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  1. What’s your sugar intake like? Ever since I cut ALL sugar I dropped weight and gained energy 10 fold. What are your snacks like? I’m eating a lot of nuts for snacks now.

  2. you can never go wrong with chin scruff, raybans, a mullet, and a smoothie in feel me?

  3. Guh how cute are you?! Such beauties you got there x

  4. Now for real question, how do they smell? Have you worn them on your body yet?

  5. Well you’re smart too for avoiding that tar pit trap for a cheap instant dopamine hit lol

  6. 😂 EXACTLY. (Ps that video made me “cry” laugh off-and-on for several hours the other day, the internet is such a weird place lol

  7. You remind me of Elizabeth Banks, stunning!

  8. If you want a serious bargain, check out bath and body works 'fresh cut lilacs':

  9. My point exactly. Or say we don’t get anything for participating. I was waiting for this event.

  10. Omg I’ve never heard of this, it screams early 2000… this is too comical (I’m late 30s maybe explains it)

  11. I did like it. It was a a pretty mild and fresh airy edt. But I did start really using it after it had been sitting in my closet for forever and I can't remember if it used to smell like that back when it was new. I find that sometimes some of the notes disappear or get milder after time. But yea, it still smelled good and inoffensive, not that unique, though.

  12. hahaha thats too funny, awww fun trip down memory lane & glad you ended up enjoying it/didn't waste it even after all these years

  13. I say go for it and don't feel bad about it, you need it, do it.

  14. As a Canadian, I remember this day like it was yesterday.

  15. ! …but it doesn’t include discounted goodie boxes does it? 😢

  16. Just checked, NOPE we’re not able to get the box like the Americans.

  17. Wow nice work on swapping chandeliers, you have very lovely taste!

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