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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. And if you notice the connection between all of them, the confounding variable, then you are an antisemite.

  2. If you didn't even needed to have a test, it is mostly a luck of the draw to have been living in a free region.

  3. When do we start dying? I know all you anti-vaxxers know tons of people who died from these shots, but strangely enough I don’t know a single one. I know a few who died from covid, though.

  4. Source? Proof? Anything to substantiate any of these claims?

  5. Search for "source, source, I need a source copypasta" to know how others think about you.

  6. This idea that families had no toxicity back in the day and everything is way worse now just blatantly ignores reality.

  7. If that was true, how many markers of physical health, mental health, happiness and wealth have gone up since the 1960s?

  8. I checked the main subreddit and they are saying that "Thailand can do this because they all wear masks"

  9. It is the endgame. They now have to collect and squeeze every last dollar out of us before the dollar collapses and they have to start fresh with a new currency.

  10. Do we know more about CJ Werleman? His early life section of Wikipedia reads what?

  11. It's the tribe that has always done very good with money and interest, and has been leveraging the dispersal of their members across all the western world for eons.

  12. Kicking in doors in riot gear is not violence, isn't it?

  13. No other "health" measures have ever been promoted that hard.

  14. This is their final move. They know it's game over soon, so they let go of all pretenses and squeeze as hard as they can, as fast as possible, to get the last drop of wealth from us before we start looking for rope and pitchforks.

  15. The regime has discovered that cancelling people, their online and bank accounts and calling them "Nazi" works just as well if not better.

  16. The final stage in a kleptocracy. The final plundering of the people before they bring out the pitchforks.

  17. China's banks have had billions and billions of dollars worth of customer savings disappear. Like qr codes, some customers simply had their balance change on its own or the cards mysteriously deactivated and the bank is of course closed or restricted so you can't reactivate the card. Online banking is down because of maintenance for many months. But don't worry, the money is still there, they are told.

  18. Xi Jinping is, and the CCP that enables him.

  19. The left and right will now deny that there is any action that is not harming anyone. Because at a theoretical level, that is correct.

  20. When did the whole world decide to adopt sign language translations? I once saw Trudeau with two of them in each corner. Why does this seem so insidious?

  21. Virtue signaling as usual, but this time with an actual benefit to some.

  22. Bro, let me introduce you to the nuclear site of Mayak, Soviet Union.

  23. That's how we know we are living under a regime.

  24. They shut down schools and cancer screenings for COVID.

  25. We are at the end of a grand solar maximum, and will be in a grand solar minimum in three years. They're running out of time to scare us with the climate change narrative.

  26. Stellar bodies cycling between minimum and maximum in a few earth years?

  27. She's not wrong. England colonized Australia.

  28. If "hateful speech" is censored, they can't say those things (in public), but they are still thinking it. And they begin to group into ideological echo-chambers and reinforce their ideas, even radicalizating it.

  29. Worse still, it lends credibility to that speech.

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