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  1. Same thing happened to the Greatjon, man vanished after season 1. Lazy writing I suppose.

  2. Yes. Some of the writing is sketchy and many bad decisions are made regarding plot but it's still entertaining television.

  3. The Greatjon and Victarion Greyjoy are the only ones still living I can think of who stand a chance. Gregor is nearly 8ft tall and 500lbs, realistically it's impossible to successfully throw hands with that. Imagine how strong he'd be?

  4. Yeah this literally comes up and Stannis refuses to ally since he wants the whole 7 kingdoms. Stannis was a short sighted dick lol. There’s a reason no one wanted to follow him until he used blood magic to assassinate his brother. I’ll never understand why so many people love him here.

  5. For a shoot he's my favourite character. In a series full of liars and schemers, Stannis is honest and just to a fault. He foregoes what he actually wants and peruses the throne because it's his by right, it's lawful and just. Personally I find that refreshing. Ned is a favourite of mine for much the same reason.

  6. I've no knowledge at all of comic book or anime characters so not choosing from that pool. Also not choosing the likes of Godzilla, Doom Slayer or any monster/supernatural characters.

  7. The Hound, Victarion Greyjoy or Greatjon Umber. Are there technically better fighters than those 3? sure. But seeing two huge guys fighting with swords would be cool, and those 3 are the next biggest/strongest warrors after Gregor.

  8. Interesting story. When you look at the artist Impression it's not a million miles from appearing like a halibut. Not saying that's what it is mind you, just that it looks a bit like one.

  9. I'm aware of how they look, all am saying is that artist description was not entirely without a few mild similarities to a halibut. I'm not at all saying that's what it was, as halibut don't aggressively follow and attack ships. I'm inclined to think it's nothing but a fisherman's tale tbh

  10. Gotta go with Oberyn. Jamie has only only fought in tourneys, until the war with the North where he is defeated and captured. Oberyn rode with the Second Sons, fighting and killing for a living. Factor in that he's trained in different styles while Jamie only knows the one.

  11. Jaime did have actual fights before the series started, it’s catalogued in the series that he fought in the Greyjoy rebellion and also against the kingswood rebels. Barriston Selmy even holds his skills in high regard and I can’t see him doing that for just a tourney fighter.

  12. I completely forgot about the Greyjoy rebellion, you're right there. Even so, didn't Oberyn fight in the pits in Mereen? That and his time with the Second Sons gives him an experience advantage I'd say. It would be a close one though

  13. Anything by Charles Portis. Past Master by R.A. Lafferty. I'll also bang the drum for Moby Dick and Morrison's Beloved even if that makes me lame.

  14. Nothing lame about Moby-Dick at all. It's the greatest novel of all time imo

  15. We would probably have had Shawn Michaels Vs Sting, which would have been too amazing for words

  16. My dream match was always Sting Vs Taker but Stone Cold Vs Hollywood Hogan would literally have been the biggest match of all time.

  17. Came here just to post this. Originally from Moby Dick, Captain Ahab's last words:

  18. Very highly, top 5. His transition to "Crow Sting" and feud with Hollywood is in my opinion the great story ever told in pro wrestling. The match was what it was but the year long build was in a league of it's own.

  19. Italian definitely, Fulci is (was) favourite director.

  20. Naw mate am Scottish, and I can assure you that however bad Bradford may be on a Saturday, it'll be worse up here. But, Monday to Friday please and thank you can still be heard from John o Grote's to the White Cliffs themselves.

  21. Eli Roth has never made a good horror film. They're all just scenes of insufferable people being pricks then being tortured/killed.

  22. To go in a slightly different direction, Henry Winkler's screams from, well Scream are hilarious. He really sells the stabbing.

  23. If The Oscars had any credibility any more, they would have an “Oops; sorry about that” retroactive award category for when they royally effed up.

  24. Aye, and it would go to Robert Shaw for Jaws. You all want to talk about a clear robbery, that's far worse than Toni Collette.

  25. Pinhead would win if he were on the list, but of these listed it's definitely Jason.

  26. That's awesome. Shin Godzilla is one of my favourites from the franchise, such an interesting take.

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