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  1. hppd then dpdr, cant work, be happy or do anything in life because I decided to try to be responsible with acid and limit usage to once a month so I find it funny when ppl deem lsd as "safe"

  2. I mean did this come before or after your benzo addiction?

  3. i am often on scene with cops who like to shoot the shit with us by showing us pictures they took of people who got shot in the head etc

  4. Cops don’t give a flying fuck about taking pics it’s interesting for sure

  5. You get in trouble or something? That’s crazy. Me and many of my coworkers smoke. Like I sesh with attending, RTs whomever 😅

  6. I tested positive when I got rehired after traveling and here I am 😂

  7. What is charge going to say to your patient that you can’t?

  8. Eh tinder was good. Just like pick up on the signals and see what happens.

  9. Wow. Crazy thought. But it’s not new and it’s not really a huge shocker to anyone if true.

  10. Grow shrooms, extract dmt, buy rc’s. Real LSD is hard to come by now.

  11. Mine is meaner but we used to call the awful patients SHPOS. (Sub-human piece of sh*t)

  12. Sometimes a therapeutic wait is all they really needed

  13. Why does it matter what Colour they were?

  14. Man I’d never admit to punching someone. Honestly. I’ve done some rough takedowns just how things spiraled out but I’d like to keep my license

  15. The word that got me was “offstage”. So nursing is a performance now.

  16. Systemically, as healthcare workers we do work in a racist field that also does a disservice to disabled and LGBT folk. Again, this is systemic and being upset at victims of this systemic abuse is akin to being upset at victims of police violence hollering acab. As individuals we can do our best to ensure that their experiences with us are better than what they experienced before- but "not all nurses" is going to come off as if you weren't listening to them at all

  17. I don’t really like being berated for my job. I am not responsible for the actions of other people in a worldwide profession. Tons of bias and shitty undertones in healthcare, but ultimately I control my attitudes and behaviors.

  18. I mean sure I guess it’s possible. It’s a absolutely garbage method however and completely unreliable.

  19. What even is a lunch break? Bringing a book to work? Are we even in the same reality?

  20. It's across the board, try calling your hospital/clinic and not get transferred to the wrong place. Try checking in and not having a wait because the front desk is chronically understaffed, that EKG that was done a week ago? Yeah it was faxed, but it's not e-filed into the patient's chart yet, because there's no one to do it. That referral you put in for a STAT MRI? well there was one person scheduling for 3 clinics and they missed it.

  21. Totally agree but guess when I worked and there was no secretary at all or EVS down south my only option was to also do their jobs. Answering phones and flipping rooms in the ED.

  22. Please tell me the cute blonde was supposed to be his nurse and you said "I got this" instead. I love my guy coworkers that deal with that bs instead. They are true heros

  23. Yep it brings me great pride to discharge aggressive, pervy or difficult people. I’ll volunteer for it

  24. This isn’t justified at all but I wouldn’t call that violent

  25. Yeah he forcibly controlled her hands and placed her in hand cuffs prior to forcibly dragging her out of a door. How is that not violent? And the fact you bring up a movie as a comparison show your mental age

  26. I think this is another example of the long term PTSD that cops experience. As a society, we continue to ignore this. I'm not excusing the behavior, but trying to point at the real cause. He needs help and now so does the EMT.

  27. Sounds good, we will just continue the 30:1 ratio in the ED. Where do you think these patients stay? Crammed in hallways for 3 days with our staff stretched thin.

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