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  1. Bro why does he keep talking about this we get it lakers fucked up bad but come on focus on your team dude

  2. Chad Stahelski because he actually wants to do it! Let’s get the rewrites going

  3. Two people that shouldn't even have had one, let alone two!

  4. Weren’t they trying to move to New York on like no income and live in a tiny appt

  5. I completely disagree with this take. As someone who hasn’t had a decent sleep in two months since our son was born. I MISS YOU SLEEP

  6. Ham is a rookie headcoach. Maybe it's a good thing he has a big staff.

  7. I personally think Rasheed could have helped keep ad motivated All year , they play styles are actually not that far off from on another and sheed became a good shooter

  8. I wouldn’t be shocked down the line if it’s gonna be another Ben Affleck and JLo situation.

  9. Selena won’t go back after everything.. at least I hope she won’t

  10. Not to mention a full day in 2020 was 72 hours

  11. Her poor son gonna see this 🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. Back when Val Kilmer was our Batman… but not by choice. Honestly took him for granted and didn’t realize it until clooney was Batman LOL

  13. Give this movie to Chad Stahelski. He said he wanted to do blade , leave his movie to an action movie pro. If he could do with this what he did with John wick series it would be so good

  14. Bacon could be a nice pick up as well. Curious to see who gets that spot

  15. Lol Russ looking like the brother in get out

  16. I wouldn’t say likely only because Chicago would be admitting defeat by trading him away which would also in them really upset Lavine who just signed that extension. I do see a deal out there but unfortunately I doubt the bulls would sink that low

  17. Bad.. just bad Portland only potential win maybe nuggets cuz they usually start slow

  18. Agreed they won’t even answer the call if rob tried

  19. Yes! finally another Kanye fan who doesn’t dig the columbine couture

  20. Hahah There is nothing appealing about that outfit to me lmaoo


  22. Why is carti in the crowd is he helping ?

  23. He really goes to bed at 730. Must be nice what does his family say when he’s in bed before the kids

  24. If his wife is clearly still supporting him then why is this girl still going on. Let it go , leave them alone and let them work on their relationship in peace if that’s what they choose to do. People want clout so bad it’s actually sad

  25. My only issue is that by January what if the season is another failure. By January teams are more likely to take Russ yes but he could also just be so bad they just make lakers just hold onto him until offseason. But who knows

  26. This is the correct answer. Third place : The Golden Girls.

  27. They aren’t moving the team they are selling 1/3. It won’t leave Arizona , Players actually enjoy playing in phoenix

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