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  1. This is definitely abuse. I’m so sorry. I know you rather “the devil you know” but even if you have the strength to keep enduring this abuse, your kids may not.

  2. You can call womans shelters and they will help. Tell them everything.

  3. Make a plan to take the kids/pets and leave. He's sick and abusive. Go if you can.

  4. Definitely manipulative. Distance is good. Dh should have a talk with her about how she should go make friends. Get new hobbies. You have your own lives.

  5. Get him into therapy. He needs help. He's making you unhappy. You don't want to leave but you are letting him treat you badly. No excuse. He needs therapy.

  6. He is under treatment through the VA, and we have tried marriage counseling. Frankly, I'm tired of managing his feelings. He can get his own damned self into therapy.

  7. Your doing great. Just know exactly what you are entitled to. Like you have been married long enough to get his amount for social security if he's made more. If you get to a point where you can't take it anymore get a lawyer. And please keep your money separate.

  8. There has to be a point where you say are you better off with or without him. He sounds like he is gaslighting you. If you feel like you will stay then stop waiting on him. Go do your plans yourself. If it's a vacation. Go. Your capable of going yourself. If he was military he was probably gone lots. You dealt with stuff yourself lots.

  9. I'd get a lawyer as soon as you move. Don't tell them you are going. Get full custody.

  10. Used to be a Bachelorette Party was a 1 night thing, not a trip.

  11. Nta. Your husband is. Maybe he should get off his rear and cook for you.

  12. Nta Don't let her in. Uninvited guests don't get let in. Especially with a baby recovering and wife post partum. Gm was rude and can go stay somewhere else.

  13. Don't let him know. Ans stop paying his part of the bills. Tell him his bills are his bills.

  14. That just puts me at risk though because they're in my name and I've tried telling g him that he needs to pay his share. It didn't matter what I said if he wanted to spend the money elsewhere

  15. You should send him a vendor request on his payday for what's due each month. Get him to pay you first before he can buy pot with it. So are you giving notice for the apartment?

  16. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind". And walk off to do something in the kitchen.

  17. You might want to ask her what her excuse for acting like a cow is.

  18. So let him worry about it. No sex. Tell not again till he gets it done.

  19. If you know when he sleeps put up really loud windchimes. Or baby shark back at him.

  20. No your not over reacting. Do yiu really want to spend the rest of your life with him?

  21. Actually they are. And you didn't stick up for her fast enough. She has every right to be no contact. They treat her with no respect. And if she is no contact, LO should be no contact. Your wife has every right to expect you to back her up.

  22. I hope you kick her out before she hurts your dog badly. I hope you remember that it is a house you bought. Time to evict those toxic people.

  23. It's not normal. He will need therapy. Some couples have to move away to get away from mil.

  24. You should also let her know since you are tired of being taken advantage of, you will no longer watch her dogs. She will need to board them when she goes away.

  25. My backbone is not that shiny yet... But one day I hope to say that 😭

  26. If you say it now, she has no excuse not to find a good boarding kennel.

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