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  1. Turn it into an assignment. Have the kids research tower gardens, what are they? how do they work? how best to grow healthy plants and what to grow in them.

  2. There looks to be 35 modules? So OP can group the class into 5 separate teams and grow 7 different veggies. Lettuces do really well in those, and are immediately edible. Herbs are cool but you can't just snack on them. Don't do root vegetables, and someone else mentioned no tomatoes... listen to them lol.

  3. Sure ... lots of good stuff can be grown in that thing.

  4. Like the other commentor said ... thin those to one healthy plant. Cabbage plants get huge.

  5. i bought both skeins in the same lot so i’m a little pissed but whatever lol, it’s gonna be an undershirt so it’s not gonna be seen or anything

  6. Yeah ... you have to check the batch numbers. As an undershirt, it's the best way to learn that lesson. :)

  7. That’s very interesting to me. Would you say that you view the theory to be more symbolic in a sense then?

  8. In some ways, yes, I view the theory as symbolic. I got the sense you feel the same, no?

  9. Yes I personally think that our experiences here are wholly symbolic. I think every experience has its own degree of legitimacy and reality but ultimately symbolism is how we are able to perceive things. Basically everyone has their own unique experience and whether that is shrouded by ego or not, it’s still just as legitimate as anyone else’s unique experience.

  10. For sure ... the one person suggested a fairy, so maybe, just don't lock yourself into a single idea.

  11. Update, i spoke to them in lucid dream state, they told me something strange, said their purpose being they are there to get my notice, once i see them they no longer exist, i think it's referring to my shadow / inner child emotional damage

  12. That all makes sense, actually. Now that the fairies are gone, you've been alerted to work.

  13. There is a theory that we live this same life over and over a la "Groundhog Day."

  14. Maybe bring the survivor in for the night. They do have memory of what happened and mourn, and I could see the lone bird frightened, alone in the coop by herself.

  15. People throw away the fat!? omg ... I don't butcher animals, but I'm always on the hunt for good fat ... now that I know people throw it away, I'm horrified ...

  16. The slaughterhouse up the road told me they have an almost infinite supply of it. People pick up their meat, and don’t usually ask for the fat.

  17. I've asked my local farmers and they just chuckle. They use all theirs. Bones are hard to come by here, too.

  18. Yep. I'm just now getting into AP and reading my first Robert Monroe book, and that is my exact thought.

  19. Yup. AP involves more unlearning than learning. It's an intuitive venture, not an intellectual venture. People tend to approach AP thinking they have to *think* it through when it's actually the opposite.

  20. This whole “deception after death” has zero evidence and u call it very likely the biggest conspiracy of our time. You just want to hear what you want to hear and loathe in it. This sub is for people who constantly say “Life’s not fair”. It’s not fair, stop whining about it. Not what you want to hear, I’m sure. What if u only get trapped here if you think you’re trapped here? Has about as much evidence as your theory. The reason I’m commenting is because you are telling people with alternative view points to go somewhere else so you can hear more of what you want. Nothing is yet concrete so u have no where to stand other than saying people are too positive. NOONE has evidence, everything is still up for debate. Your refusal/of info is hurting your overall analysis of this theory.

  21. We have too much in common, it's creepy!!!! Nice creepy!

  22. Is there any such thing as "real life" anymore? I've forgotten what it is.

  23. Did you just move there? because if you're anywhere near me in the far Northwestern corner, the rain will start soon, and you'll realize you don't need to worry about watering them.

  24. I’m in walnut, greater sf Bay Area, over the hills from the bay. It’s drier here than the bay

  25. Walnut Creek ... yes ... I'm from Berkeley ... you're in a dry, dry place. Call an arborist, like another commentor suggested.

  26. She's signaling her sexual availability. It sounds like your brother and Poppy are chicken-sexy. ;)

  27. Pretty much everything in our world is a mix of truth and lies.

  28. Don't trust anyone/thing like this. She might be bringing you positive messages, and it's fine to appreciate what she, or any entity offers, but always, always weigh information against your own knowing.

  29. That seems like the most sensible approach tbh, I really can't bring myself to get into the whole "love and light" thing that's commonly preached.

  30. I was into the whole love and light thing for a long time, but honestly, it's just complete bs. Being kind and loving and understanding with everything because we're all divine and if we just live in the light, we'll create our best lives was NOT panning out.

  31. I love how you wrote that! I will definitely be doing more of that

  32. The frustrating reality is that very few of us have a "purpose" ... at least, not in the sense that we tend to think of it.

  33. Odd. I hope they're okay. I had a few good interactions with that user.

  34. I must clarify, I was not attracted to it by any means, I just wanted to have sex... I guess with anything... 😂 It just happened that creature was around.

  35. We're having this convo and I responded, then went to my Reddit homepage and this was the post that filled my phone screen:

  36. We're in bodies. We have needs. There's nothing wrong with that. There's also nothing wrong with enjoying this world and participating ... just do it mindfully as opposed to mindlessly, like the masses do.

  37. Show me the land I can go be welcome to use anytime I want? Show me the place that I’m welcome To reside without asking Permission? Does the squirrel ask permission how about the bird or fox? This world is a hostile environment and I don’t want to contribute to any hostility for my fellow humans

  38. But you can be kind. Welcoming. Hospitable. You can lessen the hostility and enjoy what's here.

  39. Yea I can see how we give meaning to life persay but i still feel like the odds are stacked against us. Its just really hard to thrive in this world ig

  40. I really think the odds are stacked against us because we're only just now waking up to our reality.

  41. Wisdom is not participating in the game, is watching the game without reactions

  42. Sometimes, I get bored with the game. I feel very done here. There is more beyond this and after I croak and hopefully leave this matrix, I'm taking a vacation!

  43. Very excited! I hope I do a better job next time around and actually yield some veggies! It was nonetheless a very fun and relaxing time, I’m so glad I fell into this hobby.

  44. It's a lot of fun, but the learning curve can be rough. :)

  45. So I’ve come to realize 😅 I have a bunch of green tomatoes that refuse to ripen. So frustrating!

  46. Look online. I had that happen one year, and I pickled them. If you're not on the

  47. So, of course, I has to go search this out and did a bunch of math and it seems I'm going to live much longer than average and my life will be pretty awesome.

  48. Personally, I don't much subscribe to the idea of demons. I see demon-like energy as manifestations of our own negative energy/fears. I also think demons don't have as much power as we tend to give them.

  49. When they can forage, they eat less grain. I also feed mine kitchen scraps.

  50. I like Icke and read "The Trap," but to be honest, his message has been the same for over 30 years, so really, I don't read much of his stuff or watch many videos although I do enjoy the occasional interview clip.

  51. Does he ever go into much detail about where other races fit in? Some are clearly part of the illusion, but seemingly not all.

  52. He might, but I don't know. You can try the David Icke forum and see if anyone there knows:

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