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  1. Well the first thing they said was Jed’s millionaire, the kinfolk said “Jed move away from there.”

  2. I've been on Frontier's $49 500/500 for 4 years, and hadn't had a single issue.

  3. As others have noted, pursue the computer science first, because the money and demand will always been very good. Learn carpentry on the side, as it's a fun skill and will allow you to remodel your house, and allow you to make luthier instruments.

  4. Further, that Cordyceps is considered one of the 20 or so medicinal mushrooms in classic traditional Chinese and Asian medicine. I've been eating it daily for the last 13 years.

  5. :) Not yet. But it does seem to be really good for the lungs.

  6. Glad that TikTok logo was planted over the top of this. Helped with the aesthetic and majesty of the video.

  7. Can't blame em for staying away, considering the shit going on here. We must seem like the Florida of planets to any outside observer.

  8. I don't know or fully understand what happened, but from reading comments this was probably a blood clot. So that would not be the whole body that stiffened up, just the blood flow to the legs got cut off. Not sure why that happened, though staying stagnant in the same position for a long period of time probably had something to do with it.

  9. Amazed you’re still alive, given what google just told me.

  10. Note that Kleopatra only works for Windows and Linux. Not sure yet of a Mac solution. I've tried GnuPG (

  11. Try this, and then report back and let me know if it works. That way we can tell the community.

  12. Yes, it works. Purchased the program and it looks very solid and I've created a public PGP with it that has worked on two sites that required it. Caveat: I barely know what I'm doing with PGP, and after spending hours reading about it, it's still calculus in latin mixed with quantum physics to me. I'm usually quite adept at new apps on the Mac, but the entire process is quite confusing to my particular neurons. That said, it's a solid program and is designed specifically for the Mac. Their customer service is top notch, with the dev personally emailing me in response to a couple of questions.

  13. Have you an update with Mucuna Pruriens? Took this once too, all my problems faded away for the day. Found out you'll build tolerance and less natural dopamine production from it.

  14. I still use it daily, have for a couple years now. I think the key—like salt, carbs, protein, fat, and other nutrients—is to not overdo it. Just a small amount works.

  15. Imagine if Biden had tweeted. What a difference that would’ve made.

  16. All joking aside, this will actually help prevent window blowout.

  17. You should create a poll, although these results are likely heavily biased, polls are always fun.

  18. ha, I actually started to do that, and didn't think we'd get many responses. But yes, someone else should do a simple Yes/No poll, it'd be interesting to see the percentages.

  19. 70% honestly seems high to me. I would guess like 15-20. Only zone A has an evacuation for sarasota county ms I know some people in them are not leaving. We have far more people in other zones as well. Evacuating north at this point is a no go for me. Tampa has more people leaving still and I would hate to run into traffic. I think a lot evacuating from zone a are just going to go to a friend or family in the area as well. The main issue with this storm seams to be the storm surge so mostly people on the coast which a lot of those homes are just vacation properties for rich people that aren’t even here.

  20. I meant 70% (or more) are staying. I suspect only 10% or so will be evacuating or voluntarily leaving. Again, total guess.

  21. Having the same problem with OpenPGP and other PGP solutions for Mac. Still looking. There is

  22. https://sourceforge.net/p/gpgosx/docu/Home/

  23. I think this is one of those apps that is far beyond my 20 years of Mac'ing skills. I'm just trying to figure out how to create public PGP keys, and this may not be the way to do it.

  24. Depends on how badly one has bit into current human body dysmorphia.

  25. I guess Ian already took the punctuation.

  26. I had completely forgotten the bottle Rockets and fireworks. Thanks for the reminder

  27. In my opinion, it is so utterly foolish to use salvia divinorum for anything but a spiritual cosmic journey to understand far beyond ones self, and to prepare each trip for exactly that reason and intent. It is also, in my experience, the most powerful and unsettling of every entheogen I've ever taken. I've done SD 25+ times, and nothing overwhelms me more. Not DMT, LSD, shrooms, St. Pedro's, Mescaline. DMT comes close, but there's a reason they call it the god molecule because it puts one directly there. But Salvia is the only experience that I can't explain in words, and it is also the only one that gets me to doubt the validity and usefulness of this world, so for me, it's the only one that can be truly dangerous for potential self harm. It is the last plant medicine I'd ever recommend to anyone, unless they were a very seasoned psychonaut. Even then, it should not be done alone, and always with skilled trip sitters.

  28. Controversial as you’ll see. But I’m the same. I like riding them out. Ive been in a Force 9 off Madagascar. There’s risks but measured. For some, way too much.

  29. Even if I did evacuate... the meteorologists are saying go to southeast Florida. Even there what do I do? Ride it out

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