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  1. Well you know where this one picture belongs, but do you have more?

  2. Small, average or big. It does not matter as long as it does its main function. There is no reason to feel inferior or superior if we hold on brotherhood.

  3. It does not matter as long as I can pee, so it's main function? πŸ˜‰ (Sorry I could not resist the comment)

  4. I used to rate dicks back in the day. I'd give a 1-10 scale or ABC grading depending on how I felt. I would rate things like length, girth, manscaping, head shape, veinyness, curvature, and an overall score.

  5. Where did you do this? Can you tell your story in more details?

  6. Online exhibitionism I guess it is also better than sending unwanted pictures. Just post it somewhere and let people see it, who want to.

  7. Apparently I am way smaller than most of the other posters here. Yet I also had some interest over the last 20 years of me being an online exhibitionist. I guess it helps, that I show my girlfriend too. The most followers I had was on Tumblr, till the decided to cut all adult content.

  8. Are there any good discussions/size estimates of Mandingo with pictures?

  9. Yes I also tried it and could not find it. Would be interesting though.

  10. I am sure there is a species no one will miss... πŸ˜‰

  11. All and everything you want. By the way I think your breasts are much more godlike than your pussy. She is neatly tucked away in this picture.

  12. There is the practice of slow sex. It involves long periods where there is little to no movement and it is totally normal for the penis to go soft. There are even special condoms for it, which allow a soft penis. Sex is not a race to finish. This is something a lot of young people, especially men have the feeling. Just get rid of it and enjoy the process.

  13. I don't wash after sex in general unless there is oil on skin or dirt just in general sticking on me. I don't mind sperm or body fluid from the woman.

  14. Just because I'm concerned about other people reading this--we just spoke with a medical professional who said to us he'd never heard that injecting testosterone "completely shuts down natural production." In men looking to conceive, it can decrease sperm production. If you have evidence otherwise please share, but it seems unwise to leave something false on here (for anyone who reads this in the future.)

  15. How I formulated might be too strong, but it will for sure bring your natural production of this hormone out off whack. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is something you have to do permanently to reap the benefits. It is not something you do for some time and then stop. This even might increase the problems which were there before. So sperm production is one concern. I suggest you look into testicular atrophy. There you might other bad things, those doctors maybe not want to bring to your attention. Yes, other hormones maybe helpful there. But you see the slippery slope.

  16. Is this even real. Looks a bit like the picture was "enhanced".

  17. Porn needs "big" dicks to make the penetration good visible. A lot of porn is posing the bodies in a way to make it good visible. This also hinders the penetration itself, it will be shallow a lot of times. Porn is a show and resembles sex, but is not completely the same thing. I am talking about professionally produced porn. Amateur porn can blur the line further.

  18. I've only seen other comments in passing but apparently something called dht gel enlarges the clit. I'll have to look into this myself..

  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihydrotestosterone

  20. You are way above average. 6.8" is bigger than 97% of all men.(

  21. Being athletic and fit helps. At least thats what I read in artictle about mens health. If u ever notice in porn u almost never see fat guys cause being fit or in ur ideal weight gives u stronger and longer lasting erections.πŸ†πŸ’ͺ

  22. Porn is really the worst place to look for advice here.

  23. No, 9" is Top 0,001%. Even with 7" is in the Top 1.5% On this sub there is huge misunderstanding how rare all the sizes, which are thrown around here, are. My guess is the biggest part is measured wrong or just fantasies. Source:

  24. Still 9" is really unlikely and several of them is like winning in the lottery... not going to happen.

  25. I could not sleep with an erection either. πŸ˜‰

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