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  1. Bates Motel is a great "contemporary prequel" of Hitchcock's film Psycho. So I highly recommend watching the film before watching the show to get all the cool references.

  2. Loved that show! I’ve watched all Psycho films, lol.

  3. I didn’t care for The Godfather either.

  4. What did you just say, you little bitch?

  5. Serbian here, I like here ok. I really don't suggest to anyone to move on here to live and start your business though.

  6. They're a bit late to the party after the 100th anniversary lol, but I loved The Northman.

  7. apparently it's supposed to be about new york lgbtq+ culture in the late 70s and 80s, the AIDS epidemic, and a serial killer that hunts gay people

  8. So like “It’s a Sin”, minus the budget and killer?

  9. I’m lowering my expectations for this season. Doesn’t look like it’s catered to me.

  10. I lost all hope after Death Valley, but I will still watch it lol.

  11. Wasn’t Nico Greetham supposed to be in NYC as well?

  12. I remember 15 people were leaving the theater during this movie because they thought it was so boring.

  13. Dennis wouldn't have killed Peach. He would have demonstrated value, engaged physically, nurtured dependence, neglected emotionally, inspired hope, and before separating entirely he would make Beck see how desperate and sad she (Peach) really was causing her (Beck) to choose the five star man

  14. I wonder if Peach would bang Sweet Dee.

  15. Where can I watch this? Just from this, looks good.

  16. Joe Goldberg is a gross human being, but I miss seeing him on screen because Penn Badgley is just so good in his role, lol. I'm pretty excited for this!

  17. Part 1 could be about paris (relatively short) and in part 2 he starts over in london.

  18. I think Part 2 is going to be epic with huge plot twist.

  19. It was ridiculously bad, but Back 2 the Hood was a lot of a better film and hell funny.

  20. Honestly, I’d be surprised if AHS11 will be better than this series. It’s so amazing, so far!

  21. I've watched her in two recent roles- American Horror Stories and The Requin, and she was just...not good. In all fairness she wasn't working with great material to begin with, but she wasn't able to salvage or transcend them whatsoever either.

  22. I like her, but I recently watched the recent episode of American Horror Stories. She gave a terrible performance.

  23. She-Hulk should be there too because She-Hulk looks like one of Dee’s characters.

  24. I am looking forward to Olivia Cooke's Alicent. I'm a big fan of Olivia.

  25. Loved her from Bates Motel, she was also excellent from Thoroughbreds.

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