1. Yeah it’s really hard. I’m eating like 1 meal a day and my portions are smaller

  2. I did at 6ish weeks. Baby has facial markers for FASD.

  3. Ooh wait, I didn’t know this. Why are they bad?

  4. Actually I’m pretty sure that account is Bailey defending Zoe.

  5. Hasn’t she talked bad on pumping before or was that someone else?

  6. This actually hits on why I don't really like or agree with the notion that being a SAHP is a "job". Don't get me wrong, it's work and it's hard and it's a huge commitment, but it's not a job. You clock out of a job. You can quit a job. Being a SAHP means not outsourcing any part of a 24/7 responsibility that you already have and that you will have no matter what.

  7. Yes. If you work; you send your child to daycare or get a nanny for 40+ hours a week. That is what a stay at home parent does on top of what a working parent does. Tending to the children more

  8. If I screen record the draft wouldn’t the editing tools and everything be in the video? Can I “watch” the draft and screen record

  9. I drank while pregnant at 6 weeks. Ddint know either . Decided to keep my baby. She has facial features of FASD. She is 2 months so I don’t know how much it will affect her

  10. 2nthepink2 did this and ate her placenta in the ocean

  11. She could run a business from home or something and make $ that way and have something outside of motherhood.

  12. How accidentally? Word asks if you want to save changes

  13. It’s probably still half painted because he’s busy rewriting his 8 page essay she “accidentally” deleted 🙃

  14. Yeah… she has 1/3 of a million followers.. not much for someone who has been an influencer/content creator for this amount of time. And a whole lot of people that don’t like her in short time. Self awareness is beautiful. Hopefully she gets it someday.

  15. I strongly believe she loves Noah but is warped in PPA/PPD. If so - I hope she gets help she needs for herself and her family

  16. Someone commented about splitting the job (one meal plans and one cooks) and she said “or he could just bring home food” but she wouldn’t even bring him home a sandwich in another video… she constantly wants him to make her life easier but never wants to do nice and helpful things for him. I don’t get it.

  17. Yes because it’s financially feasible to eat out daily.

  18. That’s like the bare minimum. You don’t have to cook every day but you should be cooking a vast majority of the meals.

  19. I never in my life want to be a SAHM. I’m not going to college and racking up student loans to stay home🥲

  20. Eh kids change people sometimes. I was about to try for medical school (studying for MCAT and all) and now I can’t imagine having such a demanding career. You might be surprised what you decide haha. I mean maybe you’ll work, but, maybe you’ll change your mind.

  21. What is it about Taylor that looks different here?

  22. Her hair is a little darker and I think she weighs a little more. She looks good

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