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  1. Listening to Todd’s episode right now, if some is going to find Sasquatch I don’t think it will be him. Interviewer hardly got a word in

  2. I am too. It's frozen 3 times today for me, no apparent common cause.

  3. dv_ says:

    It's simultaneously too old and too new. The graphics look more dated than Second Life's. And yet, the VR headsets we currently have are still too bulky for extended periods of feature, and on top, they are expensive. Thin, light, affordable VR headsets are what's needed.

  4. Couldn’t agree more ! I love vr but it’s a niche and vomit inducing experience at the moment. AR applications will be fun hopefully

  5. Web3 and nfts, take it from a software engineer it is shite

  6. Unless your desperate enjoy being a teenager and not having to work. You’ll be at it the rest of your life make the most of it now

  7. I remember after going to the camp when I’d play football on the green I was actually better, young me was chuffed

  8. Schiphol makes Dublin Airport look like a bus stop.

  9. Flew out of Schiphol this weekend took longer to get through than Dublin to be honest. All airports are universally wank I reckon. Especially Frankfurt, staff had a degree from cunt college

  10. Living in Germany for the last 10 years. Honest answer, I have experienced it a bit. Fairly far and few between. Nothing to do with being Irish, but rather just that I am a foreigner.

  11. I got that on my trips to Germany, recently visited Bavaria and completely put me off moving to Germany. Reminded me of NYC where it’s an acceptable personality trait to be a cunt

  12. Have you seen the state of the world? I genuinely think about it regularly whether it would be fair to bring a kid into existence now with climate change etc. My gf and I make decent money but after expenses I couldn’t have a child if I wanted one I’d be sunk .

  13. I’m a devops software engineer by day but I learned kubernetes for my homelab without prior experience.

  14. Did you get this data via XBRL ? Last time I looked into programmatically scraping data from filings it was a nightmare

  15. For the American companies yes and it was indeed a nightmare but we figured it out. For other countries, it was worse haha. Any company you'd like?

  16. Appreciate you doing this would love to know how yous did it ? I’ll take VMWare if you have it please

  17. This is a bit of a sideways answer, but if you have IPv6 then you can avoid a lot of the networking voodoo by just... connecting to your home server over IPv6. The most complicated step is permitting the connection in the firewall.

  18. I automatically went straight to port forwarding but ye I’ll give that a go and see how it goes

  19. Ye I just recently moved from a blades to a hario mini ceramic burr grinder must say it is much better but it takes a while

  20. I was thinking it doesn’t look bad like a nice mousse doubt it tastes like though

  21. I use Ubuntu and holy fuck. Ive spent days trying to get my wifi to work and nothing worked. Then my audio went out. That also took days. Ive had no wifi for like 2 months. It wasnt until yesterday till I solved the issue.

  22. Ye it can be a cunt but for completely open source software it’s not bad

  23. You'll almost certainly not get a game done for several years if you roll your own engine, but you'd learn a whole hell of a lot more if you do. Gotta make the tough choice.

  24. I’d use some of the engines available like piston or maybe godot but ye I agree a lot of the patchwork would have to be done by me

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