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  1. It's both. We alert people to scams and we laugh at those who told everyone else to "have fun staying poor".

  2. Well, at least don't lose your entire life savings on a token created by some grifter. McDonalds won't be able to deal with so many applicants.

  3. The official reddit app is just former Alien Blue with more trackers than the NSA embedded into it.

  4. The comments are OTT but Bitcoin isn't bad from a technical standpoint.

  5. Problem is the vast majority of people are only buying it from a "number goes up" standpoint, and that combined with Tether pumping and massive fraud has pumped the number so obscenely high that a gentle breeze could very well cause it to lose yet another 75% of its value

  6. This is true, which is why it should all be treated as a gamble at best.

  7. Wanting a house, wanting a family, and wanting to reproduce is not greed.

  8. So instead of any chance at a decent life you decide to gamble it away. GG.

  9. No, thats the thing. If you have a normal job, you cant afford a home. The only way to be able to afford a home is to have a 5x or 10x of current salaries/wages.

  10. Did Duolingo just hide their branding behind the iPhone notch to watermark every screenshot from their app?

  11. This meme is only true if you've only tried one linear switch.

  12. If USC loses .. Georgia beats LSU.. bama is back in it.

  13. Alabama and OSU fans are so fun when they are losing.

  14. I mean, coming from someone with 200days in this game, most badges in this game are boosted aside from ranked badges (not counting arenas, most arena preds are boosted too)

  15. Those who have 20B/4K badges (with no ranked badge lets say) are 90% of the time boosted and are only above average players (which isn’t hard at all, considering diamond is above average yet a majority of diamond players are terrible)

  16. This game has millions of players. So what if there's a bunch of Discords dedicated to boosting?

  17. This is the best LTM bar none and if you think otherwise it’s because you’re probably trash.

  18. Gun Run is better, unless it's the 1st version of the train LTM.

  19. Horizon is broken too. Just because Seer is broken worse, doesn't mean Horizon isn't also broken.

  20. She isn't broken. She's in the same state as S10 except for an ult nerf in S14. No one was calling her broken back then.

  21. Clowns are now playing Bangalore more to counter aim-assist but lack the brains to avoid using smoke against a Seer. People can copy ideas from "pros" but are too dumb to use them properly.

  22. Apex movement is butter, the ping system/voice lines are still the most polished and least clunky out of the mainstream games I’ve played (reminds me of Team Fortress 2 voice lines). That said! The matchmaking is really, really bad. It’s killing the game. I am having more fun playing buggy Warzone 2 with my more casual friends (it’s far easier to do good/decent in CoD) or Overwatch 2 with my new-to-PC-gaming GF. Apex is easily one of the sweatiest games out there and I love it to death, but God DAMN it is not for the faint of heart lol

  23. All that movement and gunplay comes with a high skill floor. Add to that sweaty players who will berate you for basic mistakes and you have current Apex.

  24. People in general don't want to play fucking ALGS even in ranked. It's insanely boring and only playing for money would make it worth it.

  25. Facts. Leave competitive Apex to the pros. In S13 split 1, you could watch a full 15-minute video on YouTube if you were camping where the zone pulled before anyone would shoot at you. It was ridiculous.

  26. Nah, I've had plenty of great games with randos in diamond lobbies. You just need 3 people with similar skill. The problem is that they are just too far in between. That would explain why queues are instant at D4. The old system before s13, I would have to wait like 5 minutes as masters in queue. But the matches were fantastic.

  27. It should literally be illegal. I would never let my kid touch this game.

  28. Wait until you realize this is way more widespread than you think...

  29. Let me guess OP, your KDR is around 2 or higher?

  30. Knowing ranked matchmaking it was probably against silvers

  31. No, it was against two Diamonds, as seen in the killfeed.

  32. That's absolutely true, but I probably wouldn't use the term underrated in that case. I'd just say "sadly unknown". I think if something is "underrated" it means that most know about it, but have a low opinion of it.

  33. That's fair. For people starting, that would be the manufacturer I'd recommend. If they want to explore custom keyboards after that, it's a rabbit hole.

  34. 100%. It's where I started. Now I'm in the rabbit hole, and I'm just hoping Meletrix releases a Zoom98, or whatever they'd call an 1800 layout board...I've been very impressed with the ZoomTKL at that price, but I need that numpad for work!

  35. Good job OP, now you just need to bring it to your nearest college's classes like

  36. The way of playing makes the difference. If you blindly rush into every fight you're going to have a very low winrate. Bad players tend to do this a lot, or they spend 15 minutes looting and then die to the first squad they encounter.

  37. If I'm good why do I average a 5% winrate? If 2.0kd is that good and EOMM isn't that rigged against solos, why aren't I carrying to a higher winrate? Genuine question, what are streamers and sweatlords getting for kds? Always assumed they'd sit around 5.0 minimum from rolling through so many clueless lobbies with a premade. I'm not sweating my ass of to get 2.0 I've just played shooters before.

  38. If you want to loot for 15 minutes and play edge of zone, ranked is the mode for you.

  39. If you're Horizon, do not throw your lift near your teammates if they are knocked on low ground. It's their fault they can't position themselves accordingly.

  40. Garbage legend unless you're playing Arenas. Newcastle is far better.

  41. She has the most powerful passive in the game. That's why her ult is "weaker" even though it's far better than you describe or realize (in end game).

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