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  1. Your best option is to get a second phone strictly for business use on a separate plan. Have you looked into Mint Mobile? They have cheap plans and if you use the phone mostly for business, then you’ll mostly be using wifi etc and not eating into minutes, data, etc. The reason for this is because if for some reason in the future you get audited or are associated with a lawsuit or civil suit or criminal suit, your phone will be taken, and then there is no 50/50 split between business & personal and all of your info will be exposed. Now you’re thinking, I’m not committing any crimes nor do I have weird or illegal things on my phone, and that’s not what I’m insinuating, but it also holds true for if you’re connected to someone who has. I’ve worked at companies where one partner was into something and everyone was investigated via association etc. Personally, I know for myself, I have some really embarrassing gif exchanges or text exchanges with friends and family or photos of allergic reactions etc that I would not want made public. Ya know? Also if it’s taken, then all of your personal data, contacts, apps, etc go with it. Likewise, the same holds for personal phone. If your personal phone is needed for an investigation, then your business goes with it and you’ll be unable to conduct business. You never want to “pierce the corporate veil” ie muddy the water between business and personal. Being on a family plan, your family might be brought in as well. It is something that seems like no big deal until it happens. A second phone will solve this.

  2. We didn’t have 8:30 pm or 9 pm sunsets, that’s for sure. People around me act like it’s normal tho. Wtf

  3. When are sunsets supposed to be in your experience?

  4. Depends on location and season. But this past summer there were sunsets at 10pm and in the winter sunsets at 6:30pm. When in previous years, the sun was down by 8:30pm in summer and down by 4:30pm in winter. It was always dark when I came home from school/work until last year.

  5. It was actually about 3 weeks or so ago, I’m not sure, but a radio announcer complained about this and said it was something about some planet going into retrograde. I think someone else in this discussion mentions this, too. I have zero idea what exactly this means since I don’t know anything about astrology but maybe someone can explain. I personally don’t understand how a bunch of balls of dirt and gas out in space can influence what happens with people on earth but I know the moon affects my sleep and moods and does for other people, so who knows. Maybe there’s a real science behind it we just don’t know yet. I’m not ruling anything out at this point.

  6. Mercury. Controls travel, tech and communicarions. But currently 5 planets are in retrograde. Relief will be soon, and all will be direct again by January.

  7. It’s the compound in the flower that is the pesticide, not the flower on its own. You can buy the spray and mix it with neem for ultimate effectiveness to keep the bugs away. It works great on potato plants.

  8. Florence and the Machine Ceremonials is my go-to disappearing record. The film Melancholia is great if you need a pit to lay in for a month or two. This thread is a bummer. 🥺

  9. I would love to see articles from the 70s about what industries boomers “killed” that really had more to do with late 20th century geopolitics. Or even older articles blaming the silent generation on… idk the death of kerosene lamps or something. I just think it would be fascinating to read.

  10. "You only found your way into the guest room, I was born in it, molded by it, I didn't know hosting until I was an elder" - Bane of the guestroom.

  11. Secret transgender?! Gtfo. She’s a woman! Why even say that unless your goal is to discredit this sub. I see zero references to Saturn or the Black Cube in this video or in your posts. She’s a longtime Kabbalist and this is a video with mystery religion symbolism — this is blatant and she openly discusses it. I don’t see where your theory is.

  12. That wouldn't change the map on my wall, which has changed many times over the years that this has been going on, and it's not like I live alone and am the only one who's seen it.

  13. Yeah this. Why do my maps have a separate circle for the North Pole, that used to have a landmass in it, and is now inexplicably a dead empty circle…

  14. What everybody else said, plus this idea that criminals using a technology would contribute significantly to a society abandoning the tech is bizarre. We still got cars, firearms, explosives, communications technology, the internet, but those scooters were just too dangerous!

  15. Remember that time they abandoned cell phones because drug dealers use them?! Oh wait… 😂

  16. My grandfather was alive and in NYC during that time. He never mentioned such a thing. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t in existence, but it’s just odd none of the history buffs in the family ever brought this up nor grandpa or grandma when we’d tease them about how primitive it was in their day. My grandma gave me a detailed account of making her mom ride in the “rumble seat” of a car. She talked about how hard it was to do laundry using a washboard. And my dad told me about how life was before refrigerators and getting ice deliveries when he was a little boy. He described to me all the different wheeled vehicles of his childhood and what his bicycle was like and what kind of things people built for themselves.

  17. These photos are insane! Since when? I want a refund on my history textbooks… who has been hoarding all of these images for over a century…

  18. Cleanse it! Sage your home, open the windows, let the sage out. Call in a healer to help balance the residual energy. Once the energy is gone, salt the outside perimeter to ensure it stays gone. Your home should be yours alone. Psychic protection is important. Don’t assume energy that appears harmless originally will always stay that way.

  19. It depends on what they are. You believe they are the previous tenants. But if they’re not, then they are unwelcome spirits or simply the manifestation of bad juju. So they need to get going. If they are, and they’re ghosts… everyone has different opinions on what ghosts actually are, and there are also 8 or so established types of hauntings.

  20. Arbitrage is the lowest form of investment, the thing you do when you've exhausted all time and opportunity for productive investments. Traders can make it easier for people who legitimately want to buy or sell, such as when companies need access to foreign currency for trading across borders, but most traders just create unnecessary churn in order to keep skimming.

  21. I mean, Bitcoin’s purpose was to test out the digital dollar operating on a blockchain, and then garner the public’s interest & acceptance. I’d rather return to gold and silver, but the other guys who tried that all suffered untimely deaths… so your total today will come to three Beanie Babies kind sir, the cashier on register two is ready for you!

  22. No, 12 beanie babies…wait, 4 beanie babies… I mean 7. Man, this volatility makes hard to even finish checking out!

  23. Don’t worry, my cashier’s register has 6G so you’ll be ensured to get screwed on the worst price point before you’re even cognizant of the exchange. It’s not cheating, it’s Wall Street approved!

  24. here's my timeline for how it was for me:

  25. I have the same timeline. 2012 was peak derealization for me, although I didn’t have the word to describe it at the time. It also sprung up again badly around 2016. Id describe it as, the trees look plastic at night. Like the interior of a mall. Barbie dollhouse trees. That was my first tip off.

  26. Rod Serling’s last name is now missing a T for many people. I remember him as being Rod Sterling. The T disappeared for many several years ago. It’s one of the early MEs.

  27. Always Kimberly-Clark for me. Kleenex and Kotex. And I believe they bought Cottonelle and Scott. They recently bought Thinx this year too. Puffs is P&G. Idk of any tissues for J&J, those are the only named tissues I know of. I didn’t think J&J did paper products.

  28. Dry erase markers & sticky dry erase boards! I use those peel and stick boards, or peel and stick chalk boards, in every room. I keep dry erase markers in my bathroom too… can write right on the mirror. I make to do list sections: Goals, To-Do, To Buy, Reminders, & Daily. Keep them per room specific. IE kitchen is different than bathroom than bedroom than office. So goal would be to keep a healthy and engaging environment for cat, to-do would be to cat proof, to buy would be treats, reminder would be to clean litter, daily would be play for 20 min & clicker training exercises. Etc. visual reminder works well for me to keep me on task in each room.

  29. The only solution I’ve found to work is to get your own dishes. Keep them in a separate place. My excuse is always food allergies, which are real, but also don’t have to be in your case. Some apartments I would have to keep my dishes in my bedroom in a tote. Other apartments they were in a storage bench or a special cabinet etc. Having your own everything solves these issues. Own silverware, mugs, cups, dishes, cookingware, mini fridge to hide special foods, etc. you’ll also need your own sponges! I never had this issue again, but did watch my roommates bicker nonstop.

  30. It’s as gothcore as mommy will allow you to be with her Kohl’s cash for back2skool lewks 😲👻

  31. Tarot cards don’t say this, but con artists do. The only curse on you is the reader!!! 😤 ✂️ cut them off before they drain your bank & spirit.

  32. Before all of the “carbon monoxide poisoning” bots jump in, I wanted to raise the issue of mold. Are you seeing the white and black shadows out of the corners or your eye or head on? When I’ve been in haunted places I’ve seen ghosts face on. I have vivid, strange, and different than usual dreams. I have “awakenings” at the same time or compulsions that are new. Like new habits or foods or desires to sit differently in a room I usually don’t etc. There are strong noises like knocks on the door as if a human is tapping with a fist, doors suddenly opening or closing etc, especially around “preferences”, as if the entity or energy dislikes the bathroom door open so it always closes, but if it is closed it doesn’t open and nearby doors don’t do it or all of the doors do it etc.

  33. Mercury in retrograde! Along with five other planets or so… 🙀 mid October things will start to shift.

  34. Next thing we know the same women will be carrying Lisa Frank stuff again like when we were kids

  35. I think a lot of this has to do with changes in our weather and nature as a whole. The sun is brutally white and scorching hot and most people here agree this is not the norm.

  36. The bugs!! They are inside too. What’s up with the spiders? Webs appear out of no where. Giant webs between trees. Webs inside the house that appear hour by hour. All I do is clean spiderwebs constantly. Strange bugs I’ve never seen before too. Constantly needing to look up and ID them online.

  37. Accurate. I’ve been unable to manifest for a year and a half, maybe two years at this point. Something is wrong here. Nothing feels the same. I am unable to achieve my goals and direct my flow. Things are unpredictable. The astrology is also for the first time ever not lining up properly anymore.

  38. Its been bad for me, and typically I've noticed its always around them damn full moons

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