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  1. if you’re not sure and can’t ask, steak is usually the safest option. burgers are often safe, but i wouldn’t risk them unless they are stated as GF on the menu.

  2. I try to eat avocados when I can. I'll try eating them a little more often. Thanks

  3. I don’t think meat is the hard part at all. Obviously you can’t get any fried food unless they specify it’s gluten free. But most everything else should be fine. Just read the menu and ask questions.

  4. Ok, I'll stay away from everything fried. Thanks

  5. Yes absolutely. I thought I knew all the causes of depression and couldn't work out why I wasn't getting any better. Then the doctor told me to quit gluten for my stomach cramps and I went years and years without another depressive episode. I found that eliminating sugar (but not fruit and dates) helped my mood too.

  6. I'm tired of people discriminating against children. They are people too and should have just as many rights as everyone else. Replace the word child with 'person of colour' and there is no way you would be asking AITA. What he said to you was ageist. NTA

  7. It looks really yellow to me. Do you like keeping things organised and colour coordinated?

  8. When you are a child you have to love your family, even if they are terrible, they are the ones that should be feeding you and keeping you safe. But because they aren't always loving towards you your empathy becomes highly developed. This means you can read their moods and protect yourself from them. Also, people can throw their emotions at you, so you feel what they are projecting and don't feel what they are hiding from you. Finally, every person is good deep down in their soul and it's beautiful that you can see that and understand why they behave a certain way... But just because we understand them doesn't mean they are allowed to treat us badly. You need to remember to look for all the layers of ego above their souls, the parts of them that make bad choices. These days I empathize with everyone but only people who are kind and considerate to me are allowed my time and effort

  9. I have my sun and NN conjunct in Leo and I find it really confusing. Like my life's challenge is to find myself?

  10. Try the Moon Matters podcast. Listening to it is a fantastic way to get a foundation in astrology. Dalanah speaks in a clear, concise way. Every episode is well prepared, well researched and she gets straight to the point. She also has a lovely, friendly voice. After listening to all the episodes I've found it much easier to read about astrology and look at charts.

  11. They have 5 planets in retrograde so they must have had a lot of internal struggle and I feel like they would have become successful later in life once they moved through all that inhibited them and came closer to their North node in Gemini. With their sun and Venus conjunct I feel like people see them as confident, maybe a TV news reporter or a podcaster. I think the most challenging part of this chart is Saturn conjunct Mars (both Rx) in the 8th house in Pisces. It's also opposite the sun and Venus conjunction. It all feels like a big struggle, I wonder if they lost a father figure. I'm still new to astrology so that's just what I felt, if I think of anything else I'll add to it later

  12. Thank you so much for this reply, that article answered my questions perfectly. Also, knowing that they are called peregrine planets helps me do my own research. That's so interesting how powerful those planets can be. I have an unaspected Mercury and I definitely think too much, and I've channeled those thoughts into writing philosophy

  13. This is a really fun idea and I hope it keeps going. I knew the year this person was born because all of the outer planets were just a little beyond my own chart so I searched for celebrities born one year after me and as soon as I saw them I knew they were the one.I didn't comment because I'm still learning and I'd already worked out who it was. But it's a great way for us to learn how to read other people's charts. Maybe I'll have something small to say on the next one

  14. I think she's a teenager and that's how they react sometimes. She had imagined how it would go in her head and she got a surprise when it wasn't what she was expecting. This could have happened whatever your response had been. To me, what you said was supportive and once she's cooled down your relationship will be fine. Telling you was clearly very stressful for her and once it was done she needed to release all those big emotions somehow and we often take out stress out on those we feel safest with.

  15. That's interesting and fun. On a personal note my signs with the most planets are Leo (Sun, NN, Mercury) and Virgo (Moon, Jupiter, Saturn). No wonder I've always felt like I clashed with myself! Luckily I married a Pisces so he can get along with both sides of me 🤣

  16. It's common with stress and anxiety to have digestive symptoms. I've known people to have IBS, colitis, chrons.

  17. That's really interesting, thanks for the explanation. My diet is pretty good, I think that's why I'm not "sick" my test results at doctors always come back with me being in perfect health. So for me it's really just about stress

  18. when you are having a stress reaction, even if it is to freeze, it is sympathetic nervous system stimulation.

  19. Thanks that makes sense. I'm definitely not relaxed so that explains a lot. I'm in Asia so I have done good opportunities for alternative stress treatment. My doctor told me to try TCM for my stomach and the acupuncture and Chinese herbs are really helping me relax. The best therapy I've had is Equine therapy, so I'm working with a psychologist in a horse stable. We build a relationship with a horse and he teaches me how to regulate after a trigger. They are magical creatures that have given me some big breakthroughs. I recently discovered that our liver can only release excess hormones if we eat soluble fibre and we should all be eating one and a half cups of beans a day. Since I increased the amount of lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans etc I eat my jitters have gone right down and it's easier for me to sleep. Finally I discovered TRE trauma/tension release exercise. That's where you shake out tension trapped in the body. I should probably start doing that again.

  20. I rewatched all those movies earlier this week for the first time in like forever. I was legitimately dissapointed when I didn’t get a letter inviting me to a school of magic when I turned 11. I still have this idea about finding a great secret of some kind, like finding a portal to a different world where you can experience something completely different. I get a bit embarrassed talking about it to be honest but it’s how feel.

  21. I feel embarrassed talking about it too, but I'm trying to let that go because it makes me feel safe and calm

  22. I'm signed in to the international cookidoo (can't change that) and it gives me recipes in 10 different languages. I can't work out how to keep it on English. You have to scroll down a lot to put on the English filter and have to do it every time you search for a recipe

  23. You can change your default filters. Connect to cookidoo from your phone/tablet/computer, go to your profile and then preferences. You can update your filters and adjust your prefered language.

  24. Oh wow thank you! I thought it didn't make sense, but I had no idea what to do

  25. My husband told my family. We don't live in the same country. One brother called me, one gave some advice to my husband, one didn't say anything. My parents never mentioned it to me. It's not really a huge surprise considering depressed I was as a teenager. I recently worked out that they all think it's from my travels as an adult not from my childhood. But I'm ok with that. My parents did try to be good parents, they just weren't emotionally mature enough and still aren't.

  26. We can't change the past, but a sincere apology can make all the difference to someone who was hurt. I would give anything for my parents to apologise the way you did. You aren't to blame for acting the way your parents taught you to act. The fact that you have responsibility for your actions is more than enough. You can forgive yourself. Your siblings will forgive you whenever the time is right for them, but it sounds like they are already on their way to forgiving you. I would be.

  27. Wow that was such a great summary of the WoT. I'm halfway through reading it for the second time and had made about half of those connections and now I will pay attention to the rest. You should post this on the WoT Reddit. I think people there would be interested to hear your perspective

  28. Lol I'm glad you enjoyed my description but I'm no one special, just some rando who likes to read.

  29. We are all special in our own way, including you. Everyone on Reddit is just some rando who has a thought or two, and yours is better written and more well thought out than many. Some people might disagree with you, some might even be rude, but I bet the majority of people would be really positive and enthusiastic

  30. I have Aqua moon in the 6th alongside uranus and neptune. Used to live with a 6th house Taurus moon. Id say let them have their weird intricate rituals, don’t try to change or criticise their particular ways of doing things even though they seem tedious or unnecessary to you. Give them lots of space and time. Be gentle and casual with them.

  31. I'm a Virgo moon in the 6th house. I love this video, thanks. I've always felt that this was my last life here and so I'm a bit over it all. I'm only just realising that I don't want to accomplish my life purpose just because I feel like I have to and am looking into my Leo 5th house placements Sun, Mercury, NN to find a way to make my life purpose creative and self fulfilling instead of self sacrificing (moon, Jupiter, Saturn in Virgo 6th house.) I also am totally excited to do something but once I've worked out the mechanics of it and how to do it or play it, then I'm not interested anymore.

  32. Try looking at whole sign houses. That would mean your sun, moon and Saturn are all in the 6th house. Perhaps it would make more sense for you? In the current house system you are using they are all in the 7th house. Try reading about those planets in the 6th and 7th house and see which one resonates more with you

  33. Another commenter mentioned Neptune and I'm curious if that might be the case because Neptune is currently opposite all of your 6th house planets in Virgo. Not to mention transiting Mars is making it even worse by currently squaring them. The 6th is about physical turmoil and the 12th, where transiting Neptune is, is about mental turmoil. Insomnia to this degree is certainly stirring up both. Especially because Virgo rules the digestion. Jupiter also rules your natal Neptune. Did you have sleeping problems as a baby?

  34. Thank you, this is exactly the answer I've been looking for. I thought about it and my sleep would have been disturbed for the past 10 years, just worse the last 5 years. First I had a crampy stomach from good intolerances, then pregnant, then breastfeeding, then baby number 2. I've certainly had a fair amount of mental turmoil over these 10 years, but also some of the best times of my life. My mother says I was quiet as a baby, but I suspect that's just because I stopped crying, not because I slept well

  35. Me too! Years and years of work and I'm still struggling. But I do have some good days so I'm hanging in there even if I'm exhausted

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