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  1. What a hypocritical circlejerk. Japan has the highest Covid-Infection-Numbers in the developed world right now, despite it's harsh border lockdown. You're currently more likely to catch covid in Japan than abroad. It's also unbelievable that the author seems to be surprised by the realization that even Japanese People can bring Covid into the country when returning from abroad.

  2. What about the Chinese circuit? The one F1 uses I believe that is a 5km straight with a curved embanked run up which allows F1 cars to top out. That circuit should do for speed nuts.

  3. The whole length of the Shanghai circuit used for f1 is about 5.4km, the straight is only 1.4 km, so pretty difficult to sustain 400 kmh on that.

  4. I did, im just not changing it based on that video. The world is literally a better place because of those nukes. The japanese were the most disgusting inhuman forces in the war and then surrendering cannot be seen as a bad thing.

  5. But doesnt that video argue that the surrender of Japan was due to the Soviet Union invading? If the bombs were not the ultimate cause for surrender, how did the bombs make the world a better place and cause the end of the most disgusting inhuman forces?

  6. If you think 2 back to back nukes didn’t contribute significantly to japan’s surrender, then youre delusional.

  7. Contribute? Most likely. But I don't think they were as large as a factor as you'd expect. The US bombed 68 cities in Japan during the summer of 1945, and Hiroshima wasn't even the worst in number killed or area destroyed. On the other hand, the Japanese government had hoped the Soviets would continue the neutrality pact. It was already discussed in June 1945 that peace between Japan and the Soviet Union would be the only way they could continue the war. Once the Soviets denounced the pact, they knew they had no chance.

  8. Shibuya isn’t planning to send out coupons to under 65s until late July, with reservations starting in August. Of course plans are changing every day, but I believe that’s still current.

  9. I think a massa type incident would bounce the spring off the screen and send it god knows where which is better than off the drivers head

  10. At the speeds of f1 cars though, wouldn't there be a possibilty that parts bounce off the screen and go into the grandstands?

  11. Which I heard of but why blame them for having big dicks? Anyway, don't want to get involved in racial stuffs. I thought there is some pun I didn't get...

  12. If there are no big dicks, small dicks become big dicks

  13. Aston villa is in the relegation zone with a game in hand (one fewer games than everyone else). Are they mathematically relegated?

  14. Well if the season was officially ended, then yes Aston Villa are mathematically relegated as 27 points is more than 25 points. However, even if you ignored the most recent match results and compared all teams at 28 games played, they still would be relegated.

  15. I honestly dont know how anyone my age smoked (last year millenial) we were shown several very graphic videos of what smoking does to the body and got to see the effects of cigarettes on the previous generations.

  16. Speaking to smokers, one point they have regarding those pictures of black lungs and such is that they will most likely never see their own lungs, which I'm inclined to agree with

  17. But the dutch had Christijan Albers and Giedo van der Garde before Max too?

  18. And nobody ridicules Apple for being litigious.

  19. Well why would they be cosidered litigious? A patent infringement seems like quite a valid reason to take legal action.

  20. I would disagree because at the moment there are two teams whose cars stand out:

  21. People are saying that this is crazy expensive, but it really is just only a bit more expensive than Moto GP video pass

  22. Do you imagine Mercedes or Red Bull painting their cars whatever colour the main sponsor is? What McLaren is trying to do is move away from Ron Dennis logic (who was still running McLaren F1 team as it was a independent team from 80s or 90s) and use F1 to promote McLaren brand in the first place.

  23. Weren't the Red Bulls partly purple when they were with Infiniti?

  24. I'm sorry to hear that man but fuck her, over time it will hurt less and you'll have a better idea of what you're worth and what you deserve. Keep your head up

  25. Serious answer here, but the fact that I have a flat screen TV, a girl who loves me (I was a weird kid), and am not obese anymore would make young me pretty stoked to hear.

  26. Man, I need to find these open box sales of girls who would love me.

  27. You wanna get really thrown for a loop? A nazi saved a lot of people during Nanking.

  28. You wanna really really get thrown for a loop? A japanese diplomat saved a bunch of jewish people from the holocaust.

  29. Its from the nhl hockey series 10127-1 set

  30. Let's get this started, I found this very capable build on

  31. Wouldn't you technically have to add at least 119$ for windows?

  32. Jesus Christ that's horrifying. It does amaze me how far Motorsport safety has come in the past 23 years but there's still so much room for human error

  33. Oh my god, gather the children! Grey is starting his "year of less" stream of content again!!!

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