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  1. Local law enforcement cannot enforce federal laws. MCPD should bill the feds for the amount of money and manpower being used for this

  2. Why can't Montgomery County enforce their own ordinance?

  3. Did you read the ordnance? If they are walking up and down the street then they are not in violation. That and with the new anti police bills that went into effect July 1 officers hands are pretty much tied

  4. Only the neutral auction house. The auction house in major cities is faction specific. Gadget and BB have the neutral AH

  5. +1 weapons, fun minor magic items/trinkets and a few hundred gold apiece for a big fight

  6. You need to get your guild reputation up first. Basically quest, run dungeons with guild mates. That kind of thing

  7. Depends on the piece I think. Go to the vendor and the tooltip will tell you

  8. Sounds like an opportunity for them to capture the party and make the party complete some task to make up for their actions. Failure to complete said task would be punishable by death. There are geas spells and curses. A hombrew magic item or something like that would work as well.

  9. One dispell magic and there goes their party trick…

  10. Yeah but i dont want to just nope their combo away. That would feel bad and all. I will deffinietly do that if they face a pure caster like a mage villain but i feel like dragon would take time to prove his superiority. Kind of like Vegeta from Dragonball. It would take pride in beating the enemy regardless of how big the enemy is.

  11. Depends on the dragon. Hell an old enough dragon would just use a breath weapon and not even bother standing up. You can play it how you want to as the DM. In general let them use their trick. But some creatures and foes are smart enough to stop that dead in its tracks. Dragons probably fall in that category

  12. Yes i press the timewarp everytime no cooldown. Is best spell for magician but very long cooldown for me. Everytime big pull this spell the best

  13. When people are telling you to hit bloodlust they are referring to your timewarp cooldown. It’s affects the entire party and should be used at certain times/pulls. It’s not used on cooldown

  14. Omg i read again tooltip. This why spell is not working everytime... Thanks for help. I go try again so this spell only for boss?

  15. That depends on the group and dungeon. Sometimes it’s used for large trash pulls to save time but in general specific bosses

  16. I don’t see why they couldn’t use a held action to target the object. They risk losing their turn if the NPC doesn’t drop it.

  17. There are already mechanics in most games for this. Held/delayed actions. White wolf has pack maneuvers and stuff as well. It’s up to the DM and there are plenty of home brew teamwork things to throw in

  18. Depending on the illusion spell (eg a minor illusion) there would only be one save because suggestion is a one and done

  19. But you would get some sort of a reflex save at that point

  20. That would require extremely good reflexes if you want to be realistic.

  21. Like all things RPG it’s up to how the DM wants to play it. If they want to make a combo extra deadly they can. It’s ultimately how they want their game to be

  22. Plenty of ways to open portals between realms and plane hop. Wild magic or on purpose…

  23. Just drop them off at any school or a teacher. I’m sure they can get them to students in need

  24. TBC was a grind. Raiding was tough because you needed the core geared to succeed but after they were geared they had no reason to stick around

  25. Combat rogue is soooooo tough. Keep up slice n dice. Spam sinister strike, eviscerate to spend combo points in between

  26. Was just going to say….limit the recovery time. It’s a war zone. Gotta keep moving or you get discovered. Encounter after encounter. If they make too much noise the reinforcements come. Wear them down over time. Play up the urgency and fear of getting pinned down. No place is safe.

  27. If you don’t want fireball to be used put them in an enclosed space. If a wizard wants a TPK that’s on them. You have the advantage of knowing classes and location so pick the location that challenges the players. Maybe you can have a giant ballroom with archers on a balcony and melee on the ground. The wizard can wipe out the archers with a fireball and that leaves the ground troops. But you planned it that way. The wizard is useful because without that fireball the party would be pin cushions and with it they have a challenging fight that they might be able to survive

  28. I always liked the balance of power reason. A god cannot act directly because if they do the other gods can as well. So they use intermediaries. Same with powerful wizards and kings. Adventures are cutaways and ways to skirt the spirit of a rule without breaking the letter of it.

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