1. If you want a dark background with white text, don't do anything extra. Keep the default white page. Keep the default black pen selected. Then switch to dark mode and continue writing. You should get the desired result, white ink on black page. Dark mode does the inversion for you, you don't have to change anything manually. If in the light mode you have added a black background, then upon selecting dark mode, if course it will become white because onenote is trying to invert all the colours.

  2. As I said I did dark mode and everytime it changes it back to "light" and I have to select the dark again. There is no background color selected its on "no color"

  3. had a similar thing in a rental - wall was opened to put a new furnace in - is there anything on the other side

  4. Did you unscrew the screw? If it's still tight after that, try running something sharp just to the depth of the board.

  5. Its not a screw its a nail . Also this is a rental I cant just go taking things apart lol

  6. Maybe you could pin this in a post on the homepage so everyone knows about it and can easily access it !

  7. I have no clue 😂 just a suggestion but idk how to do it hahaha

  8. If I knew who the admins here were it would help maybe they can pinn it

  9. Location :Massachusetts appear on screens like phone and computer when I turn lights off Very very very small

  10. I'm on second canister now and yup I'm running out. Before could hold and eventually it would go pfft now I can hold for a long ass time without it doing any sound lol. Guess its time for canister 3 soon

  11. Have you poked it? Something tells me a spider is in there with eggs and spun a strong web wall.

  12. There was a spider in there. It came out on its own ripped through it. Had a giant behind. Idk about eggs I threw it all away and drowned that thing in the sink. Still freaking out I feel like I'm covered in spiders. My poor plant is now in about 2 layers of trash bags just incase there are baby spiders coming out 🤮🤢😱

  13. Looks like mealy bug sack. Would dilute 70% isopropyl alcohol with water and spray

  14. A giant spider tick like creature emerged from it . Once it started drowning it shred its way through. Idk what it was I flushed it down my drain as I've been freaking out for past 20 min. It started coming out while I was cleaning the dead leaves off

  15. Interesting. I’ve never seen something like this on any of my pineapple plants. The ring almost looks like the shape of the stalk from which the fruit will grow.

  16. Update : ! Giant fat butt spider thing came out if it . Like legit poked itself out and its in my sink now and im freaking out.

  17. Follow up question. Is this dangerous and how on earth do I get it off the ceiling. Ive scrubbed most off the walls.

  18. Those remind me of cockroach droppings.

  19. This is kinda a useless comment, but why the living hell don't they make it so that people don't have to powerlift dogs? Would a walk in bath tub or table with a ramp and bars be too difficult?? Idgi.. (Assuming this is a groomer job. Had a back room tour of one a few years back and was kinda awe struck at how ridiculous the layout was.)

  20. Uts a veterinary technician job. Im a vet student not groomer. But same stuff applies yea. U could also have a table that lowers and rises up have the dog step up then raise it.

  21. As awful as it sounds, it isn't illegal for them to not hire you if you are unable to perform an essential task of the job. Usually requirements like that are clearly stated in the job listing, so it's on you as the applicant to know your abilities before you apply. "Reasonable accommodations" is a vague term, but if you are completely unable to perform an essential task without assistance from another person (meaning they'd need to hire 2 people to fill your position instead of one who can do it effectively) then they are within their right to not hire you.

  22. It wasn't listed because no where ever expects one person to lift 100 lbs its a bit extreme e

  23. Its been hot but I wear a mask whenever I'm out of my apartment. So no exposure to sun except in car. I was thinking maybe chemical burn. I did wash things with oxiclean and a bit splashed on me yesterday. But idk. Im treating it with abreva just in case. But its very swollen and not in the normal spot u see people get cold sores.

  24. I get episodes like these a couple times a week. It feels exactly like you described: my limbs go numb, I feel overheated and start sweating like mad, I'm dizzy and shaking, and I can't think straight.

  25. I think I definetly need to make sure I always have a drink and maybe some sort of snack. Ik doctors always recommend salt for us , I wonder if a sugary snack works as well. Maybe carry some candies. While I absolutely love cheese im also lactose intolerant so its not an easy go to snack 🙃 laying down definetly helped although I was scared it would make it worst getting up. But I think I needed to help get blood back to my brain and upper body. I'm surprised how intense this felt considering the heart rate spike was not much higher than I normally experience while walking. I assume its the force and energy of controlling a 50 lb dog that added to it. Im sorry you have to experience this multiple times a week ! I think with meds I've been able to control it pretty well. I get out of breath and dizzy but not usually to the point of forcing myself to basically pass out .

  26. It's possible you also felt this way because you had a small jolt of adrenaline and that amplified your symptoms.

  27. Thats very possible ! I was honestly so scared I wouldn't be able to control him. He was yanking so hard and this sweet dog was out of control. His owners warned me before hand and I was keeping an eye for any dogs but they came out of no were. Hes a rescue so no one knows what happened to cause him to react this way to other dogs. He was so worried about me when I collapsed to the ground I felt so bad that I was stressing him out and that definetly didn't help. I think just the combination of anxiety and everything was just like overload , like I laid there thinking I need an ambulance 🤣 I also really wanted to throw up 🤮

  28. I know this is a two year old post but did you ever figure out what was causing these stains or how to get rid of them? I've been having this same problem with my bath towels.

  29. Like maybe from that area being exposed to more of the water . The shower curtain also got stained .

  30. I think its hard water and iron . I never figured out how to remove it honestly , but the bathtub over time got super stained orange as well.

  31. Lol yea my sister ate a good amount. The rest is back in freezer. Ontop of that I just ate some giflte fish that traveled with her 4 hours without ice. But was cold from fridge. I was very hungry. Oops.

  32. Hahaha I thought you did a double take at somebody keeping their house at 70 degrees! I also live in a cold wet part of the world and I keep my thermostat at 62.

  33. My heat is set to 62. But its hot out now so the house heats up to 70 lol

  34. As a scandinavian; this made me do a double take

  35. I’d eat it. If you really feel uncomfortable throw it to the deer. Or whatever wild life exist in your area. But please take the sticker off first :)

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