1. If you support them, donate money. The goverment shouldn't be spending any money outside of what they are responsible for. The government should however allow for those donations to be tax deductible if they support the cause.

  2. One would hope... but I'm not so sure. If they are using a magstrip with a latching mechanism, as is common with the RDID readers, it's not as straightforward as you might think.

  3. Yeah sorry, we call the magnetic release solenoid latches for our security doors "mag strips", albeit incorrectly, but that that's what they've been referred to as by someone many years ago, and the name stuck.

  4. Dont forget your legs; They have a lot of things in them that like to squirt a lot blood some cases if you don't control the bleeding within a few minutes, you'll black out and die

  5. Canada has a plummeting birth rate and demographic issue that it has poorly tried to cover up with mass importing migrants (usually from the 3rd world) and it has not worked out so great. It hasn’t worked out super well in other countries with similar population problems it’s caused lots of instability. Ill give you that its a little sensationalist to call the policy “suicidal” but he’s not far off either

  6. Contact a recruiter, make a LinkedIn profile, keep at it. We hired 3 people recently with no experience under their belts... 2 of them lied and said they had years of experience... but they got hired and now I have to teach them literally everything!

  7. Because trying to fix the problem would 1. Not work and 2. Be more expensive

  8. Don't forget 3. Make it so the politicians can't campaign on solving that issue anymore

  9. And democrats were the party of the Klan. The winning Italian platform is populist, not fascist, can the left please stop pretending that its the same thing.

  10. The more important question is how are they going to stop you? Use police to fucking protect lobsters on the floor?

  11. Any hunter/angler in Canada fucking knows not to cross a ministry of natural resources, conservation, or fishing officer.

  12. ...what is this? Are you wanting us to flame you? This is truly the participation trophy of tactical LARPing

  13. Yeah... not the sweats and t, it's the balaclava, slav squat, and gas bar special glasses combined.

  14. "Inflation has come down this last month, everything is fixed", as if it's not a rate that is accumulating. Expect more of the same going forward, probably another hike or two before the end of 2023

  15. Can't wait for these clips to show up in a Democrat's campaign, if not in the midterms, then durring Trumps next run

  16. You can get heatshrink with solder inside to make a perfect connection... not sure if it's available at the homedepot, but if you have an electronics supplier, like a microcenter, or if you have a DeLorean to go back to a '90s RadioShack.

  17. Lol. We wouldn't. Minus a few smaller concentrated pockets of the city, Buffalo is rather low on violent crime, and its pretty liberal.

  18. I guess it matters how you define "low on violent crime", but one can make the argument that you're not...

  19. If real, and it's not, Buffalo NY is the LAST place this would open. The number of vehicles doing a drive by shooting at this location would actually alter the traffic routes on Waze or Google Maps.

  20. You're forgetting the whole process of legal immigration that the right loves to harp on about.

  21. Check the drive has an enable signal or link to the enable terminal. Also could it be the STO? Should be linked if your not using it. Is the drive showing any status codes? You can check the input terminal status on a 525, Parameter B01e so you can confirm it’s seeing signals. Have you power cycled the drive after set up? Sometimes need to do this for some parameters to take effect - I think o it comms one’s on a 525.

  22. If by crab syndrome you mean, "get the fuck out of the bucket and into the chipper"... then yes.

  23. I'm sorry... what exactly makes her Blue? Because this is pretty far from a trad-wife.

  24. I've been apart of a number of fluster-cluck installs, and I can empathize. If you are stressing out over work, and you don't enjoy what you're doing there, put out some feelers. I'm not one to leave a place without something else lined up, even under the best of economies... but if you're comfortable doing that, just go. Once an employee starts looking, they're already gone. Sounds like you already know this isn't where you want to be.

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