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Listen, get educated, and get involved.

A glowing commendation for all to see

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  1. For me at least, XP and MSFS serve different niches. If I want to fly more exotic and historical aircraft (ex. Felis 742, FlyJSim 732, FF 757/767), I’ll fly it in XP. When it comes to VFR, I’ll fly MSFS.

  2. Luckily MSFS is not far off from getting a 757 and the inibuids A310 for my long flights vs the freeware A339 I use

  3. It's cool that's your experience, but not mine. FSLTL gives me no issues at all, AIG never worked right in spite of multiple installs following the guides the team recommended.

  4. Sounds like AIG wasn't set up to include those on your end

  5. Yes will get the Ini A310 from Xplane for MSFS with the Anniversary Update

  6. Upgraded it for MSFS and everything looks amazing on it. Can't wait to fly that

  7. Sounds like the private discussions with the US scared the absolute crap out of them.

  8. But the thing is Russia always does the opposite of what they say and lie. Literally everything they have said since this has been a lie and they did the opposite.

  9. Did a few flights today. 2 In US...2 In Europe now doing Boston to Dubai

  10. They need to tweak it a bit IMO. Even some of the pilots who stream have said at times it feels a bit much even with 8-10kt gusts and it does feel jittery vs a gust.

  11. I keep wanting to get into PC gaming and then I see stuff like this and I know I wouldn't have a clue how to fix it lol

  12. YouTube is your best friend and literally will walk you through everything and anything.

  13. I dont think its delusional. I think its "let's play chicken" and he's going all in.

  14. Not yet, they gotta drop a nuke soon to piss off the remaining 4 allies they have and then it'll be everyone :)

  15. North Korea would most likely like for them to drop a bomb. Everyone else no

  16. It's pointless in dealing with him and Russia until he's in the ground or this war is over with a Ukraine victory.

  17. Least shocking news all week given that Vegas knew with the line on Monday/Tuesday after the game. Vegas always knows and you can tell a lot about a teams injury status just based on the line.

  18. Packers -8.5 was opening. Now it's at -9.5.

  19. I don't understand why Russia hasn't been ejected outright and had their Soviet VETO handed to Ukraine as the valid leadership.

  20. Because the UN doesn't do....anything. it's a joke. They can't stop or start anything only say.

  21. They basically did. On Russians side

  22. I don't think that should have been possible without a crash. But, I can't say I know of any takeoff IRL ever in a 78 knot crosswind.

  23. Well i had 2 wing strikes so you're right

  24. We made it! Sorry there is practically no cell service at all. Almost the entire city has no electricity including me. The entire city is also under a boil water notice so I’ve been conserving the water I do have since my animals are top priority. My yard is an absolute disaster and a tree damaged my car. My house was lucky enough to get zero flooding though. Some people had it way worse than I did so I’ve been very lucky

  25. This is what a lot of people tend to forget somehow.. a lot of people talk as if taking out Russians doesn't cost Ukrainian soldiers their lives as well..

  26. Yup. All these videos of mass movement of weapons means...more death for Ukraine and the war dragging on and on

  27. I do wonder how many Russian vehicles are left after everything lost/damaged and being used in Ukraine. from what I could find says that 160 Iskander-M/K/E are in use so this is over 10% of the amount they have if the report is accurate

  28. Russia has A LOT of military equipment even with the current losses. They kept to prepare for WW3 after the cold war buld up. Been sitting in storage for a looong time.

  29. It will never come out who did it IMO. Especially if it was the west. Hell even if Russia did it to blame the west and try and drive a wedge it won't come out.

  30. South America is so underrated and not enough people fly around there. Most I know stick with US and Europe. But man SA is amazing scenery wise....tops in my book

  31. Weapons are already either there or on their way as we speak from this news. usually once we hear about it it's after they are well on their way or in action

  32. And they will run. They are such a weak country and weak people. it';s what the government wants and they got it. The Gov in Russia will always ALWAYS be safe.

  33. Thats Hitler-Mein-Kampf shit dude, calm down.

  34. Huh? It's how Russia is....sorry if I'm just saying the truth I guess

  35. And he means it when he says forever...as in he will fight his people to the death to defend. Either a million more people...a nuke. Whatever.

  36. Is there any purpose in targeting civilians? doesn't it just cause the local population to resent you?

  37. Yes but Russia thinks it will scare them to surrender...but it's going the opposite direction.

  38. Only civilians and they knew it....

  39. Well everyone says it was the US including most in the US. Even if that's the case then their allies knew about it and were okay with it

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