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  1. Yes I’m just trying to meet new people since I was very shy in high school. This weird behavior has been a common theme and I finally had to say something about it. I’m assuming it’s because I’m interacting with a younger crowd of men

  2. B-b-but blue balls! Don't you know how much pain he's going to be in?? :0

  3. The amount of times this has actually been said to me… 😳

  4. That’s a bummer. I was asked if I wanted to keep them when they walked in on me taking a picture of them on the counter lol

  5. Ugh you had to put 4 of those brackets in?? Do you have 4 crowns? I had to put 1 in with separators for a week and I was crying the whole time!

  6. Yes they used spacers initially and then popped them on my molars. The spacers were horribly painful

  7. I might be a little late but I’m so sorry, Being unable to drink or consume other dairy products must suck especially when you love it as much as everyone else seems to. Sorry for your loss.

  8. Tell me about it :( Enjoying ice cream with no issues for 18 years and then suddenly my body won’t tolerate it. Rip

  9. Someone please tell me how they would word this request

  10. Same problem here. Wish there was something we could do

  11. Thank you so much!! You have been a huge help ☺️

  12. You have wavy/curly hair and it looks like there’s no product in it in the picture. Have you ever treated it like curly hair and/or styled it appropriately? When my hair air dries with zero product in it, it looks like I got electrocuted lol

  13. No I’m not sure how to treat it, I’ve never actually tried. When it’s dry, I brush out the curls and that’s when the frizzing seems to happen. I don’t know where to start in terms of products for wavy hair, so you’re definitely onto something there. Thank you for your input!!

  14. Calling someone a dick rider for no reason isn’t helping your diaper cause

  15. I have the same issue. From the early exposure to lesbian porn, to the confusion about bisexuality. Just wanted to say you’re not alone

  16. Just bought a pin, checked your profile, and realized you were the one with the Mingler LGBTQ flag. I am absolutely delighted

  17. I’m not the strongest at typing, but I am leaning toward FN for you. I do have to add, you are just freaking gorgeous!!

  18. She was laughing! You can hear it in the video. I know it sucks

  19. Never heard of her before but she is absolutely beautiful. Wishing her and her family the best.

  20. And your hobby is…telling people to get a hobby?

  21. Happens to me as a tu-less toon. If only they knew that I have tu SOS hoarded in my inventory

  22. Whitney Thore and Stepanka are sharing a boyfriend lol.

  23. im not going to buy this. i think hocus pocus is over done and frankly, overrated. its not that good of a movie

  24. Definitely more of nostalgia bait than anything

  25. Someone said this reminds them of their depression hair. Enough said.

  26. Not sure if I’m supposed to answer this on a personal or philosophical level but for me, one parent is a narcissist and the other is a right wing conspiracy theorist. Truly awful combo

  27. Was waiting for her to launch that plant their way

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