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  1. Yes I heard about that. Rome's one is mainly the underground subway yes? Do buses accept it? Is it generally cheap, or on parity with paper tickets/ticket wallets?

  2. I use it on the bus every time. Been checked 4 times this month. No issues at all. One guy was suspicious of the date on the ticket then he realized he was reading it wrong and that was the date I bought the ticket not activated it. (my app is set to English)

  3. They've definitely been out in full force recently. I lived here for 2 years before I even saw the ATAC police, since this summer I've pretty much seen them every single time I've gone to town. I think even more so after the last election, idk if it's related or not but they're all over the city checking tickets. Even out in the suburbs I've ran into them. I'm talking buses that go 40+ min out of the city center.

  4. The manager/most of the staff of angel and dragon speaks English. Most players will also have a decent grasp of English and are quite accommodating. I don't play magic but other card games. They do not allow trading in store though, so have to go outside to trade which is annoying.

  5. There's a decent park near via di grottarossa watch out for boars though. You can eat at Eden if you like pistachios, everything they sell is pistachio the cheesecake is amazing. You're near the train station up there so can head to bracciano etc if you'd like. There's like 4 sushi buffets on via cassia. The traffic on via cassia gets really really bad down that way just as a warning. Especially during rush hour.

  6. Thanks, Eden sounds great! don't know how into sushi I'll be as I live in California. any good bakeries you know of? or places to grab espresso in the morning?

  7. I don't think there's any bakery in the direct vicinity but there are a couple of bars down there so getting an espresso and a small pastry shouldn't be an issue. You could also hop on 201 and ride it up to La Storta where you will find more things as the area is larger. Just be warned 201 is not that frequent of a bus. And as others mentioned you have 223 which can take you direct to Termini from the train station if you'd like.

  8. ive always been interested in fantasy soccer. I love fantasy football, and im looking to branch out.

  9. It's a lot of fun if you're in a group with people you know and competing/trash talking. My first year was last year. I do it with a group of scousers(people from Liverpool) im friends with who definitely all have 3 man city players on their team 😂😂 Haaland just a point machine

  10. No taxi app will let you avoid the €50 that's the cost.... But a train/bus will help you avoid it

  11. ...I might need to give it another shot. Are Madam Viper and Spider Woman in it?

  12. Viper idk spider woman yes. You get her pretty early on and there's a symbiote variant art in season pass that's pretty cool

  13. Legit just had an ad on Facebook from this store showing their huge selection of cheap Halloween crap. Open Reddit and boom see this thread. Creepy

  14. Rome is definitely not the most accessible city in the world, but usually it's wheelchair users who have issues.

  15. I bought a few of the oversize fleece blankets from Amazon before. They def do the job. My wife stuffs one in a duvet so she doesn't have to actually feel the fluffy part. Paid around 20 for them

  16. Afaik the duration of stay of 70 days means that in total she can stay for at most 70 days within the visa validty period. 90 days is just the upper limit for any 180 day period, but the total allowed duration of stay can be lower than 90 days (it just can't be higher). It's definitely not worth to overstay, since this can cause serious trouble in the future.

  17. Thanks that was my assumption too. I'll just get them to change their return tickets. Going to have a fun conversation about it tomorrow. Don't even want to tell them tonight 😂

  18. How many people and are you going close to termini? Cause if so it's best to just take the train unless there's like 6 people. Then a private car would cost about the same

  19. I use my phone to pay the metro at the card reader on the turnstile, so same thing really.

  20. This is one that I didn't realize until I moved to Italy. They're so damn different here. I went back to eating tomato sandwiches like when I was a kid because I actually enjoy the flavor

  21. I did this with UST, lost soooooo much money. I'd rather just take the gamble of my coin dropping/increasing than swapping to stablecoins now =/

  22. Well, how much did you stake? Anything under 50 possibly even under 100 won't get you much anymore

  23. I staked 28 but only got 0.00014. So well...

  24. Staking rewards don't go out today for another 15 min or so. Check then and see if its still that low.

  25. I've taken it many times and always just buy it when I get there. I've never seen it reach capacity. I usually preorder the one going to the airport just to be on the safe side but never leaving from the airport.

  26. I usually use trainline cause I have it on my phone from when I was in UK but you can buy it direct from

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