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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

I'm in this with you.

  1. I would really recommend not going for the highest rates but highest safety as you may end up losing all of you do otherwise.

  2. How do you mean? I've read from people here who stake them at centralized exchanges

  3. I think many use the term "staking" but in reality just lend it.

  4. But of course...thanksgiving is coming! Turkeys are booming!

  5. I knew I would find this joke somewhere here.

  6. Well BTC is likely to recover at some point, the lira on the other hand ...

  7. Fiat currencies fall but never recover. BTC on the other hand does...

  8. Moral of the story: If you're gonna use a CEX, use one of the bigger trusted ones.

  9. Or in the best case just use a crypto wallet or even hardware wallet.

  10. So volume as an indicator is useless?

  11. If you go with that logic than every indicator is useless.

  12. Seems like everyone knew their Crypto project is dying but just not the community.

  13. They only withdrew to help the community.. heroes

  14. And then sadly they all had a yacht accident simultaneously...

  15. Watch me somehow still lose money even on this

  16. Maybe this is finally where nobody can lose any money. Maybe that's the chosen one...

  17. SEC would do everything but not a BTC spot ETF.

  18. Sorry but I do not agree. Instead of just some adoption I would prefer adoption that actually uses crypto in some way that's acceptable.

  19. Even if those people are using it wrong...

  20. If you tell someone about self custody you are definitely just helping him and not harming that person.

  21. They even make such faces when they talk about Bitcoin.

  22. You just described 80% of Crypto with your first two points.

  23. Alternate headline: everything is shit, but here’s the least shitty shit

  24. Not true. If everything turns to shit we usually turn the shit the fastest.

  25. Whenever I see this type of article and let’s say the market up 5%, the very next day it will come back down.

  26. That article is a bit older tho I think.

  27. SEC fucked my 2017 XRP Investment, i hope they lose

  28. SEC is trying to fuck crypto but I hope they get fucked back.

  29. Besides the support for Ripple that has poured in, the San Francisco-based tech firm has also notched several procedural victories in the case. Most recently, a U.S. District Court judge overruled the SEC’s attempts to prevent Ripple from accessing emails pertaining to the speech by former SEC Corporation Finance Division Director William Hinman, where he said rival crypto, Ethereum, was not a security.

  30. Can't wait for this to be over one day. This is literally the Ethereum Merger 2.0

  31. El Salvador doing for crypto more than any entity in the market

  32. Hard to believe that mainstream new outlets don’t always tell the whole story … /s

  33. Or even the true story in any way.

  34. This post explains perfectly why mass adoption is a long way to go. I pride myself on dabbling with crypto for quite Some years, but when I see a post like this I’ll just shrug, save for later and return to browsing. It’s just too much of a hassle.

  35. But its also easier once you get posts like this.

  36. This will be the that will show if we can really hope for BTC to finally set its own path away from stocks.

  37. Would not bet too much on that scenario.

  38. Okay so right now I’m actually making a school project for Deutsche Bank. What you’re saying is I don’t have to finish it since they’ll collapse? Thanks got it

  39. Jokes on you. I was actually looking for an internship with some bank. Guess deutsche Bank is not one of the options...

  40. Now someone call up the Japanese PM and tell him to buy Reddit NFTs.

  41. Im not the japanese prime minister, so unfortunately i cannot answer you accurately

  42. We just gotta ask the Japanese PM lurking on this sub.

  43. It's just weird when such a big purchase is not even a suprise looking at the even bigger NFT sales we got in the past days.

  44. Ngl, reading a book about crypto tech is probably very interesting as you will learn just way more.

  45. Sorry I get all my information from youtubers and tiktokers.

  46. Rent costs etc also play a big role in that but the biggest one is just human psychology.

  47. That's the only way it can die as all the Ethereum Killers have been too busy to kill themselves.

  48. No matter what you think of etherium and if you are invested, Vitalik is an asset for the crypto world

  49. After Satoshi, he is the best crypto "CEO" we could have.

  50. Zuckerberg definitely browses this place too, hey Zucc fuck you

  51. I'm sure he would be in a depression by now if he saw this sub.

  52. They'd be too busy making reddit accounts fomoing into the sub when they see Moons at $1 👀

  53. I'm sure this sub will be so overloaded that reddit will crash.

  54. While technically true, this is a little misleading. If a $2 billion dollar market cap asset loses $1 billion, it goes down 50%. If it later gains that $1 billion back, it goes up 100%. So it takes the same amount of money to regain.

  55. You are talking about market cap here which is mit exactly the same as price movements.

  56. I fell like many always underplay how many gains are actually needed ro just break even on their entry.

  57. First they are trying to make every crypto a security and now apperantly every person that knows a seed phrase is a hacker...

  58. Netflix got like a hundred crypto stories in the past months. Don't think they have even enough budget for that.

  59. Netflix got like a hundred crypto stories in the past months. Don't think they have even enough budget for that.

  60. so the monetary crash will be comparable too?

  61. If we fuck it up just like they did, then yes.

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