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  1. If I remember correctly the manectric has HP ice? If so, quagsire with unaware shits all over manectric. If it's grass, ignore me lol.

  2. It's definitely not Ice unless that was changed in 3.1, in previous versions I walled Manectric with an Eviolite Gligar.

  3. Rayquaza. you can't even Z Draco meteor as Dynamax Mega Rayquaza. It's so sad.

  4. I think Shedinja is fine. It's not going to 1v1 anything unless an opponent is on their last mon and it can't get through WG, but WG does make it awesome for forcing switches, which lets you do some fun stuff. You could get in a free Toxic/Will-O-Wisp for example. Phantom Force is also really good on it on a forced switch, almost everything outspeeds Shedinja so chances are they'll whiff and be forced to take the hit. And Protect lets you figure out exactly what the opponent will do. A set like Phantom Force/Shadow Sneak/Will-o or Toxic/Protect can put in work against certain opponents once you know their movesets.

  5. The Xatu tech to combat Stealth Rocks 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  6. It's a shame it didn't work against Lance lmao, I tried to Staraptor U-Turn into Xatu to bounce back rocks or a Taunt but Aerodactyl just used Stone Edge instead. Never got the chance to find out if his Garchomp would've done the same, he pulled out the Aero lead on every attempt. I think for my winning run I just lead with Xatu and tried to get enough damage in for Staraptor to switch in for a kill.

  7. Normal was one of my favorite monotype runs and I can't wait to try out the three new additions PLA gave us. Good job.

  8. I'd done every monotype in v2.3a prior to the release of the first version of v3, but decided to re-do them in my downtime in the latest version for a chance to test out the Hisuian and Seviian forms as well as the rearranged wild mon locations. I'd used a random type selector to determine my first run, and Rock was it. I'd actually finished this a few weeks ago, just forgot to post it up.

  9. How has this thread been around this long without mentioning Keanu? The man has bought strangers food, given them rides, always notices when crew members are stressed or not doing well and takes a moment to give them a pep talk, the list goes on

  10. Probably just because him being a good dude is pretty well known by now tbh, like it seems like an easy answer

  11. So I have 2400 hours or so in BOI and let me tell you does that games enjoyment crater if you unlock enough things

  12. Between AB+ on Switch and Repentance on PC that's been my experience too. I want to say it's because the item pools become so oversaturated with niche or junk items that your chances of getting a viable build get increasingly low, but that may just be me.

  13. He's had a modeled face ever since RE7. In the Mia segment on the boat and Ethan's hallucinations in the climax you can catch glimpses of Ethan's face if you speed through fast enough.

  14. Yeah but he's also Koichi and Koichi goes from a nobody to a chad over the course if DiU

  15. Something about almost Berserk-tier art for a gag manga of all things just works

  16. Hmm I always saw that more like as a fan canon thing. Dude straight up shoots himself in the face and uses his punch ghost to stop it JUST so he can flex about it. A dork? sure. A nerd who just happens to look intimidating? hell no.

  17. Jotaro tried to come up with a cool one-liner against Kira, failed, and seconds later tried to salvage it again.

  18. I hate that her name is Hotdog Water

  19. I need to know if she had a relative named Chocolate Starfish

  20. Having just finished my first run of 2077, I do more or less enjoy the game as it currently stands, even if it does still need some work/adjustments.

  21. His team 100% does have an Illusion mon. Hisuian Zoroark.

  22. Koto, who is a different commentator depending on whether you listen to the ENG dub or Japanese track.

  23. And this is why the English dub is objectively better.

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