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  • By - zsmg

  1. Najlepši srpski srednjovekovni objekt: Dečani

  2. Mnogo lep izbor, mada moram spomenuti da crkva u Vršcu nije katedrala, katedrala je u Zrenjaninu. (znam da smaram)

  3. Zrakomlat je helikopter, a avion je zrakoplov (zrak=vazduh). Mislim da se zrakoplov i dan danas koristi

  4. and what part are they in the cold war era? of course in eastern bloc, not western camp nato

  5. yugoslavia was not in the eastern bloc, it was neutral (additionally both switzerland and austria were not part of nato)

  6. in serbian we have: a (i dont know much about linguistics so i dont know how exactly to translate it, something like:"what about x"), i (and), k (towards), o (about), s (with) and u (in).

  7. Tito was a british spy sent to yugoslavia to destroy serbia. This is common knowledge.

  8. I dalje se koristi Servia u Holandiji. Zbunili su me jednom na granici sa tim.

  9. Mostly latin on the internet, and mostly cyrillic by hand. Up until recently I wrote mostly in latin by hand

  10. Torlak in Serbia is not a language and Russyn is not endangered

  11. Im pretty sure this map includes both languages and dialects (just look at Germany), however I'd classify pannonian Rusyn as vulnerable at least given its small number of speakers.

  12. Yes, in Croatian. All students are supposed to read Romeo and Juliet in elementary school (8th grade) and then Hamlet in 3rd year of high school and we also study about him then for lesson or two and read few of his sonnets. Translations are a little old-timey but they were mostly done in 20th century so language used in them is not actual language that was used here in 16th century, they are way easier to understand than original which I read now as university student of English language and literature.

  13. Ova velika izdvojena lijevo je Niger ako se ne varam. Dvije u sredini desna je Juzni Sudan i oni jedva da postoje. Lijeva je mislim Centralnoafricka republika. Ova na obali ne znam bez atlasa. Cini mi se da je i Burundi (mozda Ruanda) ist crvena u africi.

  14. >Nego, najbitnije pitanje...koji k smo Butanu skrivili da nas ne priznaju?

  15. From the first one: Krupajsko vrelo; Slano Kopovo; Im not sure about the third one since the author didn't tag the location but at least its in Vojvodina ( probably Carska/Obedska bara); Slapovi Sopotnice; Bukovac; Drina canyon; Lazar's canyon; Zlatar; Stara planina; Suva planina; Zlatar lake; Jarišor near Topli do (on Stara planina); Vratna prerast.

  16. Third one is monastery Bođani, viewed from one of the two nearby lakes. I dont wanna say how long it took me to identify it based on looks alone😅

  17. That's true. I think Serbian uses cyrillic while Croatian uses Latin script

  18. serbian uses both cyrillic and latin

  19. And Bosnian? I think there is one that uses exclusively cyrillic?

  20. bosnian uses latin im pretty sure, could be that youre thinking of macedonian, which uses just cyrillic and is very closely related, but is considered a separate lang

  21. Krofne su spljošteni sferoidi, a donati su torusi, pametnom dosta

  22. The colour doesn't really matter. It's just a shitty map overall, that doesn't tell the audience anything, but that Russia is close to Europe.

  23. Serbia's surely not as strong of an ally as Belarus. But the Serbian government isn't (acting) against Russia.

  24. You are certainly correct about the srb gov not acting against russia. (I concede it often acts with russia, I am not a fan of it) I still think we are not allies, since id say being an ally requires something very official stating so. I apologise for my passionate first response, but I have seen quite a lot of hate being thrown at our people since the start of the 2022 invasion

  25. God, Rama is always on point with those sneakers

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