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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. She does. She manages marketing activities for them

  2. So tell Me, did you ever see a CEO did that before??? It’s like the CEO of nike manages the marketing activities of adidas 😅

  3. Well, 10% would be 10 cents from every dollar.

  4. Yeah sorry you’re right. That means for every dollar we burn at the momentan around 4 cents

  5. Bro are you stupid? The solutions is If you implement a burn mechanism on every transaction instead of increasing supply is the real solution. Stop with your stupid questions and shut the fuck up

  6. ask you mom why she didn’t use birth control pill

  7. Take a look at OP's reddit history and then feel free to disregard

  8. Bro shut the fuck up with you racist shit. I hate this b*tch Dho But here is no place for racism.

  9. Hope they deny to list this shit. I made a loss but I don’t want that this bitch Doh will earn any penny of Luna2

  10. People are actually asking if this coin is going to spike, that means we deserve a 5 year bear market. And I hope the market is going to squeeze every kid that got caught in till the last penny. It's unbelievable how many guys that have no idea about the crypto space are actually spending money on coins and then asking bullshit questions on social media. Since many of you are asking that the coin is going to spike, you deserve to get rugpulled.

  11. Get fucked, kids. And most importantly go ahead and invest more in Luna. Give us your money and get rugpulled more.

  12. Stop this fake news shit. Read his Twitter statement! Also Snapshot at 05.27.2022 for holder after 12th

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