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  1. I have to assume that the meme is trying to imply that this is the road we are going down? It’s still a ridiculous line of logic, but I have a hard time believing anyone can be this stupid

  2. I used to have a hard time believing anyone could take a meme seriously. Then I discovered Reddit.

  3. FWIW, I understand why you created this post but I'd urge everyone to go take action rather than distract themselves - we're all responsible for making sure this is a temporary setback not the start of something worse.

  4. Yeah. Take action by finding out what it means first, though. Don’t let mob mentality rule over you.

  5. In the Tunnel of Love, Indubitably

  6. And you’re being forced to live in them, right? Was that also decided today?

  7. Cool let's just do a giant brain drain on conservative states. That will be great for their economies.

  8. Yeah … it’s the voters who get to decide. That’s how it works.

  9. An asterisk is a letter now? Are we really not allowed to say “rape”?

  10. You’re gonna feel so bad when they turn up dead.

  11. Your cat is doing it. It wants to lay low and do cat things.

  12. Do you have a recycle bin? Because, this problem is easily solved.

  13. ...... you are worse than my wife, go put gas in your car. what do you gain from this?

  14. Because tall women don’t exist??? I genuinely can’t even tell is she’s trans she just seems like a rugby player

  15. Hannah Mouncey. Feel free to Google.

  16. She's tall. A lot of cis women are tall as fuck. Being tall isn't something one gender can be.

  17. As I said, look up the athlete pictured. Hannah Mouncey. I’m doing like half the work for you.

  18. George Floyd. God forbid anyone tells the truth about that violent, drug-addicted criminal.

  19. Hard to press charges on someone who has been fabricated by OP

  20. No one does. The only problem is OP’s inability to tell a story with a point.

  21. Today you fucked up by submitting the least interesting and most asinine thing in the history of this sub.

  22. Tell the truth to people who don’t want to hear it

  23. Imagine shooting someone, being arrested and staying in jail while possibly facing murder charges to save Dollar General (a shit company look em up) whatever cash was in the register. 😗

  24. Petty sure he was more concerned with saving his own life since a fucking gun was pointed at him by the armed robber.

  25. While sympathizing with pedophiles like that one idiot.

  26. Based on the poly sub, not very pleasant.

  27. Any and all. Stop remaking shit.

  28. I dunno. I’m not a MN fan. I just remember them being good 20 years ago.

  29. Yeah but where did that get us? One deep run in the playoffs, but no western conference title. And that was like 20 years ago. It's been an abysmal franchise between then and now.

  30. My bad, they gave MN fans real false hope.

  31. Don’t give this pervert OP any incentive.

  32. Hire the far left. Their marketing department is unparalleled.

  33. As a non binary black person, I find this most effective when clipped to my Glock.

  34. I mean, if you’ve got a warrant out for your arrest and you’re speeding while under the influence in a stolen vehicle with expired tags and illegal firearms in the glovebox … chances are you’re not going to take the time to clip that nifty little device on your window in the first place.

  35. Dipshits never take good advice

  36. When I talk about the time I discovered a dead body.

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