1. I also recommend this place. They made me an absolutely awesome walnut countertop.

  2. Damn, missed the rask....if anyone feels like moving one, lemme know :')

  3. You actually don't need to do port forwarding in your firewall. It'll still find peers just fine. You're also going to need another consensus client though. I recommend lodestar as it's the only one that doesn't need to download 50+GB of info get in sync.

  4. Thanks. I take it there's no risk of getting slashed, as long as I don't point either Nethermind or Lodestar at my secrets file?

  5. Most blocks are nowhere near this large of rewards. Does anyone know why some are so high like this? Gas fees are wildly low, so I really don't understand why you would ever spend this much on transactions when a lower fee would have accomplished the exact same thing.

  6. May I ask why you would switch from the most rock solid client to the one that is constantly in headlines for having issues?

  7. I switched before the merge to promote client diversity. Sue me.

  8. Perfectly fine reason. Just wondering why you chose Besu over the others. I'm currently testing all of them before staking real ETH and besu has been nothing but a pain in the ass. I'm trying to figure out if I should stick with it or just say fuck this client.

  9. I would love to run a node for folks. Take a very very small percentage of profits and I'll do the legwork of keeping the node online and updated since I like doing this stuff anyways. Would be cool if it was easier to do this type of thing.

  10. I think this post is inaccurate but on a technical level Prysm waits for a block from mev boost, if it doesn’t get it it defaults to geth builder. No comparison of profits happens

  11. Take for example block

  12. And if you click the address that the payment went to, it really doesn't make any sense to me.

  13. No more than a foot of snow. Obviously I’d wipe it off, but I’m more thinking overnight/during a work day.

  14. Yeah thats not gonna hurt it at all. You’re good to go. You’ll see once you get it. It has plenty of support and can hold a lot of weight.

  15. On average, if you had to use just one,

  16. Do you know how to see the actual tips sent by each of the MEV-relays? I can't seem to find this anywhere.

  17. Which relays are you using? And do you know which one actually built your block? I think that's the right terminology.

  18. I'm running pretty much all the clients on goerli testnet to see which one i like most to run on mainnet so i've been doing ALOT of tinkering. I'm using eth-docker for the most part since it's easy.

  19. Background: I set up Besu/lighthouse and let them sync for about a week. I haven't deposited the eth yet as I want to make sure my validator is working correctly first. I am getting this warning periodically after updating besu today. Does this look correct? Can I go ahead and deposit my 32 eth now?

  20. People around discord aren't happy with the Besu update, but if you want to proceed with it, it looks like you're fully sync'd and can go ahead and deposit your ETH. I'd keep an eye out and be ready to update Besu, because they'll surely release another version in the coming days.

  21. I’m a total noob bud, sorry. Apart, I have ssh disabled for security

  22. SSH is as secure as it gets. Just disable password based SSH and it's nearly impossible (barring a zero day exploit) for someone to get into your machine. SSH will make your life alot easier. you can copy and paste code/logs/etc all from the comfort of your couch or wherever you like to work from.

  23. I wasn’t aware of all of that. I just simply kept all geth and prysm updated. Today, after read that, I configured the jwt and all flags as you can see in my pictures but beacon chain seemed to show always the same messages so I decided to delete the db and start from scratch.

  24. No. Geth should stay up and running regardless of what the consensus client is doing. Try following all the guides that tell you what to do to prepare for the merge. And don't just do deleting databases. That shit takes half a day minimum to recover. Do a sudo journalctl -u geth and show us some more logs of geth please.

  25. No way. A normal proposal is like 0.028 ETH. 0.154 is absolutely massive for a proposal.

  26. Yes. You said “0.154 ETH for that one attestation”

  27. I think you just need to keep waiting. Syncing execution client can EASILY take a day. I personally would shut off nimbus for 20-30 minutes and see if that makes geth do anything different. Maybe nimbus is making calls that is preventing geth from doing what it needs to do.

  28. Geth is by far the fastest. Also the majority.... I'd say just go with geth until the besu team fixes their client.

  29. Anything you can say that would talk me out of buying that pen? Looks really cool

  30. I don’t know about this one, but I bought the titanium one and I’m very unhappy with it. It’s gritty and rough and doesn’t click well. For a hundred bucks I expected WAYYY more. The finish is absolutely incredible though. I won’t buy another Tactile Turn because of this.

  31. 100 bucks for a fucking CLICKETY BALLPOINT PEN?? I get these for free at my bank

  32. Lmao. You don’t get THESE at your local bank. 100 bucks is cheap for these “high end” pens. The one pictured is like 150 or something and it’s not even titanium I don’t think. Zirconium pens go for 300 and up. It’s kinda hilarious how expensive a god damn pen is.

  33. I may end up exiting so I can rotate my validator keys (unless this is offered as a separate feature).

  34. I could consolidate multiple seed phrases, and I'd love to setup a withdrawal address (+ honestly a presigned withdrawal transaction).

  35. Oh boy. I don't even know what a presigned withdrawal transaction is!! Clearly I have not done enough research. Def agree on consolidating seed phrases though.

  36. I asked a friend if he wanted the Norseman but he said no. I dont care for any Norseman

  37. Can I ask why you continue to bother with Erigon? if they aren't helping you, then what will you do once you're finally online, staking real ETH, and you run into issues? If they won't help you, that's 100% a non-starter. Just move on.

  38. Why the heck do developers not put their version into the docker image metadata so I can see it when I do docker image inspect? When I'm using nethermind:latest, its way too difficult to see what version I'm actually using.

  39. the biggest downside of the current state of ETH is that rewards CANNOT go up. People can stake but noonse can unstake, so you're sharing among more and more people by the hour. Until they allow unstaking, things will only get worse. This is what's preventing me from staking. Currently I'm running a couple validators on testnet, but not sure I want to lock up any real ETH with so much uncertainty and such tiny rewards.

  40. It’s kind of mind blowing how long it takes to sync from scratch. Seems like it should be easily fixable

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