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  1. Happy Thanksgiving indieheads!

  2. Phoenix/Scottsdale/Arizona heads, me and my wife are gonna be there for about a week in January. We love music, books, architecture, and the outdoors.

  3. I want to see some love for This is Lorelei! Solo project of the Water From Your Eyes guy, and so underrated. He covers everything from

  4. Oh shit they play a Stiffed song! Santi is so rad

  5. Kap just electric scootered right by me in fidi while i was picking up coffee for the office hahahaha. Can’t make this stuff up! I wonder if I would have even recognized him in street clothes if I hadn’t just seen this post. He straight up almost ran over my foot. Airpods in, cardigan on.

  6. Size is really tough to gauge in the field. Body proportions are key--note the bill shape and size, the long tail, and the more horizontal posture compared to a bluebird. In the field you'll also notice behavioral differences such as flight style. That way, even in poor lighting where plumage is sort of obscured, you'll ID them EZ money

  7. 5th pic is awesome 🧛‍♂️

  8. Did you mean this to be a challenge or is it a challenging ID?

  9. Edibles and "So Many People in the Neighborhood" on repeat kind of night

  10. I keep looking at Rock and Willow Ptarmigan pictures. These guys have a lot of variation in plumage and subspecies, and I have never seen either in person either. I have seen Ruffed Grouse, but I am pretty sure these are a ptarmigan sp.

  11. Yeah I'm far from certain, but Rocks (🤘) seem to have a colder face coloration than the pictured birds + seem to generally have that "MacGillivray's Warbler-esque double-broken eyering"(? haven't read this second one anywhere but seems to be the case looking at galleries)

  12. Well the upshot of this post is that I'm now thinking about "Rock Ptarmigan" in B-52s voice

  13. OMG!! So lucky and awesome!

  14. They are definitely moving in flocks. There’s probably 200-300 at the park nearby. They’ve visited a few times, but this is the first time I got a pic. They are all over the place right now.

  15. Wow I didn't realize Bend had such a good amount of Pinyon Jays--didn't see any the one time I was there for a while, but there's that unpredictability...

  16. here are my favorite post-punk and adjacent albums this year:

  17. I actually hadn't gotten around to PVA before this comment and have been spinning it a lot as I walk around, it's so swagger-inducing hahaha

  18. Some of the best songs. Some of the worst songs. Some of the worst best songs. Some of the best worst songs. 100% pure ween

  19. They started in 1883 as the New York Gothams before changing their name permanently to the Giants in 1885. In New York, they played at the Polo Grounds. They won 5 World Series titles there with names like Mathewson, Ott, McGraw, Irvin, and Jackson making the Hall of Fame before their move to San Francisco in 1957 when a future HOF member named Mays was at his prime.

  20. This is the best rundown imo. The only things I'd add are...

  21. Bonds never actually tested positive for the sauce and when he was accused taking roids were not illegal in the game. we all just kinda go yeah his head got really big

  22. I mean I'm sure he took them but who cares, especially because they weren't banned at that point. And now that Papi is in, the whole HoF thing (already absurd) is utter insanity

  23. Pitchcom ain't working, scorebug ain't working, stros about to win WS, disaster!

  24. Say Alvarado one more time you won't

  25. Sapsucker, most likely a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

  26. Does anyone have a list of what all the flairs on this sub are?

  27. On new reddit, hovering over them reveals a lil nametag. But who uses new reddit anyways, team allergic-to-change ftw

  28. Honestly for me he just blows everyone else out of the water

  29. Beautiful bird, but definitely still a +Mallard+, and not enough here to identify whether domestic genes are at play. Nice find though.

  30. That's what I thought was most likely, thanks! It was a beautiful bird--great part of a wonderful birding walk overall

  31. Speculum feathers and a lot of other glossy feathers can change colour depending on the light, angle and various other factors- if you ever find one change the angle around a bit. You often get the same effect on the head of male mallards- in some lights the green can take on an almost purplish hue, and the gloss on most black and white magpies is another example.

  32. Yeah I did reposition to look from other angles, and the bird was super close to me. Light is catching it flush here, which I think is pretty apparent-- that's just what the speculum looked like. You're of course right that iridescent feathers can change a lot in different lightings but I think more likely diet-related or manky domestic blood-related

  33. I agree with M96A1 that this male looks like a good candidate for black duck/mallard hybrid

  34. Rough-legged is possible in Northern CA but rare. Much much much more likely a dark morph red-tail/something else, but getting ID from description is really tough, especially since it sounds like you got a quick look from a car

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