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  1. Lmao who woulda thought we would be dropping Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson for Geno Smith in 2022

  2. The current line is dogshit so no reason to not try new stuff

  3. You would say that. You think the Raiders go with combination 14 on Monday or the Miller/Parham/James/Bars/Munford combo sticks around?

  4. At this point for PR reasons alone it's effectively in effect. You can't let a guy go back in in primetime after that.

  5. He’s also enjoyed playing the falcons, the lions and a rusty undisciplined broncos team. I feel like geno will… regress to the mean

  6. It's 7 games he's started with the Seahawks now, it's pretty obvious at this point he's just actually become a much better QB than he was early in his career.

  7. Never understood his hype/ADP. He never proved anything in previous seasons

  8. Season, he only played one of them, and had 1219 total yards and 7 TDs splitting the workload 50/50.

  9. Based on one fluke game. The game after which Waddle went off and Hill had 2 catches for 35 yards. Then the game after Hill went off while Waddle had a quiet game.

  10. Lol ironic you're the one actually writing two top 5 WRs off because they have a single 4 point game each. 13, 13, 15, and 20 pt games are otherwise solid performances.

  11. Pls come back Winston. Dalton is fine for Olave but want those deep shot connections

  12. xuz says:

    WRob? W'DRob? Either way I hope we finally get to see what he can do this week

  13. EPA/Play by vs them by QB since 2018 (just the Mahomes period), min. 20 attempts

  14. Damn even with the time Erik Harris picked him off 26 times in 1 game?

  15. Didn’t someone point out that these numbers are only slightly better than his overall career averages?

  16. I also have the Raiders number: 32. As in they are the 32nd ranked defense over Mahomes's career as a starter in like any metric you pick. This is honestly less than I'd expect of a deviation vs the literal worst defense in the league.

  17. there’s a lot more to the HoF than just the numbers. starting your career hosting 4 straight AFCCGs and playing in two super bowls, winning one, in that time is uh… slightly different from Stafford lol.

  18. The numbers are also wildly different, as are the accolades. Like an MVP award is meaningless now apparently.

  19. He 100% gets the Terrell Davis entry if he gets injured out of the game. Four seasons as a starter where he at least made the Pro-Bowl and Conference Championship, he's been as clear of a HoF player as you can be.

  20. If your model thinks Croby has a 30% chance of missing a 38 yard FG then you need to revisit your model.

  21. That's not how any of that math works. Crosby scoring added 30% to the win chance, they had a 70% chance to win before he kicked the FG despite needing a score on the FG (or a penalty and another shot) to win.

  22. Brittney Griner would like a word

  23. That's not really a relevant comparison. She was just playing for a Russian league for the better part of a decade, there was no international event with a microscope on it and billions of dollars of revenue influx (for someone anyways).

  24. If your best guy friend asks you if he can crash at your home for a night but dont tell your wife because he is emberased. Would you not cover for him?

  25. No, that's just not a reasonable thing to cover for him at the expense of the trust of your SO. The value paradigm doesn't make any sense, seriously breaching the trust of your relationship to spare your best friend being mildly embarrassed by a person I wouldn't be married to if I didn't think they had basic human empathy for the situation.

  26. Except she was reacting to his waving red flag. He was lying and deceiving her, and she sensed that. That doesn't encourage open and trusting communication. She was on her own, and she knew it. That's why it bothers me so much that just cause it wasn't sexual cheating, his cheating her is just brushed aside.

  27. That's what the person you're responding to just said.

  28. I would sometimes do the napkin math that taking a one week cruise was cheaper than just living in my house and buying groceries for that week, because when you could get a good sub-500$ rate it was a steal. But then you figure that even while you're not buying groceries, you're still paying for the mortgage and the insurance bills and I doubt you're cancelling Netflix etc while you're gone so you're still paying the utilities and whatever other crap you pay for monthly. I mean yeah, they're still ridiculously oblivious, but that 7800$ is probably on top of their normal living expenses minus groceries.

  29. Some people retire and just live on cruise ships because it's cheaper than a retirement community with most of the resources available.

  30. Is it bad that I love most of the worst candy ever made. Oh well, I guess that's more for me

  31. I like every single candy I've read in this thread so far, except the foreign ones I haven't tried and cheap Easter chocolate.

  32. I both agree with this to a surprising extent, and still like them.

  33. I don’t remember any love boat commercials until today. We’re there commercials for this show last week?

  34. It's the premiere this week so going all out, but yes there were some commercials last week.

  35. That's weird, do raccoon's usually enjoy a proper English breakfast?

  36. Raccoon would absolutely destroy this no doubt.

  37. 3, not true he has 11 less yards, 1 more. That's way too small of anything to complain about a grade even if it was a volume based grade.

  38. It's not even edgy to hate cops, most people do. It's practically a cultural pastime

  39. Yes hence the sarcastic "so edgy".

  40. You guys think Reynolds will be relevant throughout the season, or too many mouths to feed once guys are healthy? He was scoring well back in weeks 2-3 before the Amon-Ra and Chark injuries.

  41. There's no chance Reynolds is a startable WR with a healthy Amon-ra/Jamo/Hock/Swift/Chark/Jamaal. There's not enough to go around in any offense to do that, and Reynolds isn't going to be the one to consistently get a chunk over so many talented players. Big if is them all being healthy.

  42. He has, pure on field will wise they are at least equal. Maybe Hollins is too and we haven't really gotten to see that side of him, but Zay was such a wholesome guy with an awesome attitude that it felt like he made everyone around him better.

  43. Everyone in the Raiders camp has been saying all of that about Hollins since he signed, and Eagles/Dolphins fans still love him for his off the field personality/locker room presence despite being a career 200 yard receiver.

  44. The ones that currently have real grass in domes (Vegas and AZ) have a retractable tray that goes outside between games. Previously some of the stadiums had external greenhouses and transfered in segments/trays, and I believe some of the cold weather stadiums without domes still do this in the winter. There are also turf grass hybrids that are supposed to solve both sides of the issue to some degree, but Idk how effective they are.

  45. so would this be a shared cost from league revenue? or would only the owners who had domes have to pay?

  46. Individual teams are responsible for ensuring safe playing conditions in their own stadiums.

  47. It was very obvious to everyone else that they definitely didn't actually think the options were city or no indoor plumbing...

  48. The team that already had Toney spending a high 2nd rd pick to draft a very similar skillset Wan'dale, Toney being fundamentally incapable of being on the field, Toney's complete lack of production outside of 2 games an entire season ago even on the rare occasion he has been on the field. We're talking about a waiver flyer lottery ticket here, Idk what more solid you need than that.

  49. We play our best against starting QBs, it’s the backups that give us a tough time. If Lamar gets hurt before this game then imma be worried

  50. Huntley being a legitimately good backup who fits really well in the system doesn't exactly help.

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