1. Neither is buying crypto currencies, but some card issuers have been known to take issue with certain transactions and close accounts.

  2. For any dispute you typically need to provide documentation, such as the booking confirmation/receipt, and whatever correspondence you've had where the center states they won't issue a refund. Do any of these specifically say anything about ayahuasca? If not, I'd file the dispute and make no mention of that aspect of the retreat.

  3. What does "transfer out to partners" mean? Sorry, I'm not very financially literate.

  4. So the approval odds are high if you dont have a hard check within a year? I am thinking of applying for the Venture X and the last credit card (also my last hard check) i applied was in August 2021.

  5. No, it doesn't make your approval odds high -- it just cuts out the issue of being denied for too many recent inquiries or new accounts, as OP experienced.

  6. If you're someone who can dig into a rabbit hole researching a topic online, educate yourself on how to make good use of Amex Membership Rewards points, and consider the Amex Platinum's elevated sign-up bonuses (e.g. 125k + 10x on restaurants, maybe 150k).

  7. I may be stating the obvious, but you always want to attempt to resolve with the merchant first, even if they have a reputation for being scammy. In this case it may be your only hope for getting a full refund for past months. Maybe you'll luck out with an employee who recognizes the scammy nature of their billing practices and wants to do good.

  8. Post removed. Sorry, but you really should have mention in the post title that you're based in Canada, as most users on this sub are in the US, and know little about Canadian credit card options.

  9. I'd assume the negative point balance would carry over. Check your downgrade options using the Capital One Upgrade Link in the sidebar (on desktop browser view). Quicksilver is likely your best bet since the SavorOne won't be an option.

  10. You can't product change to the SavorOne -- that doesn't mean you can't PC to other cards (e.g. Quicksilver).

  11. Mainly want to rack up points for traveling, wish I could pair it with something else, I’m aware of the chase trifecta. I know there is also a lot of good cash back credit cards out there but mainly interested in traveling perks.

  12. Just had a purchase at Fred Meyer, the app puts it under the category of "Grocery stores".

  13. I figured if Walmart/Target were excluded from being considered a Supermarket, then Fred Meyer would as well since they carry mostly the same range of products.

  14. I've edited the post to mention Fred Meyer counts as groceries. Thanks for the data point.

  15. For any Amazon shopping, just buy Amazon gift cards at gas stations for 10x instead of 5x.

  16. Read the Credit Card Basics page linked in the sidebar (on desktop browser view).

  17. Oh you’re right. I should have just agreed to the numerous comments on our benefits and just left it at that. A conversation about the reasons we have crappy benefits may lead to change and we can’t have that. It’s best to acknowledge our issues and not do anything about them.

  18. This is not a sub for the discussion of political or social issues. Comments locked.

  19. I have the CSP here - Gold doesn't seem worth it for me compared to the Aspire where I get a free luxury Hilton stay a year, plus you get that $250 Hilton credit. That could be a few nights in a lower end hotel or something, or $250 towards a nicer place.

  20. Citi premier AF $95 posted, called Ccare to close the card because of the fee and wasn’t offered any retention offers, only downgrade path. Told them o need time to decide and will call later.

  21. Your account is suspicious, your post is suspicious, and this isn't a credit card related problem, so the post has been removed.

  22. You can absolutely do this, though it would be wise to at least make it look like organic spend -- i.e. buy one $500 Visa gift card plus a few other groceries per trip. Buying $2000 of VGCs at once could certainly raise fraud flags and eyebrows.

  23. Thanks, I've heard of this one and the green state card mentioned by the other commenter as well. Do you have the penfed card? If so how do you usually redeem? The post says that gift cards and flights both redeem < 1cpp while hotels can be above 1cpp.

  24. How often do you guys use your inactive cards to avoid closures? Once every couple months?

  25. Venture for the sub. Would downgrade after 10 months.

  26. Post removed because your post title lacks info. Repost with a better title, i.e. "Is the PayPal Cashback card a MC World or World Elite?"

  27. Read the Credit Card Basics page linked in the sidebar (on desktop browser view).

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