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  1. I love the KARMA burn mechanism

  2. yeah you guys are right, I only have like 3 trillion. initially it took a lot of effort to get that first trillion but I've been more patient now. I'm not unrealistic though I don't think my $400 bag is going to become $4 million

  3. this guys is a good supporter of the community

  4. good opportunity here, people have a real good chance to win tokens

  5. yeah I was annoyed by that too i wonder if some of these russian sites have been cut off due to everything going on

  6. it probably has to do with people arbing in and out of exchanges, that's where most of the data comes from on these charts

  7. Yeah I get that, I’m just a mod, just a holder like all you guys, I am just trying to moderate the Reddit. I posted the most recent update and everyone still bitched me out. So it’s pretty discouraging for me to try to keep moderating this sub.

  8. That's the job though brother. It's your job to bring the news from the tg, thank you for this. It's also your job to bring it up to the team things that are said here. Now the team should be active here like tg but oh well.

  9. This is starting to be childish. Is this how you want future investors to see this? Yes people who have invested are upset but calling them out? Come on. Address each comment/concern/angry question with a well thought out answer addressing the issue. If it's just angry rude fud then delete it and comment we don't tolerate it that type of language etc...

  10. That’s why I am trying to get everyone to chill and quit posting negative stuff. Which everyone then says to me it’s not negative, it’s a legitimate investor concern. but it’s still negative and it still sits up on our sub and makes us look like major fucking retards.

  11. Aren't those annual equivalent rates? I.e. 30 day option you'd get 30/365 x 7% return?

  12. Yeah I think this is the right answer OP… it’s 7% APY, not 7% for the 30 days.

  13. Hahaha I love you comment and facts bro same shit different month, one of these months hopefully it comes true.

  14. Yeah I mean Shiba will also go up in next bull run, so to pass them would take some crazy confluence of events like going viral and all that stuff, which seems unlikely, but if BTC gets to 100K in a couple years I would think we could get to $10B or so

  15. We matched the buybacks the past two times. 1 eth out of dev funds to support the token. But we never committed to matching indefinitely which we cannot maintain without an increase in volume. The mining rate is public and visible. We mine ~.6 eth per month at current rates. So yes in 29 days we are just over .5 eth so everything lines up.

  16. That’s cool, I would rather get monthly .5 buybacks than wait for 7 weeks for the 1 ETH

  17. This doesn’t make sense… the rule was to retweet / comment etc on the twitter post. Only 15.3k retweeted, 11.1k liked.

  18. Yeah that’s true, but we also have seen that twitters numbers are messed up. Once we were waiting on 1000 retweets or something for a news release and we raided it and twitter would flat out take away 50-60 retweets after awhile, it was weird

  19. I will leave this up a little longer to see if Closer can answer the liquidity lock question. Point taken about not just using TG to communicate but we can’t have this kind of negative stuff dominating the Reddit. There isn’t any news in TG right now either, there hasn’t been a AMA in a few weeks, no one is being lied to or not told what’s going on. There’s just nothing actively going on right now day to day (well they have hinted about working on something but we don’t know anything about that yet so there’s really nothing to say yet)

  20. "Point taken about not just using TG to communicate but we can’t have this kind of negative stuff dominating the Reddit."

  21. There is legitimately nothing to post right now. There just isn’t. I’m not saying they’re not legitimate concerns but we can’t have a Reddit forum exist where the only stuff there is complaining, we might as well just pull it down. The main Dev of the MCU ecosystem just had a baby and doesn’t have time to reply to this stuff right now so sorry it comes off like being ignored but it’s reality.

  22. I see it available in Denver, I clicked a few others and i didn’t see it as an option

  23. That’s great, he already had the cult status going before with the log cabin, but this new version of Chris really seems to be connecting with people in a way I really haven’t seen before. Like there’s a lot of comedy legends out there, but how many have fans that love them like this

  24. Initially I had planned on converting to USDC and leaving on an interest paying platform but leaving anything in an exchange now seems really idiotic, honestly just swapping when you hit your target X And moving to coinbase to cash out is probably the smartest way at this point

  25. Like when it is or put the audio on Reddit?

  26. Put the audio on Reddit. We just lost another 2 holders today. It’s fucked up. Hope this next ama has good news on some exchanges. When’s the next ama? Was there one this week?

  27. Zerion might as well just be called Jeet alert system

  28. Just so you know not that much is removed. I’m on a Mod now and I see the activity and generally only the really overtly negative stuff like “this is a total scam project!” Gets removed. That situation last week was unfortunate.

  29. Exactly, there was a great conversation last week. Informative, but the mods deemed it as FUD. I'm bullish, but it's not a good look when the only engagement is coming from mods. Antillean does a great job in keeping us updated, but it shouldn't come at the expense of organic discourse.

  30. I disagreed with pulling down that discussion too, fortunately I was able to get a couple good comments in to that one guy before it did

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