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  1. They're going to use Do Kwon as cryptocurrency in prison

  2. "Robinhood Releases beta version of web3 wallet to 10,000 users who don't want to use it because Robinhood screws their customers over". fixed it

  3. In this economy, I would be happy to have a house of my own and affordable food

  4. Pizza-chit says there's real need to get inflation under control without crushing our economy

  5. ATOM is still on my DCA list. The ecosystem is fast, cheap, and user-friendly. People have been talking about it a lot lately because Cosmos is having a big conference today to announce the second white paper because they accomplished everything from the first and now they are kicking off ATOM 2.0

  6. Hows the decentralization? I don't see people talk about this much surrounding Cosmos.

  7. ATOM has 175 active validators, which you can compare to Ethereums 422k active validators. So ATOM is decentralized but not AS decentralized as the market leader which has 42x the market cap. ATOM launched in March 2019 and every few months there is usually a vote to add more validators to the active set.

  8. It’s really nice of Putin to give this former US intelligence agent citizenship out of the goodness of his heart.

  9. I think he wants SEC to oversee crypto because he understands how powerful it is and wants to be at the helm of sorts… so power and influence id guess… typical small penis syndrome desires

  10. I’ve been studying Genslers body language and the only thing I’m sure of is that his words are deceptive when he talks about crypto

  11. Care to expound? You don’t happen to be an official lie detector guy for the CIA, do you?

  12. Just someone who has studied a little. Genslers facial expressions and postures give him away. You can see his emotions change if you watch the edges.

  13. Why a new white paper? The team accomplished everything on the first

  14. Fuck taxes bruh let's all stop paying them. All the government does is use our own money to bribe or oppress us, or unfortunate citizens of other countries we invade. I'd rather pay the mob protection than these fucking lizard people.

  15. You never wanna do that. Not unless you’re on the meme team

  16. Yeah I wasn't going to get too deep into that, I personally withdraw my cashback CRO from the app to

  17. I love that BNB is built using the Cosmos SDK. There is no better endorsement than having the biggest CEX use your software

  18. So I can just stake in Keplr itself without having to worry about picking validators? Will that still qualify me for airdrops?

  19. Yes most people stake in Keplr. If you hit the stake button in keplr, it takes you to the keplr dashboard. On the left you can select the coin you intend to stake and it has a list of validators for you to choose from. Pick a validator that doesn’t charge 100% commission or belong to a CEX. Then you “delegate” your coins to that validator. As long as you’re delegating the minimum amount of coins for a particular airdrop, you should qualify for all airdrops.

  20. I propose putting Do Kwon on a treadmill that powers a Bitcoin miner and he has to run until he generates enough BTC to pay back investors

  21. Interchain security is gonna bring a lot of value to the ATOM token

  22. Seeing Gary Gensler interact with Elizabeth Warren gave me the vibe of 2 kids who know a secret. Very rehearsed looking

  23. You will be able to swap 100 Stableroubles for 99 Schrute bucks

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