus, I fear demented government overreach

  45. The emergency act was a clear abuse of power, a blunt tool by a weak and ineffective leader. He is right to want to curtail it. I never voted conservative before but I could vote for that.

  46. An effective leader would have engaged with the trunk convoy leaders instead of coordinating a propaganda campaign to demonize them. Trudeau’s leadership is shameful.

  47. Hard to believe a slip of the tongue of someone who does not speak English as a first language has been the basis of almost every conspiracy theory for the past few years.

  48. Is it also a slip of the tongue that all these leaders parrot WEF’s agenda?

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